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Christian Book Basket Magic City (12)
By R.P. BenDedek
Aug 6, 2014 - 12:15:28 AM

On Sundays we publish the regular book basket which highlights (no more than 15) new book releases by providing publicity material sent by publicists.

It also features links to whatever articles book authors have sent in for publication that week, and additionally displays links to whatever book reviews have been published.

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To ease pressure on the regular book basket, in March we inaugurated the 'Christian Book Basket Magic City' which is published irregularly on a Wednesday. In that basket we highlight whatever Christian books have come to our attention during the previous weeks. We also occasionally do a 'Childrens Book Basket.'

We offer all authors a "no-pay no-charge" self-promotions offer to provide 'stand alone' articles within which we will publish bios, book cover photographs and links to purchase pages for their book release.

This is not an offer to rehash publicity material, but to offer our readers something interesting to read. As we have no regular contributor to our Christianity section, Christian writers are welcome to write on any Christian topic.

We have recently acquired two Christian book reviewers and as time goes by we will be seeing some of their reviews.

Most Recent Christian Book Review:

Estelle Parke Book Review: 'In the Spirit of Elijah' by Trevor Payne
Jul 31, 2014

He has managed to write the book in such a way as to present the characters, especially John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus Christ and assorted disciples, as real, human, genuine people. In this regard, I feel that the author is to be commended for a job well done. He has included a variety of small, personal accounts and incidents which help to humanize the Biblical characters and 'bring them to life' for the reader. I was disappointed to discover that there are numerous grammatical and other errors of writing throughout the work...

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1.

Ephesians - 'The Believer's Riches in Christ!'

by Dr. Tony Keys

First Love Ephesians by Tony Keys
Ephesians - 'The Believer's Riches in Christ!' is a six week Bible study, that places emphases on our spiritual growth and relationships, and empowering believers by explaining Scriptures in a manner that is easily understood and applied to practical Christian life, which is paramount for all Christians.

The "Epistle of Ephesians" is a magnificent anthem of the believer's riches in Christ, beginning with the grace and mercy with which God through Jesus Christ brought us into a special relationship with Him, in that He, God, is now our Heavenly Father. From this experience we have been lifted-up to be seated in heavenly places, the very places where the counsel of God reigns.

Throughout this wonderful Epistle, Paul continually assures us that it is from the parental heart of God the Father that the fountain of all blessing flows down upon our lives.

Bulk purchases of this book reduces the price from $14.95 to $10.95 during August 2014

All books by Dr. Tony Keys are listed on this page at Amazon. Excerpts from one of Dr. Keys books were published some years ago at Magic City and at

Trinity Leadership Products
P.O. Box 5314 Mordialloc, VIC, 3195, Australia
Mobile: +61 (0) 419 787 513

No. 2.

"The Pastor at Prayer--Revised Edition"

by George Kraus

The Pastor at Prayer Revised Edition by George Kraus
Saint Louis, MO--A modern twist on an old classic will offer pastors a fresh devotional resource, speaking to a new generation of pastors and enhancing their prayer lives.

Concordia Publishing House introduces The Pastor at Prayer--Revised Edition. Written by George Kraus and edited by CPH's Scot A. Kinnaman, this selection was designed to strengthen pastors in their ministry, offering basic readings and a framework for daily prayer and meditation on God's Word.

"What a great joy to have Kraus's classic Pastor at Prayer updated and revised for a new generation," said Rev. William Weedon, The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod's Director of Worship and Chaplain of the International Center. "Keyed to the Lutheran Service Book and the Treasury of Daily Prayer, this little volume will be a huge blessing to today's pastors as they seek to grow in their life of prayer. Yet another CPH homerun!"

A Lutheran, pastoral, devotional prayer guide, centered in the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions, this revision includes all of the prayers in a contemporary style and updates all referenced texts to those currently available.

"The Pastor at Prayer is a faithful resource that has shaped the devotional life of LCMS pastors for generations," said Rev. Bart Day, Executive Director of National Mission, LCMS. "How wonderful to see it refreshed and offered anew. Those of us who cut our devotional teeth on Kraus will be happy to see a delightful blend of old and new."

"The Pastor at Prayer--Revised Edition", can be found at this link at

About Concordia Publishing House

Concordia Publishing House (CPH) is the publishing arm of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. For over 140 years, CPH has been providing individuals, churches, and schools with products that are faithful to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. From books and Bibles to church supplies, curriculum, and software, CPH offers over 8,000 products to support the proclamation of the Gospel worldwide. Visit CPH online at

No. 3.

"Luther's Works Vol. 68"

Dr. Benjamin T. G. Mayes, editor

This is not the correct cover for the book publicized here.
Saint Louis, MO-- Luther's Works Volume 68, the newest release in Concordia Publishing House's Luther's Works series, takes you to the late 1530s, when Martin Luther delivered the Gospel message from the Book of Matthew to the people of Wittenberg, Germany. His powerful exposition warns against the dangers of caving to temptation and compromise, which he viewed as threats to the Reformation. The messages he delivered in the 16th century still remain relevant today. In his role as a professor of Old Testament, Luther never lectured or composed a full commentary on Matthew. He preached on it regularly, not only from the traditional lectionary texts for the Church Year, but especially in a series of 56 sermons on Matthew 18--24. (The first part of those sermons will be included in Luther's Works Vol. 67.) From 1537--40, he delivered sermons to the people of Wittenberg, chiefly due to the absence of the Wittenberg pastor, Johann Bugenhagen, who was in Denmark during that time. Medieval exegetes had appealed especially to St. Matthew's Gospel to develop a theology of divine reward based upon merits, an ethics of monastic asceticism, and an ecclesiology of papal authority. Luther instead found in St. Matthew's narrative rich testimony of God's unmerited grace in dealing with sinful humanity, of the vocation of Christians within the world, and of Christ's own government and protection of His Church through the Word.

A student who heard Luther preach these sermons wrote: "With great prolixity [Luther] amplifies the things that seem to conflict with Scripture and sound doctrine, and he puts on, so to speak, the persona of the adversaries, adding to the controversy with examples and passages of Scripture, and in this way he makes the hearer attentive so that he can more easily notice and perceive the solution. But after he is thought to assent to the opposing side, he adds a brief and fitting solution" (LW 68:108n). According to Dr. Benjamin T. G. Mayes, editor for the volume, "Luther's preaching on St. Matthew here is bound up with the events of these years in Wittenberg, in Germany, and in Europe as a whole. In his exposition, Luther both explains the text and uses the occasion to warn his hearers of the dangers he sees threatening the Reformation: The temptations to return to former superstitions; to compromise with the pope; to take advantage of one's neighbor through usury and greed; and to neglect the role of the Law in the life of the believer. Amid Luther's teaching on the forgiveness of sins, marriage and divorce, infant Baptism, repentance, the divinity of Christ, the marks of the Church and her ministry, the resurrection, and the end of the world, he seeks to strengthen his hearers to endure persecution--from imperial troops acting in the name of the pope or from Turkish armies--which he sees upon the horizon.

"These are earnest sermons of biblical exposition, antithesis, and admonition, in which Luther, as an experienced exegete, preacher, and reformer of the Church, seeks to guard Christ's people from the devil and everything that would snatch them away from Christ," he adds. To view or order Lutheran books published by Concordia Publishing House go to At the time of this publication a photo cover for "Luther's Works Vol. 68" was not available.

No. 4.

"For Your Tomorrows"

by F. Howard Shapiro

4. For Your Tomorrow by Dr Fred Shapiro
Even when you put your worst foot forward, God is there and his love remains.

"For Your Tomorrows" by F. Howard Shapiro is part testimony, part memoir and part cautionary tale. Shapiro recounts his spiritual journey, from growing up an Orthodox Jew and the victim of serious anti-Semitism to embracing the religious ideals of his attackers--becoming an American Baptist minister.

Perfectly blending together personal stories, cultural commentary and the message of scripture, "For Your Tomorrows" seeks to empower us to recognize God's presence in our lives--even when we put our worst food forward.

"For Your Tomorrows "seeks to empower us to recognize God's presence in our lives. Throughout his story, Shapiro shares pertinent scripture, Jewish history and fables, mythology, and colorful cultural commentary. to chronicle the unique experiences of a man who, when faced with the power of God and His love, chose a different path than the one set for him by history and his heritage.

The Rev. Dr Fred Shapiro serves as the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Willimantic- a church without walls. Check out their website @

For Your Tomorrows is available on the Authors Website.

No. 5.

"Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges"

By Roger D. Mardis

"Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges" By Roger D. Mardis
SCOTTSBORO, Ala. -- "You always do what you want to do," said W. Clements Stone. "...You may say that you had to do something, or that you were forced to, but actually, whatever you do, you do by choice. Only you have the power to choose for yourself."

The decisions you make can produce much greater outcomes, whether positive or negative, which can have lasting effects. Roger D. Mardis explores the concept of the small word but as a turning point in decisions. In his new book "Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges," Mardis examines 31 Biblical personalities and stories that have but turning points.

"But is the little hinge that the big door (the Bible story) turns on," Mardis said. "We make our decisions and then our decisions make us."

The 31 examinations speak of life issues and lessons that can be applied to everyday decisions in hopes of preventing negative consequences of our actions. Mardis has created a tool to help guide choices that have personal, professional and national implications.

"Like a hammer steadily driving in a nail blow by blow, each chapter confirms that great experiences with long-lasting, even eternal results turn on the small 'hinges' of seemingly inconsequential actions or words," said Steve Gaines, writer of the foreword.

Roger Mardis is the senior pastor at Agape Baptist Church in Scottsboro, Alabama. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of North Alabama, a Master's of Divinity from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry. He and his wife, Michelle, have four children.

"Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges"
By Roger D. Mardis
ISBN: 978-1-4908-3819-9
Softcover, $13.95
Hardcover, $30.95
E-book, $3.99

No. 6.

It's All about Him: Intimacy with God

By Dr. Lois Brittell

"It's All about Him: Intimacy with God" By Dr. Lois Brittell
FRESNO, Calif. -- After seven major losses during a short period in Dr. Lois Brittell's life--including the death of her husband and the growth of her brain tumor--it was difficult to remain strong in her faith. Dr Brittell found intimacy with God again and her faith was restored following personal healing and a recommitment to belief in the sovereignty of God.

In her new book, "It's All about Him: Intimacy with God," she outlines the necessity of having God as the major focus to help you find meaning in life. The recently retired psychologist found in her 30 years of clinical practice that including Christian values in her work not only helped her grow in her own faith, but helped her patients as well.

"I found it helpful to integrate biblical principles with the good parts of psychology," Dr. Brittell said. " When I began incorporating those principles, the healing process increased and intensified for my patients."

"It's All about Him" has become a guiding light for those who need encouragement in their faith. The book will resonate the deepest with those who are seeking a deeper, more meaningful walk with God.

"There are many struggles I have experienced and found spiritual answers to from which others can benefit," Dr. Brittell said. "The book turned out to be kind of a life story. I didn't plan it to be that way; it's just the way it developed. It's all about God, how much he loves us, and how to develop intimacy with him. God is the beginning and end of all things, the cause and reason for living, the center."

For more information, visit

A clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of anxiety, depression and marital problems, Dr. Lois Brittell found most issues were influenced by a person's relationship with God. She sought biblical answers in addition to clinical answers. Dr. Brittell recently retired and continues to enjoy consulting, teaching and writing. She lives near Fresno, Calif.

"It's All about Him: Intimacy with God"
By Dr. Lois Brittell
ISBN: 978-1-4908-1904-4

No. 7.

Christian Concepts for Care

by Dr. David Ludwig and Dr. Mary R. Jacob

"Christian Concepts for Care" by Dr. David Ludwig and Dr. Mary R. Jacob
Saint Louis, MO--Is mental health rooted in the psychological, the spiritual, or grounded in both? What can caregivers do to help people overcome the mental/emotional distress they face in their daily lives? Christian Concepts for Care, is a new book from Dr. David Ludwig, a licensed psychologist and Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod pastor, and Dr. Mary R. Jacob, a psychiatric nurse practitioner from Winter Park, Florida. It examines the psychological and spiritual elements related to mental health. The work, from Concordia Publishing House, helps readers understand the importance of effective spiritual care for those battling mental and emotional disorders. Applying a psychological and spiritual approach to understanding mental disorders, the publication provides valuable insights as to how to administer appropriate and effective spiritual care.

While Christian Concepts for Care offers descriptions of mental health issues and disorders, it is not a textbook on various illnesses and clinical prognoses. Rather, it is a resource that examines the spiritual nature of these disorders. As a result, readers can gain a new perspective that gives hope and a practical way to apply faith as a key component to healing. The book was written for workers who are called upon to offer care and counseling, as well as for lay leaders who support the professional staff of the congregation. It is a powerful tool, equipping workers and those preparing to work in health care and/or spiritual fields.

"Christian Concepts for Care" can be a significant resource for pastors, church leaders, faith community nurses, and congregations to deepen understanding of self and others in mind, body, and spirit," said Jacob. "Our aim is that hearts and minds will open to those who suffer with mental health issues, so they may experience the healing power of a healthy faith community." Ludwig and Jacob describe in the book how the Christian community can help, support, and encourage individuals who have mental or emotional health disorders. They also advocate the wellness circle approach, which brings a faith community together as a safe place in which individuals can grow and heal spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Many of the concepts discussed in the book are derived from work done by the authors during retreats for professional church workers and congregations through Grace Place Wellness Ministries.

As a licensed therapist, LCMS pastor, and semi-retired university professor, Dr. Ludwig has more than 45 years of experience in theology and psychology. He and his wife, Kathy, travel frequently to give presentations on family relationships using grants from a variety of organizations, such as Thrivent and Wheat Ridge. Dr. Ludwig continues to run a private practice and lives in Hickory, North Carolina.

Dr. Mary R. Jacob serves as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Winter Park, Florida. She provides counseling for couples, individuals, and groups at Lutheran Counseling Services, Inc., and has also taught courses in psychiatric nursing at several universities. Dr. Jacob works with many congregational health ministries in Florida and also gives workshops and training classes about mental health subjects. She is also the Excellence in Writing Award recipient.

No. 8.

"Diary of an Unlikely Warrior."

by Angela Flippen

"Diary of an Unlikely Warrior" by Angela Flippen
According to a 2013 study by YouGov, 51 percent of people polled believed that a person can be possessed.

The topic of demons and exorcisms provides a wide variety of responses in people--some rolling their eyes and some quaking with fear. Whatever one's belief in the ontology of evil spirits, it is a subject that continues to fascinate people.

Ministries that deal with the subject of demons and possession continue to fill chapels, tents and hotel ballrooms. Are these ministers for real?

Have you ever wondered why we do not see the works of the Holy Spirit in the Church? Have you ever wondered why Christians seemed to be so vexed and smitten? I know I have. Before we can see the good fruit Jesus told us to bear, we have to uproot the bad fruit. We have to seek him in Spirit and in truth. We have to die to self. I feel it is impossible for God to dump great authority and anointing in a people, when we have been unfaithful to him in the small matters. I believe he is looking for people like you and me, who will sacrifice and seek. When we seek, we must then obey. This book is an act of obedience to the Lord on my part, knowing full well there will be persecution and opposition. (Read More)

Angela Flippen is the co-pastor of one such ministry. She claims to have delivered many people from unclean spirits. Her experiences have cemented her knowledge of the hidden battle between good and evil. She has been sought out for her assistance in these matters, which she writes about in her book "Diary of an Unlikely Warrior." She can put you in touch with witnesses who can confirm her unique line of work.

"Diary of an Unlikely Warrior"
by Angela Powers Flippen
Publisher: WestBowPress
Published July 23, 2013
ISBN-10: 1490801162
ISBN-13: 978-1490801162
Paperback: 152 pages
Paperback $13
Kindle $14

No. 9.

"The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight"

by Hoppy Bishop

"The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight" by Hoppy Bishop
HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-- Born on an ordained holy day, Hoppy Bishop naturally paid more attention to the intriguing events that occurred around the same time every year.

After conducting extensive research with the Bible and NASA technology, Bishop was shocked by his discoveries when he began writing his new book "The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight."

This research began after Bishop witnessed comet Peabody explode into Jupiter on national television in 1994 and he felt called to dig deeper into the meaning of corresponding dates and events.

"The signs in the heavens and unfolding current events scream for our attention, but we disregard them and go about our daily business as though they are meaningless," said Bishop. "We do not recognize the signs because we are watching the wrong calendars."

In a book comprised of history, science and prophecy, Bishop explains correlations between historic events, scripture and Holy Day dates. Readers are provided a new perspective on the timeliness of specific occurrences and the promptness of God.

Twenty years after Bishop's first inclination to delve into this mysterious realm, technology has finally caught up with what Bishop believes this generation should understand. Now able to analyze events from Biblical past, Bishop hopes to provide clarity for the future.

With years of publishing and printing experience, Hoppy Bishop was the founder and CEO of the nationally recognized Portico Magazine. He is a member of the Briarwood Presbyterian Church and has been married for 44 years with two children.

"The Secret Hidden in Plain Sight"
By: Hoppy Bishop
ISBN e-book: 9781490835594
ISBN soft cover: 9781490835587
ISBN hard cover: 9781490835570

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