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Doug Wrenn
Libya - No, The Third War Is Not The Charm!
By Doug Wrenn
Mar 22, 2011 - 12:15:37 AM

"All war is deception."
(Sun Tzu)

"Robin Hood is overrated."
(Doug Wrenn)

After concluding your grocery shopping, the cashier in the checkout lane rings up your order and announces that you owe a hundred bucks. Grimacing and grumbling as you reluctantly hand her the C-note, you suddenly notice a disheveled looking homeless man who wanders into the store and up to the cashier and puts the arm on her for a handout. Feeling pity for the man, the kindly cashier forks over your C-note, as the homeless guy, now whistling and singing something that resembles "Zippety-doo-dah" skips out of the establishment with far more pep in his step and a grin on his chin than he had when he first very meekly entered. Feeling warmed by observing this humanitarian gesture, you now smile as well, at least until the cashier clues you in that she still needs another hundred bucks to complete your order because she just gave your first hundred away to Skipping Zip. Now you vehemently protest her charity (with your hard-earned coin), but the cashier retorts, "Hey, Honey, lighten up, it was for a good cause!" (Remember this little scenario the next time you see how much Uncle Sam sapped out of your weekly toil as you cry over your pay stub! And now, my friends, for the rest of the lesson, read on.)

The only good thing that has come out of both the recent disasters in Japan and Libya is that we no longer have to tediously listen to the hourly dysfunctional rantings and antics of another catastrophe named Charlie Sheen.

I'm not a barbarian, but I am a Constitutionalist. And I agree with P.J. O'Rourke that while every individual has a moral duty to support charity, no cause or individual has a right to expect charity. (And that handing your money over to the government is akin to handing a bottle of whiskey and a set of car keys over to two teenage boys!) Nothing in our Constitution articulates the government playing "Robin Hood" with our money, no matter how worthy the cause, and especially considering that many of our taxes are previously deducted involuntarily from our very paychecks before we even receive them.

While my prayers continue for the predominantly innocent and all too beleaguered citizenry of both Japan and Libya, the US government should not be doling out dollars and cents to the former any more than it should be firing bombs and bullets at the latter.

In the 2008 GOP Presidential debates I respectfully disagreed with Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) only regarding our involvement in Iraq because we were already committed as Saddam Hussein had violated the no fly zone and we were bound by the UN sanctions. I also disagreed with the good Congressman that our intervention in the Middle East was supposedly the sole reason why the radical fringe of the Muslim world hates us. They hate us because were 21st Century hi-tech "infidels" and because they're evil 7th century fanatics, and world history, as well as current events around the globe, has proven endlessly that these throat cutting whack-jobs typically don't play well in the sandbox with their neighbors, no matter what neighborhood they move into, and much like cockroaches, the only way to truly be rid of them is to shine the light on them and pick them off with impunity as they scamper around. OK, but perhaps the intervention was gas (or oil) on the fire. The Honorable Congressman Paul, a true constitutionalist, however, is dead on in that the time is long overdue for the US to stop playing world cop, especially considering that Obama, Inc. now has us into trillions of dollars in debt, sustained only by our ever-diminishing word to our allies (and some foes) and the infinite printing of money that surpasses the gold and silver reserves to make it worth little more than the play stuff found in a Monopoly game. In fact, the deadly combination of a thinly stretched and over-worked military, along with rapidly rising and unchecked debt, is itself a potentially crippling national defense crisis just waiting to happen in an all too dangerous world.

We did not intervene militarily in any of the other Mideast skirmishes that have been catching on like brush fires, but like many a good, one-world-order-globalist, beholding to his cronies from the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs, the UN says jump, and Obie asks, "How high?" This kind of "community organizing" would make his hero, Saul Alinsky, look like a piker!

Not that I am cutting any slack to the pride of Yale's Skull and Bones Society, George W. Bush, or for that matter, Daddy Bush, who spoke openly about a "new world order" and at least didn't have to mask it with soft, cutesy, ambiguous phrases like "compassionate conservatism," which likewise kind of gives me what Dubya might dub "nonjudgmental nausea."

Barring a direct threat to the US or its interests (and no, not its allies), we should not be inflicting war on any nation, no matter how evil its government may be, and especially, as Congressman Paul also often and correctly points out, not without an official declaration of war by the Congress, as articulated in the Constitution. Someone recently quipped to me that in the end, it's all about oil. Maybe so, but given the fact that we only have hot air expelled from endless, fruitless debate for any semblance of an alternative fuel, that argument holds, shall we say, "no hydraulics." Politically, we don't want to tap into our own domestic resources, thanks to the liberal greeniacs, who gave us plastic bags to clog up our landfills because paper endangered trees, mercury laden (and oh, so fragile) light bulbs, now dictated by federal law, to endanger our homes (and subsequently, our landfills, soil, and water) so that we save energy, and exploding glass bakeware that, while dangerous now to humans, is environmentally "friendly." Even the gulf oil spill disaster last year was worsened because of the farther proximity of the rig off shore, and thus, in deeper water, which made the spill harder to contain, because the all-feeling, non-thinking lefties, who use neither side of the brain, wanted "big oil" farther away from shore. Of course, they also don't want more refineries, further adding to the problem even if we could use our own off-shore resources more (instead of letting less environmentally sensitive countries like Cuba and China use them instead). And for that matter, not all imported oil flows out of the Suez Canal. Like "Big Pharm." and "Big Tobacco," the dirty little secret is that the left simply hates "Big Oil" and their so-called, knee-jerk driven emotional drivel they pass for logic is as much a "big joke" as the dangerous "little cars" they would prefer we drive, that are dangerous to people, but supposedly safe for the environment. In short, the Surgeon General should just declare these leftist tree-hugging loons "hazardous to our health."

Besides that all being said, I don't see oil being the big enchilada for our perpetually recreating and woefully out of his league chief executive. Remember that on the campaign trail, he openly hoped for significantly higher gasoline prices, so long as the rise was gradual, and he threatened to tax the coal industry out of existence. (Probably at the same time that he accused many of us as still "bitterly clinging to our guns and bibles"!) No, The Tiger Woods Wannabe of the White House is no big fan of big oil, but rather just a globalist puppy dog, simply following marching orders and getting his leash tugged like a helpless puppy by the bigger and tougher players at the UN. ("We're not in Chicago any more, Toto!")

Yet once again, American blood and treasure is spilled on the sands of the Middle East, and at the direction of foreigners, and what is to be gained from it in the end? Ironically, I was away for the weekend and in a bit of a news vacuum. As of Friday afternoon, Gaddafi had offered a cease fire. By Sunday morning, UN (and US) forces were lighting the Libyan sky up like it was the 4th of July, turning the desert sand into glass, and camels into well done steaks. I'm still scratching my head as to what happened on Saturday that so drastically changed the circumstances. Perhaps it was a ranting marathon 24 hour Charlie Sheen info(less)mercial.

Even the libs were on board with Bush for going after Afghanistan, specifically the Taliban, tied to the September 11th attacks. Not so, however, with Iraq. Our intelligence, both foreign and domestic, showed that Saddam had WMD's in Iraq that were (questionably) intended for us. Even then President Clinton was on board with military intervention, a dirty little secret the libs don't evoke too much, but nudged by NATO, Slick "One World" Willy already had his Kosovo moment, so it was Bush's turn, but the intel was bad, despite later and also little reported stories that some scant WMD remnants were found and that Russian military vehicles transported the weapons supposedly into Syria, hardly a Boy Scout camp itself, while our inept, corrupt, and agenda-driven fair-weather pals at the UN ran bureaucratic interference. So the globalist Skull and Bones alum quickly turned and did the Bushy two-step, and said we were there to free the Iraqi people, which we did, a noble gesture indeed, but certainly not our original intent, and certainly not authorized by the founding document that he once allegedly referred to as "that G-d Damned piece of paper." Boola Boola.

As for Obie The Wonder Prez, between rounds of golf and predicting college basketball playoff brackets, he said just a couple weeks ago that "Gaddafi must go." Now every federal official with the exception of perhaps your local mailman is tripping over himself to emphasize that Gaddafi is not a target, even though just today we bombed his compound into a rock pile that would take Fred Flintstone's breath away. (Yabba-dabba-doo!)

Recall that besides wealth distribution (a promise that he did keep), Obie was also elected on a pledge to get us out of Iraq. As I see it, here from the cheap seats, we now not only have one foot in the frying pan (Afghanistan), but one still foot in the fire (Iraq), and also now our hind quarters sitting precariously over a boiling pot (Libya). The score in this bracket is Stove 3, USA 0. Had our jock of a President been instead more of a hockey fan, he might realize that the stove now has a hat trick, we're still sucking wind, and the clock is still ticking.

Bush could have used a smarter two-step. Saddam did violate the no-fly zone and did even previously attempt (and thankfully, fail) to assassinate both Bushes, which would have been a "two-for" for him. Of course, too much time had lapsed so that two-step would have been obsolete, and in much the same way that Obie cannot now claim that we are after Gaddafi because he is a terrorist and for his involvement in the Lockerbie plane bombing. He is and always has been a terrorist, and we should have acted more decisively in that regard earlier, but we didn't, barring the well-deserved spanking Reagan gave him via an air raid in 1986 for bombing a West Berlin disco in which American soldiers were killed. Gaddafi paid blood money for the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing to the victims' families, which theoretically could placate some civil charges, but he's still a terrorist and should face a tribunal for criminal charges, but we didn't pursue that venue, and pulling that card now would be akin to Bush saying that we invaded Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people. Yet, I could see somebody taking a shot at that defense at some point anyway. But as today it has been reported that American journalists have been duped into being human shields from air raids, perhaps Gaddafi has yet another spanking coming from Obie soon, but I'm doubtful.

We should have either captured or killed Gaddafi, but only for offenses committed against Americans, and long ago, and in timely manner after those offenses. Now it seems that whatever the outcome of this new war in Libya, are goals and objectives are not only fuzzy and unconstitutional, but also in some cases, yet to be defined and redefined to maintain political correctness and cover bureaucratic butts. We could and still should do it now, but only for the recent (at this writing) kidnapping and willful endangerment of the American journalists, and we should be publicly clear as to what we are doing and why, and without the help or interference of any global "coalition." Real leaders do their own dirty work and they also do more acting than talking, but when they act, they do so thoughtfully but decisively. And when they talk, they are succinct and clear. When a masked man enters a bank with a loaded gun and an empty pillow case and orders a teller to empty the cash drawer, a good cop arrests the thief for committing a bank robbery, and not for an unauthorized withdrawal.

While political, diplomatic and military strategy is still mapped out in smoke-filled back rooms, much like in the Bush era, already voices of dissent among the ranks dispute how long or short this war will be. While there should not be any "Mission Accomplished" celebrations any time soon, there also should not be any obligation (be it real or perceived) for nation building, either. As for the length of this war, we should focus more on the hole and less on the doughnut, but all the while doing our best to both limit and terminate our unconstitutional involvement. Many considered General Sherman literally insane when he correctly predicted the Civil War to last much longer than anyone projected. Time eventually vindicated Sherman, and made all his blushing dissenters look nuts instead, but waging ruthless war on the south, he also did his damnedest, and at any cost, to bring about not just victory, but victory without further and needless delay.

Given the various tribal fighting, various radical groups and causes and political venom strewn throughout the Middle East, hoping for true democratic change to come about from revolution in countries that have had little to no history of such freedom, nor the infrastructure to support it, is like closing your eyes and pulling the surprise out from the bottom of the Cracker Jack box. Inevitably, the toy you hoped for is not what you expected, often hard to even discern, and probably not what you ever wanted. Much like with South America and other struggling parts of the globe, often revolution brings hopes of freedom, but more often than not, just delivers another despot, and in some cases, one even worse than the one ousted. But unlike South America, the Middle East is both a hotbed and a breeding ground of worldwide jihad, whatever the cause.

We are now fighting three wars simultaneously instead of two, and at this point, we should no longer be involved in any of them. Obie better start working on his two-step as well, lest he gets called for globalist and unconstitutional "traveling." And the same vague and daunting questions already remain in this war, as to objectives, end game, length, and cost, all factors the libs gigged Bush for, and all just hunky-dory now that their team now occupies the pretty white house with the big glitzy dome on the Avenue. But much like what Obama did with the economy in taking over from Bush, he took a really bad idea that he previously and highly criticized, and only more sanctimoniously further expanded on it. Our economy has now gone from bad to worse, and we are now using an ever more shrinking dollar to subsidize three wars instead of two, all of which fought by an already far too thinly stretched military, and oh yes, nationalized health care as well, another seed gingerly planted by Bush (Medicare prescription coverage) and bountifully harvested by Obama, and all fertilized from manure from the Trojan Horse that the many useless idiot lemmings among us still blindly and fondly refer to as "globalism," as if it were an innocuous Teddy Bear with which to cuddle.

And while all these repeated issues, questions and excuses are merely flipped over to another side like half done flapjacks on a grill, Mexican drug cartels continue to cross our open border in increasing numbers, kidnapping, raping, robbing and killing American citizens. While one Globalist-In Chief from Team A cut brush in Midland, another Globalist-In Chief from Team B now shoots hoops, swings the sticks and romps in the surf of Waikiki, and both sides fiddling (with the same globalist wink and nod) all the while that Rome only further burns. While we police the world, the safety of our nation and its people, the primary objective of the federal government, is flagrantly and unconstitutionally ignored to our ongoing and increasing national peril. America, erroneously deputized as the world's cop, now needs to return to its own beat and stay there.

And in 2008, some people actually laughed at Ron Paul, and even thought him as loopy as some once thought of William Tecumseh Sherman.

But now they simply ask, "Where's Charlie Sheen?"

Doug Wrenn

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