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Christian Book Basket Magic City (10)
By R.P. BenDedek
Jun 25, 2014 - 12:20:40 AM

On Sundays we publish the regular book basket which highlights (no more than 15) new book releases by providing publicity material sent by publicists.

It also features links to whatever articles book authors have sent in for publication that week, and additionally displays links to whatever book reviews have been published.

(No one at all at Magic City receives any financial gain from any of the services we provide in relation to new book releases or reviews.)

To ease pressure on the regular book basket, in March we inaugurated the 'Christian Book Basket Magic City' which is published irregularly on a Wednesday. In that basket we highlight whatever Christian books have come to our attention during the previous weeks. On a different Wednesday we might also publish a 'Children's Book Basket' depending on what children's books we receive.

We offer all authors a "no-pay no-charge" self-promotions offer to provide 'stand alone' articles within which we will publish bios, book cover photographs and links to purchase pages for their book release.

This is not an offer to rehash publicity material, but to offer our readers something interesting to read. As we have no regular contributor to our Christianity section, Christian writers are welcome to write on any Christian topic.

We do have a regular Christian book reviewer who provides us with reasonably regular reviews of Christian books. We also have a 'sometimes' Christian reviewer.

R.P. BenDedek

No. 1.

"Today's Light Devotional Bible"

Dr. Jane Fryar

"Today's Light Devotional Bible" by Dr. Jane Fryar
Saint Louis, MO--For those with the goal of reading th e Bible in its entirety during their lifetime, Concordia Publishing House is offering a new devotional Bible specifically for the journey. The new release, Today's Light Devotional Bible, makes reading the complete Bible a manageable undertaking. Whether readers want to finish it in one or two years, or devour the word in 15--20-minute pieces at a time, Today's Light is packed with special sections for reflection and relevant devotional commentary.

"Readers can embark on the path that is best suited for them," says Rev. Ed Engelbrecht, senior editor of Bible Resources. "'Get the Big Picture' provides context for how each passage fits into God's plan of salvation. The 'Sharpen the Focus' section reveals ways that readings apply to life." He adds, "You can start the journey that works best for you, depending on your specific schedule and spiritual goals. You can read it chronologically or by book. The choice is yours. Today's Light gives you options." Through this special edition of God's Word, books of the Bible are divided into small sections that begin and end with devotional commentary.

Dr. Jane Fryar is the author of the devotional commentary in Today's Light, which can be found in the daily "Get the Big Picture" and "Sharpen the Focus" sections. The book contains more than 90,000 center-column cross-references, making it easy for readers to discover new biblical connections. View a sample or place your order of Today's Light Devotional Bible now at For pricing information or to order a copy, contact 1-800-325-3040.

Dr. Jane Fryar is a writer, teacher, facilitator, weightlifter, and self-professed prayer warrior. She has said her best title of all is "Baptized child of God." Fryar is the author of Today's Light® Bible, Armed and Dangerous, Servant Leadership: Setting Leaders Free, and other devotionals. She has served in many roles throughout her life, including director of curriculum at Concordia Publishing House. Currently, she is a leadership coach for pastors, principals, and others in leadership positions for non-profit organizations, as well as an adjunct professor at Concordia University, St. Paul.

Concordia Publishing House (CPH) is the publishing arm of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. For 145 years, CPH has been providing individuals, churches, and schools with products that are faithful to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. From books and Bibles to church supplies, curriculum, and software, CPH offers more than 8,000 products to support the proclamation of the Gospel worldwide. Visit CPH online at

"Today's Light Devotional Bible"
by Jane Fryar
Hardback $32.99
1792 Pages

No. 2.

"Lutheran Bible Companion"

by Concordia Publishing House

"Lutheran Bible Companion" by Edward A. Engelbrecht General Editor
Saint Louis, MO--The Holy Bible stands alone as the only sacred text, tying God's promises to specific people, places, times, and cultures. Now, Concordia Publishing House is introducing an exciting new resource that lets readers step into what was happening in the world during biblical times.

A two-volume set, the Lutheran Bible Companion is the perfect complement to the cherished Word of God. It provides important cultural, geographic, and theological context to stories, offering historical and political perspective. CPH is excited to announce this comprehensive new resource will reach the public this fall.

"The Lutheran Bible Companion fills an important gap in Bible handbooks," says CPH editor Edward Engelbrecht. "It gives voice to the oldest and largest Reformation church body with a thorough statement of its biblical doctrine, its application, and its Christian practice."

This first-ever all-encompassing Lutheran guide to the Bible features commentary that reflects Lutheran theology. It is a must-have for any Lutheran library--from professional and academic to church and family.

"A wealth of information is provided about each book of the Bible and the Apocrypha, along with extensive comments from Martin Luther and Johann Gerhard--essential spokesmen for the Reformation tradition," Engelbrecht says.

To preorder the Lutheran Bible Companion, visit

"Lutheran Bible Companion"
by Edward A. Engelbrecht General Editor
Hardback $70


"The Inside Story: Biblical Personalities"

by Joseph Friedman

"The Inside Story: Biblical Personalities" by Joseph Friedman
Readers of the Bible will be interested in the nineteen Biblical personalities examined in the book. The book also utilizes a cross disciplined approach to make the Bible come alive. Each chapter examines the story behind the scenes and is self contained. The chapters have surprising endings, which draw the readers in.

In many religions, only men are allowed to hold leadership positions, but are women actually the stronger sex when it comes to worship?

Joseph Friedman believes that women have a greater spiritual capacity than men and that many religions were founded on feministic principles. His new book, "The Inside Story: Biblical Personalities" explores this and other bold spiritual claims.

"The book is an analysis into 15 popular biblical stories," Friedman said. "It explores religion's feministic roots while stating that all life contains a duality of physical and spiritual existence."

The author brings unique talent to the Biblical arena. As a Rabbi, he has access to Biblical commentaries and Talmudic intrigues spanning 2000 years of history. As an appellate and trial lawyer, he brings analytical skills combining the modern with the traditional.

"The Inside Story: Biblical Personalities"
by Joseph Friedman
Paperback: 318 pages
Published August 2, 2013
ISBN-10: 1491805919
ISBN-13: 978-1491805916

No. 4.

"Diary of an Unlikely Warrior"

by Angela Flippen

"Diary of an Unlikely Warrior" By Angela Flippen
RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. -- "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." So says Hamlet to his friend, insisting that there are things about the world we live in that are not only stranger than we do know, but also stranger than we can know. Angela Flippen reinforces this thought with her surprising story.

Titled "Diary of an Unlikely Warrior," she explains how she is able to see and cast demons out of people who are being spiritually terrorized. Co-pastor of Way of Life Ministries, Flippen has the honorable yet troubling gift of being able to detect demons. "You can fill the sea with the things I do not know or understand, but one thing I do know is deliverance and warfare," Flippen said. Flippen did not ask for this gift. She has no involvement in occult activities and has never sought out evil other than to vanquish it, in service to God.

"This book deals with the part of Jesus and his ministry that no one wants to talk about; casting out demons," Flippen said. In the book, Flippen names and exposes the demons that are currently clinging to the world, weighing down our spiritual health. She describes the practices of false churches that leave people feeling empty at best -- and at worst; spiritually derelict. Flippen shows how dealing with the evil in one's life can leave them free to bring themselves closer to God.

For more information, visit

Angela Flippen is co-pastor at Way of Life Ministries after being called to serve the church at 24 years old. Her book is meant to be a warning against corruption and falsity that plagues the world -- even churches -- and to warn and inform individuals about demons and how to rid these negative spirits from their lives. She lives in Russellville, Kentucky with her husband. She has a son, daughter and grandson.

"Diary of an Unlikely Warrior"
By Angela Flippen
Paperback: 152 pages
Prices: $4/$13/$27
July 23, 2013
ISBN-10: 1490801162
ISBN-13: 978-1490801162

No. 5.

"God is in the Details"

by Lynne E. Shivers

"God is in the Details" by Lynne E. Shivers
ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The stress of planning events can almost be enough to discourage even the most enthusiastic event planner. Author and experienced event planner Lynne Shivers understands the importance of the littlest details.

Designed specifically with church organizations and religious groups in mind, "God is in the Details" offers tips, guidance and valuable information for event planning. Featuring fresh ideas, helpful charts and thought-provoking reflections, this first of its kind guide is filled with the tools for each step of the planning process.

Author Lynne E. Shivers has more than 30 years of experience in planning events for religious organizations and academic institutions, and she continues to use her skills as the owner of PEACEful Events Planning Services.

"Over the course of my career, I have planned and orchestrated the smooth planning of hundreds of events," Shivers said. "I wanted to combine my experiences and knowledge to help churches and organizations plan their events with excellence."

For more information, please visit

Lynne Shivers is an author, speaker, licensed minister, and project and event manager. She is the past president of the University of Michigan's University Event Planners organization and is a member of the Religious Conference Management Association and All Things Artistic Ministries, Inc. Christian Writers. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Bowie State University and a master's degree in educational psychology from the University of Michigan. Shivers is married to Elder Jonathan Shivers, Jr., and they reside in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

"God is in the Details: Peaceful Event Planning for Churches and Religious Groups"
By: Lynne E. Shivers
Paperback: $19.95
ISBN: 9781490824628

No. 6.

"A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential"

by Daniel W. Evans

A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential by Daniel W. Evans (No cover photo available)
RALEIGH, N.C. -- Every leader possesses 12 qualities that have been proven to enhance their potential. In Daniel Evans' new book, "A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential," focusing on developing these qualities is the key to a more fulfilling future. Evans reveals these leadership qualities and an easy, five-step process for finding success, significance and satisfaction in one's personal and professional life.

By using his more than 30 years of experience in church leadership and business, author Daniel W. Evans strives to challenge and bring clarity to people's potential in order to help them discover and utilize their own leadership potential. Evans sees developing leadership skills as a commitment to an on-going process.

"We all make commitments and then are tempted to break them. Sometimes the decisions to keep them are more difficult than we care to accept," Evans said. "In order to grow and lead, one has to be willing to accept challenges, commit to goals and work to gain insight."

For Evans, the far-reaching benefits and importance of leadership skills can be seen in religion. Prayer, along with the practice of fasting, can lead to a clearer perspective on one's own purpose and, as a result, unleash potential.

For more information, visit

Daniel Evans is a pastor, an international business corporate officer and a leadership trainer. He has more than 30 years of experience in each of those fields, and continues to help others attain success through his work and international mission travel. Evans and his family live in Durham, North Carolina.

"A Commitment to Unleash Your Leader Potential"
By: Daniel W. Evans
Hardback: $28.95
Paperback: $11.95
E-Book: $3.99
ISBN: 978-1-49082-527-4

No. 7.

"Faith Steps for Military Families"

by Lisa Nixon Phillips

"Faith Steps for Military Families" by Lisa Nixon Phillips
Nearly 300 armed American forces are urgently being deployed in and around Iraq to help secure U.S. assets as President Barack Obama nears a decision on an array of options for combating fast-moving Islamic insurgents, including airstrikes or a contingent of special forces. While Obama has vowed to keep U.S. forces out of combat in Iraq, he said in his notification to Congress that the personnel moving into the region are equipped for direct fighting. This unsettling news of deployment can be a very emotional and difficult time. Whether it's twelve weeks or twelve months, identifying resources and educating service members and their families is vital in helping the stressful and nerve-wracking transition.

Lisa Nixon Phillips, author of the new book, Faith Steps for Military Families: Spiritual Readiness through the Psalms of Ascent, is all too familiar with these disheartening circumstances. Her life took on a whole new dimension when she met her sailor husband, Ray, stationed on the U.S.S. Kansas City home ported in Alameda, California. For seventeen years, Phillips dealt with a range of unexpected emotions and situations typical of deployments and homecomings--adjusting to anticipated loss and lengthy absences of her husband, life on hold, times of loneliness, uncertainty, and anxiety. With Uncle Sam as her father-in-law, Phillips knew she could only control her response to a complex lifestyle. She surrendered to a life of "faith" and reliance of God.

Phillips describes some of her personal struggles and journey of spiritual readiness when the military lifestyle became hard or seemed unfair. In each chapter, Phillips lays out a foundational guide to help navigate the difficulties that military families will face during deployment and service, such as traveling to or living in unfriendly environments, coping while life is on hold, dissatisfaction, lack of unity, fear, and enduring desperate times. "I found myself in a situation more than once during my husband's deployments and training missions in which I didn't always know what to do" says Phillips. "Having spiritual strength is necessary if we want to do more than just cope with the military life."

"Spiritual readiness starts by examining what your spiritual beliefs are, your core values, and how your family relationships have shaped your understanding of what the meaning of life is and how you perceive God to be," adds Phillips. "It's a vital component for military members and their families in the face of immense challenges of a complex lifestyle." For more information refer to Author Website

"Faith Steps for Military Families"
by Lisa Nixon Phillips
Series: Morgan James Faith
Paperback: 200 pages
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Published May 1, 2014
ISBN-10: 1614489963
ISBN-13: 978-1614489962
Prices $8 / $14 / $29

No. 8.

"The Ministry of Women at the Altar"

by Nederland M. Fulgencio

"The Ministry of Women at the Altar" by Nederland M. Fulgencio
In life's darker moments, it is hard to recognize that God is there; however, through prayer and belief, God's love will bring you out of the shadows and take you to the next level.

"The Ministry of Women at the Altar," by Nederland M. Fulgencio, focuses on the women of the bible to teach readers the valuable lesson that God is with us even in the darkest moments. Through His love, we can overcome any obstacle and reach the next level.

"My campaign is a testament of how ridiculously easy it is for anyone to live in absolute victory through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit," Fulgencio said.

Spreading the message of spiritual preservation so that the soul can survive, Fulgencio has written a profoundly touching book reminding people that we can beat the odds. Of special interest to Fulgencio are early adolescents to those in middle adulthood.

"The Ministry of Women at the Altar" teaches these individuals the importance of putting faith in God's love as they transition from a period of dependence to a phase of independence. In this time, major life decisions are made, and putting faith in God's love can help you overcome and breakthrough--stronger and better than ever before.

Fulgencio's new book is truly thought-provoking, providing an alternative view of the meaning behind an altar call, and offering a different insight into God's love and the importance of having such a relationship.

Nederland M. Fulgencio is the author of "The Ministry of Women at the Altar: Pressure between Spirit & Flesh." Fulgencio writes of present-day dealings with the character, action, and thought of passion, set deep within the heart of God, rooted in love and prayer. Nederland holds her Master's of Divinity

"The Ministry of Women at the Altar"
By: Nederland M. Fulgencio
ISBN: 978-1-4908-2589-2
Available in softcover ($15.43)
hardcover ($26.02)
e-book ($3.99)

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