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Craigslist Mugging Prompts Private Sales Warnings
By Newswire
Oct 20, 2013 - 12:25:36 AM

According to a story published by local news source KMOV on October 8, a Wisconsin woman named Emily Graham recently tried to sell her three-carat diamond ring through a listing on Craigslist. Someone posing as a buyer allegedly duped her into flying to St. Louis to meet him, then assaulted and robbed her.

Just a few weeks prior to the incident, Phil Johnson, CEO of diamond and jewelry company Have You Seen the Ring, saw her listing and noticed that it matched the description of an item that a buyer on his site had requested. He contacted Graham and proposed that she sell it on his site, knowing she'd do so easily and safely, but she chose to sell it through the online classified ads anyway.

Considering Have You Seen the Ring is the safest marketplace for selling pre-owned jewelry and loose diamonds online, Johnson is familiar with the online buying and selling market. "Unfortunately, incidents of fraud and dishonesty are widespread when it comes to sales of pre-owned engagement rings," he said. "Websites like Craigslist and eBay are particularly accessible to criminals."

For sellers who do choose to sell their belongings via sites with no trusted payment system, Johnson would like to offer information on the proper precautions:

  • Never meet potential buyers alone; instead, bring company and meet in a public place.
  • Avoid sharing personal information such as home or work addresses.
  • Take advantage of user feedback when possible, such as on sites like eBay.
  • Sell through sites that are BBB accredited when possible.
  • Always get paid in cash.

Phil Johnson's additional thoughts:

Selling on a site like Have You Seen the Ring is the safest and most efficient option because they are designed for this specific endeavor, use a secure payment system, and will only exchange goods once legitimate payment has been confirmed.

Have You Seen the Ring employs a gemologist who verifies items to be sold to protect the buyer as well.

Due to safety, buyers are willing to pay more -- items on Have You Seen the Ring sell for an average of 60% more than items sold on eBay or Craigslist.

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