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Christian Book Basket Magic City (2)
By R.P. BenDedek
Apr 2, 2014 - 2:17:31 AM

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Every Sunday we publish the "What's in the Book Basket" article in which we list book reviews we have published in the previous week and provide links to articles we received from various authors and which we published at Magic City during that time. It also provides publicity details for a variety of new book releases.

Because we receive so much publicity material in relation to new book releases, and given that so much of that concerns decidedly 'Christian Books,' last Wednesday we inaugurated the first 'Christian Book Basket' here at Magic City Morning Star. In that edition we provided material for ten books, and today we provide material for nine (9) more.

Authors please note: We have no regular contributor to the 'Christianity' Section at Magic City, and you are most welcome to help us provide Christian material, exhortation, teaching or sharing of any kind. We offer all authors a "no-pay no charge" self-promotions offer in which authors are invited to provide suitable material for publishing that does not need to be related to their books but within which we provide their bios, book cover photographs and links to purchase pages.

Publicists can assist their clients to immediately get listed in this book basket by providing appropriate publicity material, bio's and book cover photographs rather than sending two lines of text and expecting me to go do the research.

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1

"The Healing Desert"

by Mona Hadeed

"The Healing Desert" by Mona Hadeed
I wrote "The Healing Desert" as a testimony of my journey of faith through the desert of my survival of cancer and the miracle I received during my treatment. It is a testimony of deep faith that helped me endure through my life's journey with my husband who suffered with cancer for twenty years. It recounts the moving story of my daughter who was pregnant with twins and almost died because of a brain tumor, which was discovered at five months. This was the hardest test of my faith.

Do you really know and understand God's love for you? It's a message of hope and the remembrance that "we are not in control of our lives, nor are we masters of the university" My desire is that the message of this book will restore faith and courage to all who feel that in the darkness there is no light. Many have turned to finding consolation in addiction and haven even taken their lives because of hopelessness and despair.

People no longer depend on God and the marketing trend of the world focuses on power and outward beauty, rather than inner beauty. Society seldom accepts us, unless we are powerful, successful, or beautiful. Loss of self esteem and insecurities are the root causes of hopelessness and discouragement. "The Healing Desert In The Sands of Time" is a legacy of Hope, Love and Light and a message to the world of Surrender, Trust and faith.

Mona Hadeed is an active member of the parish of St Finbar's Roman Catholic Church, Mona as well as a devoted mother of three children and grandmother of six. Born and raised in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, she was instrumental in the start of Eucharistic Adoration in her community in 1996. In 2013 she was part of a committee that spearheaded the building of a new Perpetual Adoration chapel in her parish of St Finbar's.

For over twenty-five years, she was the leader of the Holy Family Prayer Group, which is still active today. She is an avid writer who has answered God's call to spread His message of faith and love.

She has been on numerous pilgrimages to the Holy Land, as well as to the many Marian shrines around the world such as Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugorje, and Betania. From these pilgrimages, she has gained much spiritual insight and healing, in addition to strengthening her faith for her life's journey.

The Healing Desert: In the sands of time
by Mona Hadeed
166 Pages
Published: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN 13 (TP):9781491829356
ISBN 13 (HB):9781491829349
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781491829363
Prices from $11 Kindle - $24 Hardcover

No. 2

"The Ethics of the Faith"

by Ean W. Burchell

"The Ethics of the Faith" by Ean W. Burchell
The three most popular monotheistic religions worldwide are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. All three are based on the same principles and even share many fundamental similarities -- all being based on the god of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham. Each religion, despite its similarity with the other two claims to be absolute, and claims to give a strong moral compass to those who believe in it. But are these claims justified?

The Ethics of the Faith is Ean W. Burchell's attempt at a rational, objective analysis of the ethical implications of monotheism. It takes an objective look at the writings of the Old Testament. Burchell investigates the claims that each of these three religions has to bettering the lives of its followers. Through sharp, objective analysis -- a stance that is hard to come by in the realm of spiritual subject matter -- Burchell offers us a perspective on the real "good" religion does for us as people and as society. In The Ethics of the Faith, Burchell objectively explores The lessons and implications of foundational religious texts; Effects that religions have on societal morals; The character of God in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity; The explicit laws that God gives his people; The ethics of religion in general

Ean W. Burchell has a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and History, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master's Degree in History and Secondary Education. He taught History and English in Junior High and High School of the Catholic Archdiocese of New York. He taught History and Economics in Saudi Arabia for two years and travelled the region -- Egypt, Israel & Palestine, Jordan, and Turkey. After two years in the Middle East, he spent the next fourteen years in Asia, living and working in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Thailand, teaching History, Economics, Politics, Philosophy, and International Relations, and traveling throughout the region.

Burchell also earned the Ontario Principal's Certificate at Queen's University in Canada and completed the research and writing of his doctoral dissertation on the topic of Instructional Leadership at California Coast University. As an educator, he has always been particularly concerned with the clash between faith in anything, and critical thinking, a problem he encountered at least as often with educated adults as with teen-aged students.

No. 3

"Falling into Place: A Memoir of Overcoming"

by Hattie Kauffman

"Falling into Place: A Memoir of Overcoming" by Hattie Kauffman
Hattie Kauffman, four time Emmy award-winning national senior news correspondent is releasing the paperback version of her best-selling book "Falling into Place: A Memoir of Overcoming."

This beautifully written memoir provides an inside look into the events that shaped this remarkable woman who thought she'd left the ghosts of childhood behind her. But when her world came crashing down one autumn day, she was forced to face all that she had been running from. What she learned about herself surprised her. A large part of Hattie's story is finding her faith and God

Hattie Kauffman's gripping memoir, Falling into Place, is being compared to the best seller The Glass Castle. Hattie unflinchingly examines a childhood that has readers glued to the book from first page to last. With three decades of network television experience, including decade-long stints in New York and Los Angeles, Hattie is the first Native American to file a report on a network news broadcast. She has reported on many of the major stories of the last quarter century and interviewed thousands of people. Now, she turns her reporter's eye on her own life and the result is astonishing

After nearly 22 years with CBS News, Hattie left the network in 2012. While at the network, she reported for CBS This Morning, The Early Show, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric (and before that, with Dan Rather), 48 Hours, CBS Special Events, CBS Radio and more. Prior to joining CBS in 1990, Hattie was a special correspondent for ABC's Good Morning America. Her television career began on the NBC affiliate, KING 5 News, in Seattle.

Kauffman is a member of the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho and is also a speaker and writer.

No. 4

"World War 3 Coming Soon!"

by Meyer Stahl

"World War 3 Coming Soon!" by Meyer Stahl
Is a World War III possible and will Jesus Christ return? Author Meyer Stahl answers these questions and many more with his new book, "World War III Coming Soon!" Stahl delves into the Book of Revelation and explains that the story doesn't end with doom and gloom, but gives Christians hope for a future of peace and joy, an absolute utopian society in which war will be outlawed.

"The worst war in the history of mankind is going to take place," Stahl said. "Wouldn't you want to know it beforehand?" This book discusses Stahl's understanding of the Bible, the Book of Revelation and explains a positive future to come for mankind. He believes this book is history in advance and will help Christians understand God's plan.

"If someone is sincerely looking for the truth according to the Bible and they have a open mind, they would want to know both the bad news and the good news," Stahl said. "This book explains that there is hope beyond the bad news and a fantastic future for mankind."

Meyer Stahl resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico as the Pastor of The Southern New Mexico Church of God. He has continually studied the Bible for more than 43 years and completed his studies of the Bible correspondence courses at Ambassador College and The Spokesman's Club. He hosts a radio broadcast on KOBE Radio and a television show on Comcast TV where he explains the Bible, both programs are called "What is Truth?"

"World War III Coming Soon!"
By: Meyer Stahl
ISBN: 978-1-4908-0680-8
Retail price: $9.95
Available in paperback and e-book

No. 5

"Kinsman Redeemer"

by Ruth Lawler

"Kinsman Redeemer" by Ruth Lawler
According to author Ruth Lawler, these days there are many individuals who feel Christian ideas need be hidden away and never spoken of. Knowing this, Lawler set out to educate Christians about their faith with an entertaining story that showcases Christian values.

Ruth Lawler wrote her new book "Kinsman Redeemer" after developing her own set of questions about God's plan for the world. How does God know the entire future? How can God control everything about this planet and the cosmos? After delving deeper into her own spirituality, she wrote this book to give that gift to others who might have the same questions.

The book follows a young character, Wiley, in 1013 as he navigates the world in hopes of becoming a knight. He reaches a snag when an important document detailing a promise made by Wiley's guardian is stolen. (Read More)

"Today, society is wrapped up in television shows that are littered with drugs and violence," Lawler said. "These types of shows have no educational significance. My novel entertains, but it also highlights Christian values and counteracts the ignorance, negativity and outright hostility toward Christianity."

Ruth Anderson Lawler was born and raised in New England but migrated west to Wyoming as a young adult. There, she married a rancher and moved to Alaska. She and her husband currently live in Kasilof, Alaska. They have three adult children.

"Kinsman Redeemer"
By Ruth Lawler
ISBN: 978-1-45821-139-2
Available in softcover, hardcover, e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Abbott Press online bookstores

No. 6.

"More of God"

by Stephanie Davison

"More of God" by Stephanie Davison
Do you experience enough of God in your life? According to author Stephanie Davison, a person whose life is saturated with God will have peace and joy in difficult circumstances. That person will also be increasingly interested in pleasing God above all else.

In "More of God," Davison presents a six-month devotional that helps people become closer to God. Using more than five hundred Bible verses covering twenty-seven biblical topics, "More of God" uses simple and probing questions that reveal God's truth.

Throughout "More of God," readers will find suggestions on how they can use what they have learned to have a closer connection with the Savior in everyday life. Davison's study guides readers through a daily encounter with God, leading readers to:

  • Explore Christianity
  • Experience the vibrant Christian life
  • Realize the transforming power of the Word of God
  • Understand more about the character and nature of God
  • Increase their knowledge of the Bible's teachings

"More of God is within your reach," Davison said. "Embracing and following His truths, promises and commands will bring you satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationship with Him."

Stephanie Davison earned a BBA from Wichita State University. She was director of financial administration at her church before resigning to write "More of God," her first book. Davison has taught Sunday school for more than twenty years. She lives with her husband and son in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

"More of God"
By Stephanie Davison
Paperback: $18.99
ISBN: 978-1-46273-195-4
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CrossBooks

No. 7.

"The Gospel in 99 Words"

by Jimmy Knight

"The Gospel in 99 Words" by Jimmy Knight
To understand a message you must understand the words; the more important the message is, the more essential it is to be clear about what the words mean. There is no message more important than the Word of God, and that's why Evangelist Jimmy Knight offers a guide focusing on ninety-nine key words of the Christian faith.

He draws on a lifetime of experience sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in many different situations to help you understand key words by looking at how they're used in Scripture; appreciate the concepts behind the Bible's key words; and develop a deeper understanding of God's Word.

Whether you're looking for a simple explanation of the Christian faith, a devotional guide, a reference book, or a manual for a study in Christian doctrine, this back-to-basics book can help you focus on the meaning of the message of Jesus. One word at a time, you can discover God's astounding offer to a fallen world in The Gospel in 99 Words.

Jimmy Knight draws on 27 years as an itinerant evangelist and now works to present and explain the message of Jesus one word at a time in "The Gospel in 99 Words."

"The Gospel in 99 Words"
Key Words That Unlock the Good News Paperback
by Evangelist Jimmy Knight
Paperback: 138 pages
Publisher: CrossBooks
Published: September 24, 2013
ISBN-10: 1462729681
ISBN-13: 978-1462729685
Prices - $11 - $21

No. 8.

"How I Led Over 700 People To Christ In A Year"

By Jason Robert

"How I Led Over 700 People To Christ In A Year" By Jason Robert
Is one-on-one ministry the secret to successful evangelism? In his new book, "How I Led Over 700 People to Christ in a Year", author Jason Robert shares his tips for successful ministry. A how-to guide for successful evangelism, the book shares Robert's his three key tips; Audience, Method and Anointing.

Robert, who earned his Bachelor's degree from M.I.T., spent 2013 traveling the world to spread Christ's message. "I felt God put the 'fire in my bones' like the prophet Jeremiah and I had to share my experience with other evangelists," said Robert. "The book not only spells out the verses in the Bible on evangelism but it also gives real-life examples of how they can be carried out."

Drawing from his own story, as well as the stories of several men and women who found Christ through his ministry, the book outlines his evangelism and gives tools so that others can utilize his approach in their own ministry. "The fastest way to grow as an evangelist is to be trained and equipped by other evangelists," said Robert. "The message you should share doesn't have to be long. The anointing or calling to evangelize is what empowers the message."

It is Robert's hope that evangelists around the world use the book to sharpen their skills and become more successful.

At the age of 17, Jason Robert published "The Lab Puzzle Book", a collection of original, higher-learning mathematical challenges for students. His work was distributed to 737 California high schools and praised in numerous educational publications, as well as People Magazine and the Los Angeles Times. After his graduation from M.I.T., Jason began his work to save others. For over a decade, he has evangelized in Israel, Kenya, China, Ireland, England and his home-based in southern California. Currently, he serves as CEO and Director of Salvation United, a nonprofit organization that he founded in 2012.

"How I Led Over 700 People To Christ In A Year"
By Jason Robert
ISBN: 978-1-4908-1793-4
Paperback: $11.95
Available at, and

No. 9.

"The Healing Hand of God"

by Shirley Kirwan

"The Healing Hand of God" by Shirley Kirwan

Not long ago the author suddenly became ill. Her illness was so serious that she had a near death experience. For a long time doctors were unable to detect the cause of her illness. Prior to her illness she had been learning to put her trust and confidence in God in all situations. Her illness allowed her the opportunity to deepen her faith in God's power to heal. Despite everyone's belief that she would not recover from such grave illness; she experienced God's miraculous healing power. Since then, folks who knew of her illness first hand and those who received reports of it were all stunned at her complete recovery. Every one she meets has been eager to hear about her experience so she shared her testimony at every opportunity. Many people encouraged her to put her testimony in writing hence, the birth of The Healing Hand of God.

Shirley Kirwan aptly compresses her six-month critical illness into a few pages of faith-affirming reading. The book synthesizes the certainty of bible promises with her practical extra-biblical deliverance from the cold arms of death, by God's mighty hand. The authenticity of this personal testimony is corroborated by eyewitness accounts and medical interventions, showing cumulatively, that while her physical heart was at its weakest, her spiritual heart was at its strongest.

This testimony has the ability to strengthen the grip of believers in Christ, awaken the conscience of skeptics and cynics and, for the confused struggling in the valley of indecision, be a firm stepping stone for ascent to a mountain-top experience with a miracle-working God. I recommend this book as a powerful and timely resource for all those desiring to have a closer walk with God.

"I'm not out to bash skeptics or prove too bold a point, but I'm passionate about sharing my own personal story of being saved at a time when many had already written my life off," says Kirwan. "I can't speak on behalf of others, but my own personal experience is that God will save anyone if they take the time to get close to him. My book will assist people with the goal -- it could just be life-saving."

'The Healing Hand of God' is available for around $16 at

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