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Doug Wrenn

Fallen Heroes Forgotten By "Commander In Chief!"
By Doug Wrenn
May 30, 2010 - 12:05:58 AM

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On This Memorial Day,
Our Fallen Heroes Remembered By A Grateful Nation...
And Forgotten By Their So-Called "Commander In Chief!"

Obama (You call him "President" if you still so choose; I think I'm done!) recently announced that he and his family will be vacationing back home in the manure field that gave rise to his soiled Marxist-leaning community activist and soiled political career: Chicago, the windy city of notoriously corrupt political hot air. After that, he and the "First Woman" will be taking in a Paul McCartney concert back in Washington. The Obamas, no fan of the US, after all, will allow Vice President Biden and his wife to lead this year's services to our fallen heroes at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, and to meet with the Gold Star Families. Undoubtedly, they will be swooned.

The Prez, after all is understandably tuckered out. It's tiring work to mutually bash our country on our own soil with a foreign leader from our southern border, and to criticize an entire state for a law that they not only obviously know little about, but caused it's very creation. Then of course is all the hoopla of rubbing elbows for photo ops with college athletes from UCONN and Duke, as oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico because a plan to address just such an event by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was not implemented, and as one of the greatest floods in our nation's history that ravaged Nashville gets less recognition than last night's sports scores while Obie dines at a San Francisco Democrat fund raiser for yet another one of his justifiably politically endangered Democrat incumbent Senator flunkies.

There exists a certain sub-species to the liberals among us. These fifth column cretins are easily identifiable by their expressive vitriol for our nation and our flag, and for their conspicuous loathing for established authority, specifically, law enforcement officers and members of our military. Yet these same radical leftist mutants trample all over the Constitution and possess an ever unquenched yearning for more power of their own at the cost of everyone else's liberty. I've seen, heard, and known far too many of these convoluted, if not utterly evil anti-American, closet anarchist vermin in my lifetime, and Omnipotent Obie is the grand poster child of them all, as our some of his closest inner circle. And yet they dare to get ever so strident when their phony patriotism is rightfully questioned. (Like the very demure Hillary Clinton angrily screeching in defense of her own a few years ago, and several broken glasses, mirrors, and windows later!)

Recall during his campaign how Obama stopped wearing an American flag lapel pin and that he was once photographed at a Democratic fund raiser without holding his hand over his heart during what was at the time either the playing of the National Anthem or the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance with an American flag in the background. Recall his close association with the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and his admitted (before he changed his story) "20 years" of listening "in the pews" to the racist anti-American and radical Black Liberation Theology rants of Jeremiah Wright (No, I'm not calling him "Reverend," either). Recall his big mouthed wife, "Big Bad Mama, Michelle Obama," now the "First Woman," who said that as the lemmings among us clung to every word of her husband that she was "proud to be an American for the first time in (her) life." Another time she also said that Americans are "mean." Hubby Barack also told us back then that rural Americans "cling to their Bibles and guns" because they are uncomfortable with someone who looks different than them. That's not true, though. Plenty of rural Americans are gawky and have hideously big ears. Obie has also traveled the globe, bashing our country and apologizing for perceived wrongs while simultaneously and continually weakening the military defenses of our own soil and that of our long time allies.

When a haughty black Professor pal of Obie's from Harvard tried to pull the race card in a simple interchange with Cambridge, Massachusetts police that he needlessly escalated, once again without knowing all the facts, Obie raced to the microphone and TV cameras, apparently this time, without the aid of his trusty teleprompter and accused the Cambridge Police of acting "stupidly." Oops! Come to find out the white cop involved was so "lily white" in his reputation and record as being a good, and a fair cop, that even his fellow black officers zealously came out to defend him. Shortly thereafter, the beer was flowing at the White House in what the Obie-sycophant press and media dubbed "The Beer Summit," and His Obness wound up buying the round (And on our dime! Gee, what a regular guy! ) Then he brushed off the whole sordid and unnecessary episode as a "a teachable moment," or some such similar pompous fluff, although he never specified who, if anybody, ever actually learned anything from it.

On the campaign trail, candidate Obama declined a visit to Ramstein Air Force base in Germany at the last minute to meet our brave soldiers wounded in battle in Iraq because he was told that he could not bring his entourage and TV cameras in with him. So instead, Obie left to have a workout in the gym. That did not stop then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, however, who went in to visit wounded troops from her native state, and without all the fanfare, nor apparently, the desire to have it with her.

Meanwhile, weeks went by as our grossly outnumbered and endangered troops in Afghanistan desperately waited for reinforcements because the bumbling Elitist in Chief could not and/or would not make a decision. One soldier currently serving his second tour there, the son of a dear friend, told me when last home on leave that the situation is so bad that there camps are being split in half to fan out more troops for increased presence on the ground, but thereby also weakening the strength of their positions. As if that isn't bad enough, then we have to listen to this "very intelligent man" (who once said he toured "57 states" and anticipates being President for "about 8-10 years") repeatedly pronounce "Navy Corpsman" with an announced "s" that is supposed to be silent. I'm sure the West Point grads were recently impressed when he announced to them that he has "absolute power" in what I apparently erroneously always thought to be a "representative republic" in a government "of, by, and for the people." Silly me! Hail Obie! (Hey wait a minute....I thought Michelle had "absolute power"!)

Fewer, if any American Presidents have trampled more liberties than the current Oval Office occupant. On the campaign trail, Big Bad Mama Michelle Obama, then still just an aspiring "First Woman," told us that if elected, her husband would "make us" do certain things we would not want to do. How true. And now the prism closes in to give us an even better view of his true definition of words like "hope," "change," and "transform." Many of our financial institutions, student loans, much of our auto industry, and now healthcare have become socialist institutions, and against the wishes of the majority of Americans. One wonders what Obie's dream of a para-military like mandatory service corps (with or without an "s") for our youth might be like some day soon. (Hitler youths, perhaps?) And being that he was quoted not all that long ago as saying that he thinks it would be good for gas prices to skyrocket, so long as they did so slowly ((Think frog in the pan of cool water atop the stove burner!) it seems now to be a prophesy of his intentions as he has willfully, if not ineptly ignored and bumbled the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and ordered the shut down of many of our oil drilling rigs, which can only lead to astronomical gas prices like we have never before experienced. Could the oil industry be next in the crosshairs of this Hugo Chavez wannabe?

So there you have it, not necessarily a complete collection, but surely a formidable one of examples that makes my case that Obama is the quintessential radical left anarchist with a passionate Marxist ideology and agenda. He (and his cronies, many of whom he has appointed without Senate approval and not so coincidentally titled "Czars") profoundly and repeatedly exhibit his and their deep but seething hatred of America, our flag, our ideals, our military and our police. The radical leftist hippies of the 60's have sobered up, cleaned up, cut their hair, deflowered their Volkswagens, donned business attire and are now in power, their most coveted and cherished goal. And for them, no amount of it is ever enough.

Is it little wonder then, why this socialist sociopath has not apathetically, but I believe, quite intentionally snubbed not just our deceased and former our veterans, but those still actively serving and sacrificing their very lives for the undeserved, unprovoked, insidious and practically seditious slap in the face given to them by the very man they are mandated to call their "Commander In Chief."

As I write this piece, my blood is boiling, not just as a patriotic American, but as a son of one of those veterans. As my father, a decorated Navy veteran of the South Pacific in World War II often reminded me, I would never have even been born had not a more patriotic Democrat President named Harry S. Truman courageously made the ominous but very necessary decision to bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima, two tragically and unimaginable catastrophic events that nevertheless ended the war. Had Truman not made that decision, my father's next assignment for deployment would have been Tokyo Bay, and his prediction was that he never would have ever come home from such an invasion.

But my ire goes beyond even those reasons. My Dad, like so many now aging World War II veterans of our greatest generation passed away last year, and ironically, just shortly after Memorial Day, so for the first time, he is also now one of those deceased and gallant veterans who (most of us) still remember and give tribute to on Memorial Day. My Dad passed roughly around the same time Michael Jackson did, and ironically, with a helluva lot less recognition. I guess being a pop singer somehow now trumps being a combat veteran, and truth be known, I never heard my Dad ever sing. (And for that missed opportunity, I think I'm grateful!) But I still know this: my father was a damn fine man, and had more class, guts and patriotism in his pinky finger than that vile, detestable, cowardly, arrogant, elitist, Marxist, anarchist son of a bitch in the White House (possibly without a US birth certificate) has in his entire body, including his big ears, which like his Islamic-sounding middle name, for some strange reason, we're never supposed to even mention!

Being called a "Commander In Chief" is not necessarily synonymous with really and truly being the "Commander In Chief." May all of us always remember this President who forgot, not just on each Memorial Day of every year from now on, but also, and especially on Election Day, 2012. As for yours truly, rest assured that I'll be there at my respective poll station, bright and early that morning, and with bells on!

To all our veterans alive and deceased, active and former, and their loved ones, from the majority of us who do remember and honor you, thank you, and may God always bless you, and our great nation which you so selflessly and nobly helped create, protect, and preserve.

Doug Wrenn

© Copyright 2002-2014 by Magic City Morning Star

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Doug Wrenn
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