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A Guide to Surviving Fraud Attempts During the Holidays
By Better Business Bureau
Dec 12, 2013 - 5:33:38 AM

Christmas carols herald the spirit of the holiday, and the Twelve days of Christmas does so in a unique way. Better Business Bureau offers its own version, to remind consumers to take extra special care to avoid having the holiday ruined by fraud and theft.


On the twelfth day of Christmas The scammers gave to me:

  1. Twelve malware e-cards,
  2. Eleven stranded grandkids,
  3. Ten counterfeit gifts,
  4. Nine pickpockets,
  5. Eight stolen gift cards,
  6. Seven fake coupons
  7. Six Santa scammers,
  8. Five fake charities,
  9. Four bogus websites,
  10. Three travel scams,
  11. Two phony loves,
  12. And a totally fictitious puppy.

Though this is a lighthearted way of illustrating some common scams at this time of year, the issues involved are serious and may have long term consequences.

Better Business Bureau offers a resolution for the New Year as well: that consumers and businesses have a safe and prosperous holiday season and 2014.

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