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Doug Wrenn

Bravo! Arizona "Patriots" Trump Washington "Pinheads"!
By Doug Wrenn
Apr 28, 2010 - 12:25:26 AM

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In a move that could easily be good fodder for the "Patriots and Pinheads" segment on Bill O'Reilly's TV program, "The O'Reilly Factor," Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a bill into law that will take new and overdue brazen steps to curb rising and rampant violent crime in that state because of illegal immigration. The Governor and Arizona state legislators finally took the necessary steps to protect the increasingly endangered American citizens, at least within the state's borders, whom the federal government through both Republican and Democrat administrations has so woefully and inexcusably failed to protect. If this action is not a demarcation between "patriots" and "pinheads," perhaps it at least is one differentiating sincere "statesmen" from empty suit "politicians." Unlike her predecessor, and our current head of Homeland Security, Governor Brewer is certainly no Janet Napolitano. And in case you missed the point, that was a compliment for Governor Brewer!

Arizona has the highest number of illegal border crossings of the southwest states and is seeing the results of the unchecked invasion by these predators onto sovereign land. Shootings and killings of police officers are on the rise, as well as kidnappings, rapes and other violent crimes against the citizenry. The naysayers who so often and so dubiously exclude the word "illegal" from any discussion about immigration cannot deny the rising segment of illegals now filling both state and federal prisons in border states by roughly 1/4 to 1/3 of the prison population in many cases, with many if not most of those inmates being incarcerated for violent crimes. The now cliche-like tearfully told hard luck story of decent poor folk from Mexico just seeking work to support their families here just doesn't cut it any more. Illegal is illegal, and like it or not, into the nets with the tuna come also the dolphins.

The problem of increasing violent crime by illegal immigrants is not just about Mexicans, or Arizona, or even southwest border states. This is a nation wide crisis, affecting much if not all of the country. One such example is the notoriously bloodthirsty MS 13 gang, comprised mainly of Salvadorians, and many if not most of them here illegally. MS 13 is now present, thriving, and growing in (at last count) at least 33 of the 50 states. The trademark weapon of this group is the machete, and they wield it proficiently and zealously.

The bill Governor Brewer signed, (AZ) S.B. 1070, calls for local and state police in Arizona to check the immigration status of any person they have reasonable suspicion to believe may be here illegally after making a traffic stop or field contact for a legal purpose. Then, in a real mind bender, those immigrants found to be here illegally will actually be arrested for that crime. In legal parlance, reasonable suspicion means tangible observations and facts that lead an officer to believe that the person he has stopped is, or is about to be engaged in criminal activity. Reasonable suspicion is the only cause necessary for a search subject to a stop. Probable cause is a higher standard of reasonable suspicion and is thus required in order to effect an arrest.

First and foremost, let's can all the happy horse manure and feel-good liberal spin about "rights." Illegal immigrants have no "right" to be "illegal," period. The same Mexican government that actually aids, advocates for, and educates illegals how to effectively break into our country on its northern border has armed troops on its southern border to ensure that Guatemalans don't cross that one. Go to Mexico City and ask government bureaucrats there about what "rights" Guatemalans have to illegally enter Mexico and watch them belly laugh the sombreros off their heads.

Furthermore, we have seen the impact of unchecked immigration on our country, not just in crime statistics but in ruining the ecology of the desert, in lowering wages of American workers and increasing our unemployment, in the closing of hospital emergency departments going bankrupt from doling out unpaid medical care, and in such hair brained schemes and government entitlements such as free tuition assistance that many of our own kids are rejected for, courtesy of the sweat, toil and earnings of the already overburdened US taxpayer, the last species of revenue earners in this country still excluded from endless Big Brother bailouts. Last but not least, the federal government has recklessly, if not negligently abandoned its duty under Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution to protect the states from "invasion." As hordes of often predatory foreign illegals cross our borders daily, and especially in Arizona, if this ongoing condition is not at the very least an "invasion," it is certainly no Tupperware party, either!

The wise old adage reminds us: "A picture is worth a thousand words." likewise, I don't care what somebody says; show me what they do. The Tea Party folks have been falsely and repeatedly maligned recently by the left wing propaganda machine that used to be called the mainstream press and media, yet none of their allegations of misbehavior have yet to be adequately verified, and many have been refuted. In fact, by many accounts, the Tea Party activists, of all parties, ideologies, ages, sexes and races, have proven to be the pinnacles of good citizens, and yes, even quintessential ladies and gentlemen. Yet the recent news footage of pro-illegal immigration protesters pummeling riot gear clad police in Arizona with rocks and debris, and charging at the officers in violent mobs is nothing short of sheer anarchy, and speaks volumes as to the caliber of the ilk and agenda on that side of the argument. To wit, I thus need add nothing more to that point.

Speaking of "Big Brother," the same bumbling Big Brother bureaucracy that is always reactive and never proactive, and that viewed but then ignored the potential of terrorists using our own commercial planes to crash into our own buildings in the Johnson administration, threw in the towel and froze in place like a deer caught in the headlights in the Carter administration, and coddled terrorists as nothing more than common petty criminals in the Clinton administration, has now come up with the National Real ID act in the Bush administration. This brainstorm stomps all over the 10th Amendment and has federalized requirements for all state driver licenses in the name of "homeland security," which former Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) once adequately quipped sounded more like a lending institution than a federal agency.

In effect, we thus now have national ID cards. I don't get it. I was born in this country. I have lived here all of my life. I don't ever intend to leave this country, and I fully intend to die here some day. I'm not even naturalized. I am a native born and a law abiding American citizen, and I have been loyal to this country all of my life. Why do I need to carry a "national ID card" to prove who I am? So because an illegal immigrant has no ID and is now actually expected to provide one when he is finally caught by the police , this is such an atrocity? The argument put forth by the advocates of these predators bears no credibility and is nothing more than a smokescreen that poorly camouflages an agenda. Their good pals (The Democrats) have also pushed for easing up or even eliminating laws that require voters to show positive identification. There is no legitimate reason for any person not to have credible identification. Furthermore, most of the people walking around without it are either losers or dregs with little to offer in the way of any semblance of logical explanation but for shallow excuses. Carrying adequate identification is a no brainer for most people. Furthermore, it is widely known to simply be a prudent and personal responsibility. Those who impede any effort for law abiding people to identify themselves when legitimately stopped by police or to exercise their right to vote also seek, by either intention or sheer ignorance, to taint our process of criminal justice and our electoral process, and often, it is the same 5th column crowd, usual suspects and what Lenin dubbed "useful idiots" involved in both seedy and deceitful endeavors.

For those evoking "racial profiling" (yet once again...yawn!), in the Arizona law there must first be a legal stop and then reasonable suspicion. Profiling is an effective law enforcement tool, used early on by law enforcement officials in Florida watching for drug smugglers long the I-95 corridor, what some have called a drug gateway into the US. Profiling uses various observations for whatever may not fit or may be suspicious for the given circumstances, and those could be almost any observations under almost any circumstances, and sometimes not even at all related to race. Race baiters and left wing press and media gave rise to the impetus of "racial profiling" by taking it upon themselves to add the word "racial." by the way, if I am ever robbed by a young, tall, thin black guy and the investigating officer only looks for old, short, fat white guys in an attempt to solve the crime and retrieve my stolen property, note to his chief: fire that incompetent imbecile immediately! Therein lies the danger with political correctness; it is so enveloping that it sucks all the oxygen out of the room and leaves no more room for anything, including common sense. The day our country is overrun by illegal Scandinavians, then by all means, I want the cops inquiring of the status of blond haired blue eyed people they stop, but until such time that scenario becomes a crisis, for now, they best focus on the brown skinned ones with the Spanish accents.

An ancient and very savvy Chinese proverb admonishes us, "Every long journey begins with the first step." Governor Brewer and a few equally brave and patriotic fellow statesmen in the Arizona state legislature have made the first move, but it will be utterly fruitless and even tragically wasted if we, their fellow citizens in all 50 states, don't continue their good work. That process begins by changing our trendy, loopy mindset right now. The left plays dirty. As David Horowitz wrote about them, to liberals and Democrats, politics is war. We need to be prepared for that. No one but a fool goes into a gunfight with nothing more than two clenched fists. We will be called dirty names, Heaven forbid, yet we must somehow muster the strength to endure such "heavy artillery." In our culture today, anyone called a "racist" or a "xenophobe" typically acts the same as someone accused of being a child molester. The innocent cower, squirm and crawl silently away right along with the guilty instead of standing up and giving someone a good swift smack in the mouth when so warranted. So long as we know we are not racists and xenophobes, we need to counter those shots across our bow, dig our heels into the dirt, puff out our chests and defiantly stand up for our convictions, stick our finger in the eye of our adversaries and unabashedly exclaim a dreaded word they haven't heard in far too long: "NO!" It's a simple rule really; no guts, no glory, no pain, no gain. We as Americans, a once rather historically tenacious group, need to now choose: would we rather be sovereign on our own land and free and secure in our homes, or simply be liked by friend and foe alike under the intolerable peril of possibly being labeled with a false insult, comprised of empty words and directed to us from naive lemmings and Neanderthal low-lifes whose opinions, expressed or otherwise, aren't worth a damn in the first place. Choose! And never mind the psychobabble about "America being built by, and being a land of immigrants, all true, but we're not talking about those immigrants, and we still embrace those immigrants in coming here, those working hard, obeying our laws, and loving, sharing and enriching the American dream with us. We are only talking about illegal immigrants. In other words, we seek future Americans from other lands who are willing to bring something else to the table besides a fork and a knife. Furthermore, they can try ringing the doorbell at the front door rather than trying to break in through the back door.

I don't know who originally ever coined the very sage phrase, "Lead, get in line, or shut up, and get the hell out of the way," but assuming it has made its way to the White House, it has apparently failed to fall on those hideously big, ugly, floppy ears of President Obama, which much like his Islamic sounding middle name and true place of birth, his handlers arrogantly tell us we are not supposed to ever discuss. The Statist In Chief pontificated that when the federal government fails to act, "misguided" actions will occur on the (inferred) state level.

First, there is nothing at all "misguided" about Arizona or any other state taking action to protect its citizens and law enforcement officials. In fact, the protection of the citizenry is the primary duty of government at every level, local, state and federal. Secondly, Obie did get one thing right: the feds clearly and abysmally dropped the ball, and yes, under Bush as well. Thankfully, far less state officials are as impacted and influenced as the corrupt and inept feds (of both parties) are by globalist and North American Union activists who firstly respond to the beckoned call of and are beholding to groups like the Council of Foreign Relations, The Tri-Lateral Commission, the Bilderbergs, et al. The Marxist Messiah notes that he is concerned about possible civil rights violations, yet his backward sense of civil rights sensitivity is as wrong now as it was then when he prematurely and intrusively stuck his foot in his mouth when one of his personal goombas of color had a less than stellar run in with a local white cop in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (All "teaching moments" aside, don't hold your breath waiting for a similar subsequent "Beer Summit" between President Obama and Governor Brewer any time soon!)

Yet given the law as reported, any court challenge seems potential moot, as per Terry vs. Ohio, which gave us the "Terry Stop" and better defined search and seizure law in reasonable suspicion situations, as did "Miranda vs. Arizona" (which gave us the present day "Miranda Warnings") clarify suspects' rights and police obligations during custodial interrogations. Perhaps Obie The Wonder Prez should be more concerned about the civil rights of American citizens being brutalized every day like the recent rancher killed on his own land by foreign thugs who wouldn't and shouldn't be here in the first place, rather than quixotically trying to conjure up fabricated rights for illegals to continue to be illegal. But there is a political agenda here as well. The party which seizes most of the Hispanic vote theoretically seizes national political control for decades to come, assuming of course that all legal and decent, patriotic, law abiding Hispanic-Americans in this country, many of whom had to wait even longer to become naturalized US citizens because of the illegal immigration problem, are as gullible as the Dems seem to think and really feel any true sympathy for these cretins who simply only hail from the same land and speak the same language. I'm not placing any bets just yet.

An unconstitutional government is like a ship on the high seas bereft of a rudder. This federal government, under any President should exercise only its intentionally limited executive and legislative powers as so articulated in Article 2, Section 2, and Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. Then there would be no confusion, and no distraction, and the government could effectively focus on its true powers and obligations instead of haphazardly and incompetently wasting its valuable time and our limited resources on feel good panaceas like bailouts, Cash for Clunkers, socialized healthcare, etc. No overstretched entity can do everything well. Something has to give. Eleven ounces of water simply will not fit into a ten ounce glass, and wishing it so won't change that fact. That is why our federal government fails to protect us and why more honest, diligent and brave public officials in Arizona are protecting their citizens. What the feds fails to do to ensure the safety of its people, the states must pick up the ball and run with it. I only hope other states soon follow suit and emulate Arizona's actions.

If "Obie, The Hope And Change Hypocrite" is so intent on muscling in on states and localities with the increasingly abusive and tyrannical power of an intrusive and convoluted federal government, and is so indignant that state officials one-upped him, then why doesn't he send in federal marshals to scoop up some of these many radical mayors and governors who have officially turned their cities and states into actual "sanctuaries" for illegals, in defiance to federal law and throw them in jail, instead of giving these flagrant bureaucratic lawbreakers, posing as lawmakers, a pass with a wink and a nod?

These arrogant, out of touch, elitist one-world-order sycophants (like both Bush and Obama) can't have it both ways. Our nation's sage framers realized and so designed that our centralized government be but a tiny speck on the radar screen. We are predominantly a country made up of people and states, and in that order. Our own Declaration of Independence states that when the federal government becomes destructive to the ends of the consent of the governed, that the people have the right (and I would add, the "duty") to alter or abolish that government. Obama is as wrong now as G. W. ("Globalist World") Bush was when he stood on Mexican soil and erroneously and shamefully called The Minutemen "vigilantes" as he plotted out the erosion of our sovereignty via the North American Union with his globalist amigo, then Mexican President, Vicente Fox.

As the sarcastically witty bartender once proclaimed at the close of the business day as he announced "last call," "Drink 'em up folks! You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!" I really don't care where the illegals go, whether it is back to wherever they came from, or into a US prison cell (back home I suppose would be cheaper, and thus preferable), but they certainly cannot and should not stay here on our soil. The free fiesta is over folks! Adios!

What the feds fail to do, the people, and the states must do, and as we continue to see in recent events, thank God, we will do. Lest we ever forget, the occupants of the White House are fleeting, and are only our guests. And like Benjamin Franklin once accurately noted, guests are like fish; they all smell bad after about three days. But as these temporary occupants, good, bad, and otherwise, pass through the doors of the people's house and of the pages of our history, it is still we, the people, who put them there and take them out, and after so doing, we continue to live here forever. This is our home. Thus, the fight for our liberty, security and sovereignty must never waver. Indeed, vigilance, as Jefferson once (allegedly) said, is the eternal price for liberty. Bravo, Governor Brewer! The lads in the silk stockings and powdered wigs would be rightfully proud!

Shelve the tequila. Break out the tea!

Doug Wrenn

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Doug Wrenn
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