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Doug Wrenn

Enough Already! Time To Bail On The Bail-Outs And Rekindle Honest Abe's Sage Logic
By Doug Wrenn
Dec 31, 2008 - 3:23:49 PM

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Nobody's that stupid. I can only conclude that Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, Dodd, Frank, et al. actually want our government and/or our financial infrastructure to collapse to collaborate with their CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) cronies to establish a one world order and/or to simply line their own pockets while the getting is good. Bush's recent meetings with other foreign leaders to supposedly solve the fiscal crisis, a de'ja vu of the Bretton Woods fiasco, only steeled that theory in my mind. Meanwhile, The United States Of Sheep continues to be sheered in the world's biggest shell game: our national fiscal fleecing.

While liberal state legislators across the country continue their crusade against using cell phones while driving, perhaps they should outlaw radio use while driving as well. Every time I hear some new liberal lunacy, my steering wheel seems to jerk out of my hands and head me straight for the nearest guardrail, and sometimes, worse.

Such was the case once again yesterday as I was driving along and heard a radio news repot that GMAC, now flush with federal bailout funds, plans to actually lower its standards for lending to make it easier for borrowers with troubled credit to acquire car loans. Oh, good.

OK, stop the merry-go-round, I think I'll get off here. While we can trace Democrat do-gooding to make mortgage loans easier to obtain for those who clearly cannot afford them, when do we finally get around to blaming reckless borrowers as well as greedy lenders and corrupt and/or inept lawmakers? Wasn't this how we got into this mess in the first place?

Reflecting on the GMAC news, I can't help but reflect upon my Catholic faith. Yes, you guessed it, one of my trademark analogies will be coming forth shortly. I know it seems like a reach, but stick with me here and I'll connect the dots shortly. We Catholics are blessed with what is called the Sacrament of Reconciliation, more colloquially known as "Confession," in which we verbally confess our sins to a priest, who grants us absolution by a blessing he bestows upon us, and by us saying some prayers that he assigns to us as our penance. Our faith teaches that every time we Catholics go to Confession, we are forgiven of our sins, no matter how often we may repeat them. Of course, an earnest remorse for our sins as well as a sincere intention to repent are integral facets of the sacrament, which is not to say it is an opportunity to just go out and freely sin all over again. Otherwise, what's the point?

Likewise, what have we learned thus far from all these bailouts? In the Bible, when Jesus forgave the prostitute after saving her from being stoned to death, He told her, "Go and sin no more." For the recipients of all these bailouts, now proving to be prostitutes themselves, the sinning still continues. By my count, AIG has been bailed out at least three times, and continues sinning, not to mention the several elaborate and scandalous six-digit soirées it repeatedly held for its top muckety-mucks before redundant news reporting and public outrage finally ended these tax-funded travesties. GMAC is back to square one, giving out bad car loans to prospective deadbeats who can't or won't pay. Several banks are finding other and non-authorized uses for their cut of the government pie, and in some cases, while deliberately withholding the information from their customers, and even the Federal Reserve is now saying it has different plans for the $850 billion we just handed it on a sliver platter, which is reason # 2,345 why that unconstitutional and corrupt abomination needs to be disbanded forthwith. The common denominator here is what ever happened to the condition of "Go, and sin no more?"

It my characteristic and unabashed manner of not mincing words, I meant what I said before: we're being fleeced by the very people we already astronomically pay to represent us. President Bush tried to tell us (wink, wink, nod, nod) that the government will recoup its spent money once these troubled borrowers have their loans readjusted so that they can more readily pay them back. But many of these borrowers were not just poor, but also dishonest themselves, so the president's sales pitch is built upon sand, assuming he even believes it himself, and I have my doubts. As predatory as many of these lenders are, loan officers are lied to about as often as cops and parole officers. News reports are already coming out saying that these bailouts were not as urgent as we were originally told. No, really? I'm no financial guru, but every time some sales person ever gave me some BS excuse why I just absolutely had to make a purchase right now, that always sealed the deal, but not the way the sales person expected. Even if I want to buy something, once somebody tells me that I have to decide today, my answer is no. I wish I had a quarter for every time some shyster realtor told me that another serious buyer is looking at the house I am interested in. My answer was always, "Good. Go sell it to him. I'll find another one." If somebody pushes for your money right this instant, then run like hell in the opposite direction like you just encountered an angry beer-drinking skunk with a bladder problem. Yet our elected leaders, including the Liar In Chief himself, who also told us to trust him on the Dubai Ports deal, securing the border, and the Harriet Miers nod, told us we must act now, and folks, we ate it like tripe. Meanwhile, over 100 of our nation's top university economists wrote a petition to Congress asking it not to do this bailout, which will inevitably equate to more than a trillion dollars by time all the smoke clears, and about 1/3 of our budget, but when the experts spoke, the know-it-alls didn't listen. At the very least, we have only delayed the inevitable. At the very worst, we have thrown gas on the fire. Meanwhile, our Treasury keeps banging out unbacked Federal Reserve notes that are continually diminishing in value on the world market. Never mind the wheel barrow full of dollars to buy a loaf of bread, it's a matter of time when with every five notes you get, you also get a free stick of bubble gum as you trade them like baseball cards with your friends. And then what other backwater and adversarial countries will we borrow from next to keep our own economy afloat, hmmm?

This is socialism, and I don't mean that sarcastically. It really is socialism. Government on both the federal and state level is now incessantly bailing out and buying out everything, now including banks and even failing newspapers. And in turn, cities and states are now turning to the feds, who are going broke, to bail them out. And when we, the government's favorite trough, finally run out of water (tax dollars), who then bails out our fledgling federal government? Meanwhile, if you only thought the New York Times should have been more appropriately retitled Pravda before, just wait a bit longer; the real deal is most likely coming soon.

For all my quintessential complaining about Democrats, we should have listened to a couple of them earlier in our history. President Andrew Jackson opposed a national bank, and President Grover Cleveland was an ardent proponent of the gold standard. Sometimes, the old school thinking is still the most prudent. Now, thanks to the ever-increasing infiltration of our one-world-order "shadow government" (The CFR, the Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderbergs, etc..) and the modern day ignorance of constitutional principles and the obsession for incessant and instant on-the-dole self-gratification by our fellow citizens, the alphabet is about the only thing that now separates the "D's" from the "R's" on strong and sovereign national fiscal solvency, as further illustrated by the zealous go-along-to-get-along embrace of this bailout mentality by the two in-the-tank-schmucks of supposedly different parties that we had to choose from in the previous and pathetic yawner that some actually dared to call a national election.

Government, like it or not, needs to stay out of the free market to keep it both free and solvent. Yes, there will be and even must be bankruptcies, lay-offs, and all the like. This crisis must get worse before it gets better, and we must bleed before we can heal. Government cannot and will not stop that process. It will only either slow it down or make it worse. Capitalism is like nature; it ain't pretty. Even in the wild, cute, furry little animals get gouged to death and eaten up alive for lunch by their predators all the time. It's called survival of the fittest, and as ugly as it looks, it still works, but only if left alone. We have changed as a people and have now become dumb, lazy, and soft. We don't know or care how our government and constitution are supposed to work, and we want what we want, and we want it now. As a result, we are aiders and abettors in this big predatory Ponzi scheme that left unchecked will consume our liberty and eradicate our nation as we once knew it. On Christmas night, I had a political disagreement with a liberal, Democrat-sycophant relative who zealously embraces the coming Obama presidency, acknowledged that socialism is increasing and said he welcomes it. I admonished this Viet Nam combat veteran, who apparently and sadly forgot what he once fought for and was even seriously wounded for in battle, that he will soon change his mind once his liberties are also soon trampled, and then it will be too late. This is time for sucking it up and separating the men from the boys. It's tough love time. And sadly, I don't see us as a nation being up to the challenge so far. I hope I'm wrong.

A cherished framed portrait of President Lincoln adorns a wall of my living room. Under the portrait, the caption quoting our 16th and greatest president reads: "You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves." The time is now long overdue to resurrect the strength, courage and old school wisdom of that bygone era.

Doug Wrenn


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Doug Wrenn
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