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Doug Wrenn

My Coming Out: Inspired By Anderson Cooper, I Am A Bespectacled Fan Of Big Bosoms!
By Doug Wrenn
Jul 4, 2012 - 12:36:49 AM

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About this time, three years ago, we buried my Dad, a well decorated Navy combat veteran of World War II. We gave him a respectful funeral with full military honors and then quietly went home. Not many people knew my Dad outside of his immediate circle. He was a patriot, a very hard blue collar worker, a good man, and a devoted husband and father, all of which were summarily dismissed for weeks afterward by a distorted world still blubbering over the passing of a repeatedly accused and alleged pedophile and wannabe circus freak named Michael Jackson, who very rudely died around the same time as my Dad. Maybe my Dad should have "moonwalked". I read the local newspaper today and kind of felt the same way again as I did around this time back then.

"People In The News: Anderson Cooper Reveals He's Gay, A2" read the banner just above the headline. Really? Is there nothing more newsworthy to report on the front page of a metropolitan newspaper? But most people today are generally clueless lemmings, sex sells, and second only to reporting news, a newspaper's primary function is to sell newspapers, so I get it. I just don't like it.

So that's it. Today, inspired by the bold (and gratuitous) statement of CNN journalist, Anderson Cooper, I, too, have decided to come out of the closet! I have defective eyes, so I need to wear glasses, and I am aroused by large breasted women!

Wow! Nothing just happened! Imagine that! The earth didn't shake, none of us are any richer than a minute ago, and we all still have the same problems as we did just a minute ago. So Cooper's inane but grandiose announcement, as does mine, begs the same question, "Who cares?"

In his statement, Cooper said he is proud to be gay. Why? And likewise, I have always wondered, where does the phrase "gay pride" come from, and why, oh why do we have parades and festivals over such ubiquitously self-serving contrived nonsense?

Anderson Cooper is an accomplished journalist, and that is something he can and should be proud of, but he has no control over his sexual inclinations. Thus, to say he is proud to be gay is by definition ludicrous because he did absolutely nothing to bring that condition on, and it is nothing to be proud of in the first place. Cooper might as well say he is proud to have gray hair, assuming it's not dyed, and why dye hair gray anyway?

Until 1973, when radical gay activists ramped up pressure on the politically cowardly American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality as what it called a "sexual disorder" from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel (in a hurried and hushed close door meeting), everyone knew homosexuality was a perversion. Now it is rapidly and radically becoming mainstreamed and painted as being as unassuming as vanilla ice cream. And why not? Old farts like me will die off soon enough, and then no one around will remember or question it any more, and let's face it, most of the walking catatonics of today are far more obsessed with reality TV and sports than to delve into political and social issues, so in keeping up with the Jones's, they blissfully remain in harmonious ignorance, lest they be deemed "judgmental," "narrow minded," or the nuclear granddaddy of them all: "homophobic"! Liberals and their minions often mimic communist tactics by ridiculing the opposition and affixing grossly exaggerated and even false labels unto them. It is nothing more than a cheap attempt to silence the opposition. And as more and more public school children get indoctrinated into embracing (as opposed to tolerating) homosexuality, the lie, repeated often enough, as aptly predicted by Hitler's sinister but sage propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, eventually becomes "truth."

Their sexual dysfunction aside, homosexuals are the same as all the rest of us, which is to say, equal while diverse. Thus they are equally entitled to the same, no less, and no more, respect. If anything, they deserve sympathy, support, and yes, treatment, but good luck with that. In 1994, The American Physiological Association began threatening sanctions against any of its members that tried to treat homosexual patients, despite the fact that some of them were successfully treated. Someone might as well say he or she is "proud" to have cancer, diabetes, or, to wear glasses. To say one is proud to have an abnormality is simply absurd. Newsflash, Anderson and company: not only is the emperor not wearing new clothes, but he is very naked! (Easy, now!)

In our modern cowardly world dominated by political correctness and obsessing to simply be liked, even if just as wrong as those doing the liking, the boundaries of "tolerance" and "embracement" get fuzzy. Not all that long ago, and still even somewhat today, gays were often discriminated against and even viciously harassed and assaulted. But now the pendulum has swung to the other extreme and they don't want or expect equality, but rather, preferential treatment. And they now often get it. Some local jurisdictions now hypocritically mandate stiffer penalties under so-called "hate crime statutes" for those who assault gays instead of straights. So much for "all men being created equal" as our Declaration of Independence states! Gays in some states that have civil unions also now enjoy financial benefits not afforded to common law straight unmarried couples. And like it or not, the already deteriorating institution of marriage should not be pushed further off the cliff to accommodate those with a sexual disorder who refuse to accept it and seek help. Studies have shown that children reared in a straight family benefit from both the equally necessary female facets of mothers and the male facets of fathers. What gays want is not what children need, and want should never trump need, and the dependence of children should never be compromised by the sexual and fiscal passions, nor the naive and misguided, but otherwise well intended agenda of gays and lesbians. Gays, like anyone else, should be respected and accepted, but tolerating their differences in no way that equates to turning the rest of our culture upside down for the sake of feel good moral relativism and abject hedonism.

Gays like Cooper might well say, and justifiably so, that despite being gay, they are proud people. But being gay in and of itself is nothing to be proud of.

And again, who cares? Right or wrong, what Cooper and whomever do in the privacy of their bedroom is their business, just as a straight man with a thing for buxom women what I do with whomever in the privacy of my bedroom is my business. No one outside of the bedroom needs to know what goes on inside, so why do all these gays have to make all these proclamations as to their sexual proclivities and activities? I can understand that in social settings, even today, it might initially raise an eyebrow or two to see two men or two women together, but among the family, friends and colleagues of those men and women, once they seem them show up with the same partner a few times, despite all the mind numbing sports and reality TV, reasonably intelligent people will eventually figure it out on their own. Just like if you see me show up with the same large breasted woman at several social gatherings, you too, will likely soon have the same thoughts:

1.) I guess they are an item.

2.) Wow! Doug sure likes them well endowed!

3.) What the hell is she doing being with him?

Remember those classic, innocuous black and white sitcoms from the 50's and 60's? In any bedroom scene, both husband and wife were fully clad in their respective pajamas, and they slept in respective twin beds. Yes, OK, perhaps a bit of a stretch, but we still knew that they were married. The beauty of subtlety is that the underlying truth is still discernible. It just isn't in your face. Nor does it have to be.

And for those among us who may be overwhelmingly bored or nosy, and thus do actually care, they can figure this scenario out all on their own, too.

This just in...please, Anderson, spare us the video!

Doug Wrenn

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Doug Wrenn
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