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The Greatest Awakening of the Church is at Hand
By Colin Brown
Apr 9, 2014 - 12:17:35 AM

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The greatest spiritual awakening, revival, and change to the church landscape is at hand. Insight, understanding and encouragement about this remarkable reformation of the church, and the good reason and great purpose for it, are found in my book Outside the Camp -- The Wisdom, Humility, and Power of the Church.

As the author and as an Australian, I have personally deeply known and ministered the grace and truth of the gospel for many years, across the board of the church, in Australia and beyond. Currently, I serve in overseeing and leading Grace Church in Ulverstone, Tasmania (an island state of Australia), Iron Sharpens Iron (in building the broader church), and Kingdom's Call (gathering the wider church to discern and respond to what the Spirit is saying to God's people).

Many have known and sensed that great spiritual change (like change from one season to another in the natural brings) is not only happening for Christians, but also that we are on the verge of far, far greater change yet. Outside the Camp through Scripture, dreams, a vision, and a personal journey of humility, addresses the welcome extraordinary shift, as well as resistance and opposition against such profound change, among other things.

"You portray a powerful picture of the church, the way she should be," a Canadian reader has responded in having read the book. Outside the Camp has also been described by the publisher as "a powerful and prophetic work that testifies clearly to God's movement within his people and around the world. It is a breath of fresh air to believers who seek confirmation of God's hand at work, with the summons and trumpet call for believers to a revival and reformation of the cornerstone of faith in Jesus." Also, an Australian Christian leader endorsed and blessed the book's immense value, declaring, "May God Almighty use this book mightily all over the world for his glory and the strengthening of the saints."

At the outset of the book I write about an unexpected and sobering awakening that literally happened during the middle of the night. I was awoken out of my sleep to see something prophetically crucial for the church to understand in the context of Acts chapters 6-7. Immediately following gaining this insight from the Word of God during that night, I was then given to see the message with even greater clarity, through a dream I then had that same night.

In the dream I was shown "winds" of this spiritual awakening, revival and reformation upon us, and their church-landscape-changing power, and an age-old resistance to such winds. An extremely pertinent question that the book raises is, "Are you with the winds or resisting them?"

Outside the Camp is a vigorously fresh, exciting while sobering perspective about where the church is, where on the one hand it is on "life-support," and where on the other hand it is getting a "new heart." What makes this such good and welcoming news with God's sovereignty in this remarkable shift, as much as anything is in this: with just how real (authentic), open-hearted, and life-giving the changed landscape and atmosphere of church, as we think of it, will result from it.

The journey of humility that I have personally known, and the reality of just how amazing and vast is the compass of grace, makes for a very potent cocktail as part of the book in the context of the forthcoming corporate wisdom, humility and power of the church spoken about. Truly, the love, grace, and peace of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are as powerful and personal (while very corporate) as the Word of God describes it.

The wisdom, humility, and power of the church are returning! The love of God in the cross of Jesus will be glorious and real not only as much as they have ever been but also even much better yet. Yes, to grasp how this might seem in its impact on the church to use an analogy, is like the distinction between the rich freshness and freedom in spirit that the season of Spring brings, after having lived restricted and bound by forces and pressures beyond your control with a Winter season. Outside the Camp illuminates the replacing of the lens through which the church will see itself and the world in turn will see the church. The church (the body of Christ throughout the earth, in all its shapes and sizes, and with all its labels) will no longer see the kingdom of God through the lens of church, but rather, the church across the earth will see itself through the lens of its Lord and His kingdom. This dramatic change afoot will be the result of a dramatic shift in focus. If you have ever had anything to do with the church, or are a part of it, let your heart be restored, awakened, stretched and encouraged by this welcome and very good news.

Colin Brown
Outside the

Colin Brown is the founder of the Australian Christian ministry Outside the Camp, where he directly oversees Grace Church, Iron Sharpers Iron, Kingdom's Call and other Christian organizations. He resides in Tasmania with his wife.

"Outside the Camp: The Wisdom, Humility, and Power of the Church"
By: Colin Brown

ISBN: 978-1-4908-1000-3
Softcover retail price: $11.95
Hardcover retail price: $28.95
E-book retail price: $3.99
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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