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Christian Book Basket Magic City (17)
By R.P. BenDedek
Dec 31, 2014 - 7:10:32 PM

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On Sundays we publish the regular book basket which highlights (no more than 15) new book releases by providing publicity material sent by publicists.

It also features links to whatever articles book authors have sent in for publication that week, and additionally displays links to whatever book reviews have been published.

(No one at all at Magic City receives any financial gain from any of the services we provide in relation to new book releases or reviews. In fact no one gets paid for anything.)

In March 2014 we inaugurated the 'Christian Book Basket Magic City' which is published irregularly on a Wednesday. In this basket we highlight whatever Christian books have come to our attention during the previous weeks. We also occasionally do a 'Childrens Book Basket.'

We offer all authors a "no-pay no-charge" self-promotions offer to provide 'stand alone' articles within which we will publish bios, book cover photographs and links to purchase pages for their book release. This is not an offer to rehash publicity material, but to offer our readers something interesting to read.

  • The future of the Christian Book Basket and indeed all Book Baskets is uncertain for the coming year. This is due to a change in Editorship on January 1, 2015.

The Last Seven Christian Book Reviews:

E.M. Parke Review: "Authentic Christianity" By Gordon Haresign
Dec 24, 2014

I have recently completed reading Gordon Haresign's book 'Authentic Christianity' and found it to be a very well written, well researched, informative document, containing a wealth of information for students of the biblical book of Revelation. The fact that Mr Haresign is quite an authority on his subject becomes evident the further the reader progresses through the book. He also presents as a writer espousing typical fundamental, protestant views which he has no difficulty in outlining for the reader.

E.M. Parke Review: "Monastery to Matrimony" by Mary Ann Weakley
Dec 24, 2014

Whilst this book is located in a convent setting, it is not presented as an overly- religious manuscript, but rather, it celebrates the triumph and resilience of the human spirit and the way that it can develop under difficult circumstances and duress. Although this book may not be first choice of reading by serious Bible scholars, I would expect its readership to be found amongst those who appreciate a book that promotes good, old fashioned, basic, honest values, honourable behaviour and family life.

Laure McCourt Lopez Review: "Read Matthew to Live Your Life, Read John to Save Your Soul" By Douglas Kindred
Dec 3, 2014

There are many handbooks, DIY manuals and self-help journals that adorn the vast cyber bookshelves of the literary nook of the internet as well as its more old school component, The Book Store, yet this offering by author Douglas Kindred is a welcome breath of fresh air to a reader who is seeking a hands on approach for application to the spiritual journey. Don't let the mere 124 pages fool you; there is ample amount of wisdom in this book whose title touts a DIY approach: "Read Matthew to Live Your Life, Read John to Save Your Soul." This sage advice, relayed by the author's mother, acted as a healing balm particularly during a turbulent season of life that brought Kindred to his emotional spiritual knees.

M. W. Johnson Book Review: "Reliant" by Kellyann Bowman
Nov 6, 2014

Basically the book provides practical advice for real situations and refers the reader back to the author and finisher of Life itself. Her straightforward narrative style recognizes the realities of life and human emotions and while offering good advice, does not attempt to gloss over the difficulties of the process of "overcoming" that each Christian must endure. After many years of sadness, suffering and alcoholism; years of turning away from God because of her pain and anguish, the author finally turned toward God and commenced a new life.

Estelle Parke Book Review: "The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight" by Hoppy Bishop
Nov 2, 2014

Hoppy Bishop has in this book, lined up many historical occurrences and their dates, with Hebrew Feast days or Holy days and has provided theologically sound reasons to explain why such events happened just when they did. I found this book to be an interesting and informative read and would recommend it highly to both Bible teachers and lay people, all of whom should find it to be quite captivating and most relevant to the times in which we live.

R.P.BenDedek Book Review: "A Covenant People" by James P. Eckman
Aug 10, 2014

This book by James P. Eckman is a very informative and many faceted presentation of the history of Israel. If it were to be given a different title, then 'History of Israel 101' would be a very appropriate one. Because of my over-familiarity with the subject matter, halfway through I was tempted to write my review. I'm glad I didn't! Chapters 12 through 15 were for me somewhat of a revelation, and I eagerly sat at the master's feet and soaked in as much as I could. It provides the reader with what I consider to be an evenhanded academic approach to the realities on the ground.

Estelle Parke Book Review: 'In the Spirit of Elijah' by Trevor Payne
Jul 31, 2014

He has managed to write the book in such a way as to present the characters, especially John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus Christ and assorted disciples, as real, human, genuine people. In this regard, I feel that the author is to be commended for a job well done. He has included a variety of small, personal accounts and incidents which help to humanize the Biblical characters and 'bring them to life' for the reader. I was disappointed to discover that there are numerous grammatical and other errors of writing throughout the work...

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1

"Dynamic Studies in Hebrews: Bringing God's Word to Life"

by Fred A. Scheeren

"Dynamic Studies in Hebrews: Bringing God's Word to Life" by Fred A. Scheeren
PITTSBURGH, Pen. --But we do see Jesus, who made lower than the angles for a little while, now crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death, so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone. -- Hebrews 2:0 NIV

In "Dynamic Studies in Hebrews: Bringing God's Word to Life", the new bible-study guide written by Fred A. Scheeren, the reader is given insight into one of the most enriching and mysterious books from the New Testament.

Scheeren gives readers an interactive Bible study guide that features thought provoking and piercing questions for participants to answer as they apply the Scriptures to their lives in a life-changing fashion.

"I designed the first portion of each study to encourage everyone to think about their personal situation and get them involved," said Scheeren. "I designed the second portion to help people understand what the text says and how it relates to the whole of Scripture. And finally, each session ends with a discussion designed to help those present apply that day's lesson to their lives."

After leading Bible studies for over 40 years, Scheeren has produced a Bible study that will be particularly helpful to those coming to faith in Christ from a Gentile background.

Fred A. Scheeren, CFP Managing Director-Investments at a major investment firm by day, has used his award- winning analytical skills and overwhelming passion for biblical study to produce the "Dynamic Bible Studies" series. Over the last 40 years he has presented numerous Bible studies to groups of all sizes and denominations. He and his wife, Sally, an attorney in private practice, live in Pennsylvania.

"Dynamic Studies in Hebrews: Bringing God's Word to Life"
by Fred A. Scheeren
Westbow Press
Published 7/2/2014
ISBN: c978-1-49083-806-9
206 Pages
Softcover $24
E-Book $4

No. 2

"God, I Cheated on You"

by Montrayal Carnell James

"God, I Cheated on You" by Montrayal Carnell James
The holidays are a time of joy, togetherness and forgiveness. One reverend tells his tale of how he and his family were able to overcome the betrayal of his infidelities. His wife and daughters have been able to forgive and now, others can benefit from the wisdom of this family in his new book, "God, I Cheated on You." The Holy Family was able to move past their scandal and now this holy family has done the same. By confronting the problems that they are facing, putting their trust in God and by staying united as a family unit, they are able to draw strength from each other. It is often heard that this is the season of giving, but the only gift that is needed this year is forgiveness.

Cheating within the sanctity of marriage can be a heartbreaking experience for both the faithful spouse and for the one who has strayed. Author Montrayal Carnell James knows the feeling all too well; his cheating almost cost him his marriage. Now committed to helping others avoid the same life-shattering experiences, James shares his compelling personal story coupled with spiritual wisdom and concrete advice that asks probing questions leading to behavior and attitude changes. James has already discovered that the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. While encouraging others to accept God as their significant other, he lays out a step-by-step process that provides guidance for those tempted by outside influences to look within to find fulfillment with God's help--an important step that can strengthen marriages and help prevent straying outside the relationship. He also includes counsel on how to persevere in a committed relationship, even during the most challenging times, as well as advice for the faithful spouse on how to forgive, heal, and move forward with an unfaithful partner. (Archway Publishing)

CHAPTER 1 BEWARE OF YOUR PAST Beware of our past, never let you're past haunt; for this is the one thing that can hurt you and keep you from moving on. Either in the relationship you're in or the relationship you are going into. See, your past is nothing more than a demonic ghost, trying to haunt you into believing you don't have a future. But, in all reality you have to learn to cast down your former life and all it illuminates. Because, guess what? You can't change it anyhow, what's done is done. Repent, do an about face, ask God to remove it from your thought pattern, and ask God to lead you in the direction he would have for you to go. (See Free Preview)

Montrayal Carnell James currently lives in Georgia, with his wife, Vedius, and their children. The author graduated from Atlanta High School and also attended Kilgore jr. College.

"God, I Cheated on You"
by Montrayal Carnell James
Archway Publishing
Published 8/19/2014
ISBN: 978-1-48080-788-4
62 Pages
Softcover $9
E-book $4

No. 3

"To God Be The Glory"

by Theresa Annie Malone

"To God Be The Glory" by Theresa Annie Malone
Theresa Annie Malone knows firsthand that the Lord moves in powerful and purposeful ways. After tragically losing both of her sisters to one of the most debilitating forms of brain cancer, Malone offers an inspirations message of hope, love, joy and survival in her new book, "To God Be The Glory."

While inspiring readers to grow closer with God, Malone unites scripture with her poignant journey through tragedy.

"All Scripture has been prayerfully and carefully chosen to ultimately uplift and revive the reader to healing and pressing on," Malone said.

With uncertainty for her own health and future, Malone's dream of writing a book to honor God could not be put off any longer. "Time was of the essence and I had to complete this book as a testimony for myself and my sisters," Malone said.

"To God Be The Glory" not only connects believers with scripture, but additionally offers comfort and faith during times of pain and suffering.

Theresa Annie Malone was born in Grant City, Missouri, to loving and humble parents, and was one of seven children. With no preschool or kindergarten, Annie struggled with reading in first grade. Her devoted Mom patiently taught her, and it wasn't long before she was reading one hundred books a year. She soon developed a love for writing and music. Annie has written essays, hymns, songs, prayers, poetry, and even jokes. Her one-liners will have you laughing hysterically. She is an International acclaimed poet. With her love for writing and passion for the Word of God, Annie finds herself doing what would have seemed impossible at one time. She is currently working on a Master's Degree in Theology. She has served as a biblical counselor and chaplain. Theresa Annie Malone is the founder and president of Operation Living Hope, a 501(c)(3) Charity. She is seeking to help with crisis intervention, hunger relief, domestic abuse, suicide prevention, and mentoring children, who have been victims of harmful circumstances. (Author Website)

"To God Be The Glory"
by Theresa Annie Malone
Westbow Press
Published 9/5/2013
ISBN: 978-1-44979-428-6
136 Pages
Hardcover $29
Softcover $12
E-book $4

No. 4

"Lessons I Learned From God"

by Allison Piper

"Lessons I Learned From God" by Allison Piper
"Lessons I Learned From God" by Allison Piper is a spiritual guidebook designed to help others on their spiritual journey. Piper takes readers with her on her own spiritual journey through a collection of uplifting and inspirational short stories, her talks with God, and the lessons she learned to help the reader learn their own lessons and to grow spiritually.

It is through the evaluation of the lessons learned from these stories that she opens people's eyes to God's miracles, presence, and love; and in addition shows not only that there is life after death, but there is so much more to the lives on Earth than what was thought before.

The author has intentionally made this book simple and easy to read with less than 100 pages and includes a recap of all the lessons learned. This book provides many thought provoking questions and enlightening answers to life with reassurance to all.

On the cover of the book there is a birdcage with flowers coming out of it and a blue butterfly on the outside of the cage. It is all symbolic of everyone's lives. The different color flowers represent all the individual people, all God's children. The birdcage stands for the enclosure built around people from making the wrong choices and living in fear. And the butterfly symbolizes the transformation of the soul on its spiritual journey after coming out of the self made prison. And last, the butterfly is the color blue because the blue means happiness.

"This is a great book for people of all ages. It helps readers become more reassured about life, gives guidance and will help many get through troubled times. The author makes you feel like she's talking directly to you. I enjoyed this book tremendously. I believe you will too and will want to tell others about it." -- C.P.

Allison Piper was born in Memphis, Tennessee, where she lived most of her childhood before her family moved to Collierville, Tennessee. Later Piper moved to Orlando and then to Las Vegas, living in both cities for several years. She is married and has two children and has since moved back to Tennessee. (Author Site)

"Lessons I Learned From God"
by Allison Piper
Total Recall Publications
Published 11/11/2014
ISBN-13: 9781590952030
136 Pages
Softcover $14

No. 5

"God's Mystery That Is Christ"

By Seok Lyun Chang Soppe

"God's Mystery That Is Christ" By Seok Lyun Chang Soppe
SAN DIEGO -- Before arriving in the U.S., Seok Soppe didn't have a relationship with God. With the desire to find a relationship that met her spiritual needs, she set out on a journey to discover God's mystery.

"Looking back, my spiritual life was like a jigsaw puzzle," Soppe said. "Throughout my life I collected so many pieces to a puzzle that did not make sense."

Soppe grew up in a Buddhist family and later met her husband who is Catholic. With exposure to both religions, Soppe began exploring and studying several faiths including Baptist, Jehovah Witness, Presbyterian and non-denominational. Her needs still unsatisfied, she continued her journey.

In 2007 she began writing her new book, "God's Mystery That Is Christ," originally crafted in Korean and later translated into English. The more she wrote the more the puzzle pieces came together.

In Soppe's new book, she challenges readers' perceptions of biblical truths to reveal God's true intentions. Her interpretation and understanding of God will support and aid readers in developing a stronger relationship with God.

"Everything Jesus did while on earth, he did as an example for us," Soppe said. "He showed us what to do to attain redemption, which is salvation for both our spirits and souls."

God's intentions are hidden in the Bible. A certain level of openness to the Bible is required to uncover God's mystery that is hidden within it. This book was written for those who are on a quest to make a connection with God and to support the readers' relationship with Christ. It is meant to be read along with The Holy Bible and not in place of it. The objective of this book is to challenge our preconceptions about biblical truths so that we may be able to discern God's intent with the Spirit of Truth. (Overview: Read More at Westbow Press)

Seok Soppe was born in Korea and immigrated to the U.S. Shortly after her arrival, her spiritual journey began that ultimately led to the discovery of God's truth. Currently she lives in San Diego.

"God's Mystery That Is Christ"
By Seok Lyun Chang Soppe
Westbow Press
Published 4/8/2014
398 Pages
Hardcover $43
Softcover $28
E-book $4

No. 6

"Traditional Christian Ethics, Volume Four: The Negative Commandments -- Prohibitions"

by Dr. David Brattston

"Traditional Christian Ethics, Volume Four: The Negative Commandments -- Prohibitions" by Dr. David Brattston
In Dr. David Brattston's new book, "Traditional Christian Ethics, Volume Four: The Negative Commandments -- Prohibitions," he systematically compiles a comprehensive list of all writings that commented on Christian morals before A.D. 250. With a mission to make early Christian literature better known, Dr. Brattston offers two exhaustive alphabetical lists in tabular form of affirmative commandments and prohibitions of Christian ethics before A.D. 250, as found in writers of that period.

"I have noted all negated deeds and attitudes forbidden to Christians in my book," said Dr. Brattston. "For Christians who are unsure of the meaning of the Bible, my work can act as a guide."

Dr. Brattston's work draws from translations of Christian, pagan and Jewish writings while encompassing a meticulous list of his own research notes. He has used the lists to write almost three hundred articles and pamphlets of his own.

"My book is a reference work with an unlimited shelf life," Dr. Brattston added. "I want my devoted readers to understand the value of tradition Christian ethics."

Deciphering the words set forth by the Bible, readers need not subscribe to the views in previous volumes, but can use the lists independently of the approach and method set out in it.

Dr. Brattston has used earlier drafts of the lists in this work as a starting-point for writing about two hundred and eighty of his own articles and pamphlets on specific topics of Christian ethics. These articles on early and contemporary Christianity have been published in Canada, Australia, Britain, the United States and many other countries around the world, by such diverse denominations as Anglican/Episcopal, Baptist, Christian Reformed, Friends (Quaker), Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Seventh-Day Adventist, and many others.

Traditional Christian Ethics, Volume Four"
by Dr. David Brattston
Westbow Press
Published 7/24/2014
576 Pages
Softcover $44
E-book $40

No. 7

"Through the Trials Just Believe"

By Nitza Hollinger

"Through the Trials Just Believe" By Nitza Hollinger
When faced with trials, one must be well grounded in what drives him or her to continue the fight to live and overcome what may seem as an unsurpassable trial. The image of the tree grounded firmly on the rock symbolizes that solid grounding point and the will to survive when the trials of life seem overwhelming.

In her memoir written up until her death, Nitza Hollinger faces cancer with courage and faith in her brief but inspiring memoir. Hollinger was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2010. This wasn't the first time in her life when she had to be tough. Nitza grew up in Spanish Harlem.

"Mister Rogers would not have wanted to be my neighbor," Hollinger said.

In spite of a childhood of some hard knocks, she was accepted to Dartmouth and, after graduation, worked at the school as an admissions officer. She then attended Northeastern School of Law and accepted Christ as her savior. During treatment for cancer and other afflictions, she found herself repeatedly drawn to Bible verses that offered support and guidance.

Although she was eventually overcome by cancer, Nitza remained upbeat and positive. Until the very end, Nitza inspired and encouraged others to face life's challenges with confidence and in knowing that one need never feel alone in life's ups and downs.

Nitza Hollinger lived in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula with her husband and two sons. Despite an Ivy League education followed by law school, Nitza chose to stay at home with her two boys and homeschool them. Her testimony attests to God's deep love for us and His promise to never leave us no matter what difficulties we face.

"Through the Trials Just Believe"
By Nitza Hollinger
Xlibris Books
Pulished 7/14/2014
80 Pages
Hardcover $25
Softcover $16
Audio Book $4
E-Book $4

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