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Christian Book Basket Magic City (6)
By R.P. BenDedek
May 7, 2014 - 7:50:35 AM

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On Sundays we publish the regular book basket in which we list book reviews we have published during the previous week and provide links to articles that we received and published that were sent in by various book authors.

Its main purpose of course is to highlight (no more than 15) new book releases which it does by providing publicity material sent by publicists, and includes links to purchase those books and photographs of their covers. (No one at Magic City receives any financial gain from providing this service.)

To ease pressure on the regular book basket, on Wednesday March 26, 2014 we inaugurated the first 'Christian Book Basket.' In this basket we highlight whatever Christian books have come to our attention during the previous week.

Authors please note: We are looking for regular contributors to our 'Christianity' Section. We offer all authors a "no-pay no-charge" self-promotions offer in which authors are invited to provide suitable material (not directly related to their book release) within which we will provide bios, book cover photographs and links to purchase pages for their book release.

Publicists can assist by providing sufficient publicity material to wrap around a photo of the book cover, and by providing links to purchase pages as well as author bios.

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1

"In God We Trusted"

by Jeff Wallace

"In God We Trusted" by Jeff Wallace
The US Supreme Court says that there needs to be a strict separation between church and state - but the Mississippi Constitution includes references to "Almighty God" and even asks for His blessing. It also states that "the Holy Bible cannot be excluded from any public school in this state."

Author Jeff Wallace, a former Mississippi state representative candidate, explores the contradictions between his state's constitution and what the courts say about the separation of church and state.

After finding many contradictions within his own state's constitution, Wallace uses his extensive research of historical facts and documentation to unveil Christianity as the true basis of the nation as reflected in his new book, "In God We Trusted." These documents represent the rationale behind the political documents that formed the nation. By returning to the founder's ideals, Wallace claims the U.S. can become more united on a path towards restoration.

What Wallace uncovers is not taught in schools due to separation of church and state regulations. These regulations contradict Mississippi's Constitution, which supports exposing the nation's Christian roots instead of hiding them. It is this withheld information that can change the course of action within the U.S. today.

"By properly educating our nation on the principles that are the basis and foundation for all of our laws, constitutions, and the original reasons for our nation's founding, we will be able to chart a course that will restore our nation back to its original purpose," Wallace said.

Wallace challenges readers to seek out information and educate themselves about their country. For more information, visit

Wallace is the winner of 2010 Christian Choice Book Award for his first book and currently the vice president for Wallace Window Cleaning Co. He holds an associate degree in theology from Way College of Biblical Research. For more than three decades he has been involved in non-denominational Christian outreach and teaching ministries. Wallace is married with two sons.

"In God We Trusted"
By Jeff Wallace
ISBN: 978-1-4627-3521-1
Available in softcover and e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and CrossBooks

No. 2.

"All the Commandments of God"

by Dr. Esther V. Shekher

"All the Commandments of God" by Dr. Esther V. Shekher
According to Christian missionary Dr. Esther V. Shekher, based on the Bible, family security, prosperity and deliverance from bondages comes from walking right with God

In her new book "All the Commandments of God," Shekher outlines the commandments that must be followed to receive the blessings of Christ.

"Jesus says, 'If you love me, keep my commandments,'" Shekher said. "Jesus loves us so much that he bore the suffering to deliver us from sin. We must long for his righteousness and hate sin."

Shekher accepted Christ at 18 and Jesus has since become her passion. A medical doctor, Shekher left years of studies behind to commit her life to servitude for Christ.

Her book "All the Commandments of God," the first in a series of books outlining the meaning of the Bible, focuses on the gospels of Matthew and John to provide biblical answers to common problems and covers all major topics in Christian faith.

The unique and simplified interpretation of the Bible offers insight into God's intentions for daily life and shows readers how to live out God's will. For more information, visit

Dr. Esther V. Shekher, a medical doctor, left the medical field for full-time missionary work in 2003 and established Christ Rules Ministries. She also leads an international prayer network and has started approximately 7,000 prayer cells to pray for the salvation of others. An established TV evangelist, Shekher regularly speaks at conferences and seminars. She is currently focusing her preaching on end times. For more information, visit

"All the Commandments of God"
By: Esther V. Shekher
ISBN: 978-1-4497-8523-9
Softcover retail price: $22.95
E-book retail price: $3.99
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

No. 3

"Ruth: More than a Love Story"

by Elizabeth Ahlman

"Ruth: More than a Love Story" by Elizabeth Ahlman
Saint Louis, MO--God's spoken word through Ruth is at the heart of the latest women's Bible study from Concordia Publishing House, Ruth: More than a Love Story. For author Elizabeth Ahlman, the Book of Ruth is much more than a guide for how to be a "good Christian woman." When asked why she chose Ruth as the focus of her work, she said, "Because it has so much more to say than you or I may have thought. Because Yahweh has so much more to say through Ruth. Ruth isn't about you. It isn't about me. It isn't about how to be a better woman or about marriage relationships."

The book is about God's relationship with Ruth and how he spoke through her. Ahlman said, "I hope that as you read this book, you will also be formed, renewed, enlightened, and evangelized, no matter how many times you've read the Book of Ruth in the past." In 256 pages, the author takes readers on a verse-by-verse journey of discovery as to how God uses people in the narrative to unveil His plan of salvation.

Ahlman, a deaconess who has led Bible studies on Ruth numerous times, said each time she explores the book she has a new revelation or insight. She aspires to share her passion with other women and bolster profound reflection on Ruth and her relationship with God. "Hopefully, this Bible study will point you to the deeper truths embedded in the historical narrative of Ruth's life, truths that reveal how God in Christ loves you and cares for you," Ahlman said.

Ruth: More than a Love Story is available for pre-order today at, or purchase at your local and online Christian bookstores starting June 4.

Elizabeth Ahlman is a Deaconess in the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. She graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis with a Master of Arts in 2007, majoring in Exegetical theology and minoring in Systematics. Elizabeth earned her Deaconess Certification in 2008 following a one-year internship at Trinity Lutheran Church in Elkhart, Ind.

Concordia Publishing House (CPH) is the publishing arm of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. For more than 140 years, CPH has been providing individuals, churches, and schools with products that are faithful to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. From books and Bibles to church supplies, curriculum, and software, CPH offers more than 8,000 products to support the proclamation of the Gospel worldwide. Visit CPH online at

"Ruth: More than a Love Story"
by Elizabeth Ahlman
Item 9780758644398
$9.99 - $10.85

No. 4.

"One for the Heart"

by G. Raye Jones

"One for the Heart" by G. Raye Jones
Charlottesville, VA. -- At the young age of nine, God saved G. Raye Jones' life at a revival in his hometown church.

In his new book, "One for the Heart: A Collection of Poems," Jones expresses his love and dedication to God. Jones believes that it is only through God's love that we can truly live a good and meaningful life.

Jones writes of the true meaning of friendship and the beauty of eternal love. He believes that his anchor in life is his Bible, daily prayer, preaching and teaching. Through poetry he expresses his full love for God, Jesus and his fellow man.

Throughout his poetry, Jones focuses on thanking God for saving his life and for continuing to show him the way. However, his poetry isn't just about his dedication to spirituality. He shares his thoughts and feelings on what it means to be a true friend and a good person.

This is a book filled with poetry about the good of God, friendship and love. His main goals for writing was to simply help others keep their faith.

"This book reminds us of God's plan, being a true friend to help others and never quit," Jones said.

G. Raye Jones was born in a tenant house in Rawlings, Virginia, and worked in tobacco fields until he left for college. Jones earned a BA and JD from University of Virginia and a Master of Laws degree from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law. He is the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"One for the Heart"
by G. Raye Jones
Published: 12/23/2013
Pages: 110
ISBN: 978-1-46273-404-7
$12.00 Soft
$4.00 E-book

No. 5.

"Symbols of the Holy Covenant"

by Margarette C. Huntte

"Symbols of the Holy Covenant" by Margarette C. Huntte
WASHINGTON- As a little girl, Margarette Huntte wished to strengthen her relationship with God. Having now achieved this great goal, Huntte wishes to share her experiences and relationship with the world through the first book in her new series, "Symbols of the Holy Covenant: Deeper Spiritual Understanding for a Covenanted Life."

Nearly 20 years ago, Huntte faced a life-changing encounter with God as He confirmed His divine covenant. After watching a special episode of 20/20, in which Barbara Walters discussed the violence of the O.J. Simpson case that was consuming the nation, Huntte began her nightly bible reading. It was in this moment that she became overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and God unveiled three sets of divine symbols across the pages of her open Bible.

"My book provides many infallible proofs and unquestionable evidence that show not only does God exist and is the creator, but also that the level of violence and corruption across the world is being seen by God," Huntte said.

"Symbols of the Holy Covenant" shows readers how God guides us into the life and health of the spiritual body, the soul. The series is designed to guide readers through God's process of sanctifying the soul and preparing us for eternal life. Huntte describes and interprets the divine symbols, illuminates the covenant and shows the special connection between violence, corruption and the divine action of covenant confirmation.

From Virginia, Margarette has dedicated her life to educating the world on how God guides His people in the process to a healthy soul through an understanding of the covenant and their relationship with Jesus Christ. After watching a special edition of a 20/20 episode in 1996 on the violence of the O.J. Simpson case, and a subsequent discussion of the violence around the world, God revealed several divine symbols to Huntte and blessed her with spiritual insight.

"Symbols of the Holy Covenant:
Deeper Spiritual Understanding for a Covenanted Life"
Margarette C. Huntte
ISBN: 978-1-4497-9504-7 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-4497-9503-0 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1-4497-9505-4 (e)

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