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Doug Wrenn

"Ground Zero" Needs A Mosque Like Pearl Harbor Needs A Sushi Stand!
By Doug Wrenn
Jun 2, 2010 - 4:30:45 AM

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If you're ever sick in New York, don't call an ambulance; call a cab! I learned this lesson first hand one day, while locked like a caged animal in Manhattan traffic gridlock. Nearby, an ambulance, with lights flashing and siren wailing, helplessly sat there like the rest of us for what seemed like an eternity. Then I heard a thunderous crash, as I turned and saw in astonishment, a taxi cab which broke ranks, drove over a sidewalk, took out some trash cans made a left turn the wrong way down a one way side street and sped away, free as a bird. So I should be surprised that in this "Big Apple," fully of liberal loony worms, a mosque gets approved, practically within spitting distance of the 9-11 site? Even more prophetic of the mindset of New Yorkers, while a September 11th Memorial slowly lugs away in planning and construction, this mosque and Islamic culture center is slated to open on the tenth anniversary of the date; September 11, 2011. Maybe neither should be built, and in their place, an enormous mental institution, which now seems to be the true dire need there (as well as maybe a few more taxis).

Welcome to America, the land where you can insult us, but we won't insult you! In a recent nationally reported new story, some high California school students were sent home for wearing American flags on "Cinco De Mayo" day, a Mexican holiday on May 5th. The local loony liberal, elitist educrats thought the action insensitive and provocative, given all the increased hoopla over illegal immigration. Newspapers throughout the US recently refused to reprint a satirical Danish cartoon of Mohammad that many Muslims found offensive, yet the Brooklyn Museum of Art, a publicly funded institution, allowed the exhibits of the Blessed Mother covered in elephant dung and a crucifix submersed in a jar of urine a few years earlier, and actually dubbed these hideously blasphemous exhibits "art." Occasionally, I still hear "African-American" actors on TV programs freely use the words "cracker" and "honky" to describe whites as I continue to scratch my head in befuddlement and wonder aghast at what point these blatant slants will be elevated in status to be renamed in equal censorship as "the c-word" and "the h-word."

I'm tired of the sorry old excuse that we need to patch up relations between Muslims and other faiths as Muslims have often been the instigators of war and violence throughout world history, up to and including today in several countries around the globe as I write this piece. More succinctly put, they tend not to place nice with others, be it in the sandbox or out. Why do we need to reach out to them as they continue to cut our throats and blow us up? Yet often, Christian and Jewish groups do try to make nice-nice with Muslims, but more often than not, and all speeding taxicabs aside, that street seems one-way.

Supposedly, only about 10% of the world's 1.2 billion Muslims are of the violent, fringe fanatical, jihadist variety. That's still a lot of evil, violent kooks. The rest are passive collaborators for the most part. Some Islamic groups and individuals, to their credit, have spoken out against the violence, but too few silently look the other way for whatever reason. As Edmund Burke once summed, "All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing." Of course. Even many of the Nazis running the death camps were supposedly "just following orders," yet the unspeakable and needless atrocities still continued at the hands of these cowards.

I'm also tired of the comparison to violent passages in the Bible and the Koran. The Bible speaks of violence; the Koran commands it, especially against the "enemy," i.e., non-believers, or "infidels." (Christians, Jews, etc..) There is a difference between evangelizing by a invitation or by the sword. When was the last time you heard of terrorist acts by "radical" Christians or Jews? If in fact New York's Islamic community is genuinely trying to reach out an olive branch, this is a really bad way to do it.

This mosque belongs near the "Ground Zero" about as much as Pearl Harbor needs a sushi stand. I'm no mind reader, so I don't know the intentions of the rocket scientist who dreamt up this brainstorm, or of the bumbling bureaucrats in this liberal metropolis who gave it the thumbs up, but this 13 story mosque will be a very conspicuous pillar to either collective evil and/or utter naivete by those who contributed to its approval and erection. And given that I can't help but believe that at least one person of the Muslim faith was killed in the World Trade Towers on September 11th , that prospect seems particularly ironic.

In a land that boasts of "separation of church and state" (at least regarding Christianity, anyway), the boasters might want to take a gander at western Europe, as Muslims are immigrating in droves (as they are here) and in increasing numbers. That means and will mean more special allowances for their faith on the public dime, first requested, then demanded. This won't stop with foot baths in airport restrooms (like in Kansas City) And while the majority of Muslims are peaceful, they provide good cover (whether by intention or not) for the very large minority of them who wish us harm. This situation is a Trojan Horse waiting to be opened. Those who so often invoke "tolerance" more often than not secretly mean "embracement." but after all, even an elephant can only be eaten one bite at a time. As Pat Buchanan once quipped, when will one of these airports ever install a font full of Holy Water in the restrooms for Catholics?

Islam, contrary to trendy popular belief and political correctness, is not necessarily a peaceful religion, although fortunately, most of its observers are peaceful. Islam is also a theocracy, a political system as well as a religion. A Brooklyn mosque is known to be a hot bed of terrorist activity, yet the FBI dares not intervene within its walls. It is time that in this war on terror (Yes Obama, Inc, I said it, and I will continue to call it what it is, unlike you loathsome and utterly gutless cowards!), and Islamo-facism (And yes, I'm still keeping that taboo phrase alive, too!) is clearly our enemy. When a mosque of a theocracy is used for terrorism activities on our own soil, it should no longer be considered protected as a religious institution, and should be fair game for law enforcement investigation and intelligence gathering. Also, immigration should be at least temporarily stopped of Muslims until we can better secure our homeland, but of course, that first requires us really and truly securing our borders. Hey, the day hordes of radical Swedes and Norwegians start plotting to kill us, then we should be banning their blond hair and blue eyes from coming here, too! Immigration, of any foreigner, is a privilege, not a right. Meanwhile, the protection of the American people is the primary function of our government, at least to the limited extent that anyone can currently notice, anyway.

The majority of Americans, like the majority of Muslims, are also decent and peaceful people, but like the minority of Muslims, we also have our evil, kooky, violent minority as well, which raises yet another problem. Putting this mosque so close (about 2 blocks) from the 9-11 site probably isn't even so much the problem in and of itself. After all, how far away should it be built, and who gets to make that decision? But the fairly close distance, coupled with the specified opening date, is a poke in the eye that some Americans just won't rest well with. So when all the vandalism, assaults, bomb threats, etc.. predictably happen (but hopefully won't), when, if ever will the increased crime and turmoil end, and who will have to pay for all the additional police protection because of this horrendously bad idea?

I also have this sickening feeling that come September 11, 2011, this now officially approved mosque and Islamic culture center will have its grand opening, and the September 11th Memorial will still be unfinished because of the same old reasons of red tape, bureaucracy, ineptitude, apathy and possibly even corruption associated with just about any other public construction project. We have indeed settled on very unsettling priorities; low standards of expectancy and convoluted "logic," for lack of a better term, in our ever deteriorating and overly politically correct modern culture. All that is usually bad as it is, but as just further salt into the wounds of the still grieving surviving loved ones of those who innocently and needlessly perished on that horrific day, the sordid status quo just isn't good enough this time. Sadly however, in our suicidal demise of a once great nation, decency, logic and good old fashioned testosterone have become the victims of our own capitalist system: low supply, and seemingly even lower demand.

I do take some solace in this sad story however. When the mosque and Islamic center does open, undoubtedly many of its visitors will be taking cabs to get there. Assuming they even survive the typical New York City cab ride, they most likely will still never find their destination. After all, as anyone who has ever taken a cab in New York knows, the driver typically never understands a word of what you're telling him anyway, assuming he even stops for you in the first place.

Come to think of it, maybe calling an ambulance in New York isn't really such a bad idea after all.

Doug Wrenn

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Doug Wrenn
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