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Doug Wrenn

Obama Should Kick His Own (Expletive Deleted) First!
By Doug Wrenn
Jun 29, 2010 - 7:26:42 PM

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Even the Trojans of Triviality in the "main" (left) stream press and media are now in an uproar because in an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, Obie The Wonder One took umbrage to the question on America's collective mind, of which Lauer inferred, "What's he been doing all this time regarding the oil spill in the Gulf?" The thin skinned President/pop star, now losing his gleam along with his popularity (currently 48% job approval rating, as per lambasted back that he was in Louisiana talking to fishermen a month before the "talking heads" started paying attention, and that he talks to "experts" to know whose "ass" to kick. Osama's "ass" kicking has now become Bush's "Bring it on!" Although I do doubt that anyone will label this urban Chicago political machine hack and Acorn Alinskyite a "cowboy" any time soon. Sigh! Where to begin?
First, the fourth estate needs to take a breath. Harry Truman was the world champion of cussing when his ire was raised, but he did it because he meant it, and not to try to impose or shore up any insecure manhood. Harry Truman was a real man. Barack Obama is just a pathetic putz. If Obama had the stones to go along with his tough talk, heavy decisions like whether to increase troop presence in Afghanistan and what to do about the oil spill would not require weeks of vacillating without action, and our foreign policy would not consist of perpetual bowing, apologizing and slaps on the wrists to tyrants and fanatics who do have the stones and want to cut our throats. Should the President of the US swear? Probably not, but I can live with it, so long as it's either genuine or a legitimate accident (think open mic with Bush, Cheney and Biden). For Obie, it was to impress us and to intimidate BP, and I'm sure it did neither. Furthermore, his tough but phony talk only further exposed him for the power grabbing arrogant elitist and wannabe dictator he is, as if government takeovers of many of our private business institutions wasn't enough. As an elected chief executive to a limited central government by the people of a free republic, Obie is in no place to be threatening to kick anybody's ass unless we are being invaded, and given his abysmal failure on securing our borders, we can already predict his tepid response to that scenario. But if an ass kicking is clearly on his agenda, then he best hope that those long, lanky legs of his can easily bend and twist backwards.
When Obie did show up in Louisiana, it was eight days later, and he should have talked to more than fishermen for convenient and self aggrandizing photo ops in the rain. And with all due respect to the Gulf fishermen, they are "experts" on fishing, not on oil spills. Obama still hasn't talked to BP CEO Tony Hayward as of this writing. Early on, he should have assembled the Army Corps of Engineers and started talking to engineers, academics, environmentalists, and representatives of other oil companies and other countries who have battled this problem before. Instead there were delays or inaction for burn offs, booms, berms and chemical agents to absorb the flow and protect the shores, as there was in sending in oil tankers to start skimming the oil off. Instead, he played golf, relaxed, handed out feel good awards, yucked it up with athletes, and attended fund raisers throughout. It took him eight days to respond, and he still did nothing afterward but talk, and God only knows to who, but apparently, nobody who could help. Even Democrat cheerleaders like James Carville and others are losing their patience with this non-response response. In the interim, all we heard was tough talk about keeping a boot on BP's neck, and threats of Congressional hearings to investigate BP's mistakes. The doomed oil rig was actually awarded a safety award by the feds just shortly before it burnt and sank. Who will investigate the federal government's ineptitude? In short, Bush's three wasted days of Katrina were Obama's eight wasted days (and beyond) in the Gulf. His bureaucratic red tape thwarted Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal from obtaining the equipment he needed when he, like Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona with the illegal immigration problem, stepped up to do what Obama would not do. Anybody see a pattern here? And the oil spill is not Katrina. I personally know emergency disaster managers, who told me long ago that FEMA tells them that it needs at least 72 hours to fully deploy. But Katrina was not a federal government problem. Constitutionally speaking, natural disasters such as hurricanes are within the jurisdictions of the states affected, and on both the local and state level, there was plenty of blame to go around in the Katrina debacle. But as the oil rig fire and oil spill are within federal waters, this is a federal problem.
Obama recently reminded us that he is the President. (I'm surprised he didn't fondle himself during that statement!) Then he said he accepts full responsibility. What does that really mean, exactly? Talk is cheap. Taking responsibility means taking charge, and not making idle threats and trying to shift blame while maintaining the tip of one‘s nose in a haughty northerly position to convey perceived self importance while simultaneously keeping it low enough to still read the teleprompter.
Crap in, crap out, as the saying goes. None of us should be over perplexed by Obie's utter void of leadership Remember all the digs on then Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin? Many said she was inexperienced, despite a stellar record at being both a Mayor and a Governor. Those facts were retorted with the folly that "Alaska is a small state." Yet Obama never ran anything, and was no more than a community organizer. We were reminded how intelligent he is, a Harvard law professor, after all. (As they say, those who can't do teach!) Alleged superior intelligence does not a good leader necessarily make. Albert Einstein was a genius as a scientist, but I'm not sure he would garner my vote as my President. Obie was a short timer in the Illinois State Senate with a hum drum record, and served a short stint in the US Senate, during most of which he campaigned, and when tough votes came along in his limited legislative record, on more than a hundred occasions, he could not even make a decision and only voted "Present." Again, anyone see a pattern here?
Yet I still can't help but wonder if this is all possibly part of a grandiose and evil plan by the Statist in Chief instead of just garden variety sheer incompetence. Now he wants a partial moratorium on drilling, which won't stop the Cubans and Chinese from drilling off are coast. He has previously said that he believes gas prices should go up to astronomical amounts, but on a gradual basis. And like several of his cronies, he has made reference in the past to taking advantage of a crisis. Perhaps this green globalist goober with a cap and tax agenda just found a golden opportunity, and with potentially soaring gas prices and increased taxes, as now being threatened on the oil industry, it will be we, the people, who intensely suffer. Our dependence on foreign oil will drastically increase, which further destabilizes not just our economy, but the our strength in our national defense as well. The oil industry would also presumably be next in line to be taken over by the federal government "to protect us." If that happens, watch how quickly Obama will act then. Remember during the bailouts of the financial institutions, when he preached how we absolutely must act immediately to save ourselves from dire financial ruin? All I could think of was a cheesy used car salesman trying to quickly close the deal before the unsuspecting buyer realized he just paid for a lemon that he couldn‘t really afford. Yet supporting our outnumbered troops and capping a spewing oil line take weeks of deliberation and careful study. "Hope and change" has been quickly replaced by "hurry up and wait," and with already disastrous results.
As long as we're kicking asses, let's take a look at the feel-good but ever clueless greenies as well. You know, the folks who want to save trees, so grocery stores switch from paper to plastic until the landfills fill up, and now our good old fashioned light bulbs, deemed a threat to the environment for reasons that still mystify me are being replaced by ones filled with mercury that could be lethal if mishandled or broken. And plastic bags will resemble roses once these discarded little mercury-filled gems start finding their way into our local landfills in droves! Because of these masterful imbeciles of seemingly endless unintended (but predictable) consequences, this oil rig is tough to cap because it's a mile down in the ocean, which in turn is because the environmentalists wanted our rigs pushed further out into the ocean (and thus at deeper depths) to allegedly protect our shores from spillage. That would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic. Meanwhile, where are all the screaming greenies now that their beloved buffoon of a Democrat President is doing virtually nothing about their cherished and sensitive environment? Now there's somebody just crying out for a good swift kick in the ass.
By time this catastrophe concludes, there may be several asses convened in a long line for a well deserved kicking. But there is still no doubt as to which ass needs to get kicked first. Clearly, that would be the pompous one currently occupying and incessantly pontificating from the Oval Office. As this President claims to be supposedly "accepting full responsibility," he would do well to recall a predecessor from approximately 60 years ago who more plainly and genuinely admonished, "The buck stops here."
Good luck with that ass kicking. Try not to trip over the teleprompter.

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Doug Wrenn
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