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A fictional tale about John the Baptist
By Trevor Payne
Jul 20, 2014 - 3:07:11 AM

Editor's Introduction: The following article is the back cover of Trevor Payne's book "In the Spirit of Elijah." We are currently waiting to receive a copy of this book for review by one of our reviewers here at Magic City. Mr. Payne has taken advantage of our Magic City no-pay no-charge self-promotion offer by providing our readers with a number of excerpts from the book and in the coming weeks we will be begin publishing these. From what I saw in the copy I came across in Australia recently, it should prove to be quite an interesting and eye opening fictional story.

R.P. BenDedek

Here we have a book written to Theophilus, the High Priest. A book on John the Baptist, the Lord's Forerunner as Luke calls him. It is one on the Word of God and it's work not just in John but in all to whom it comes.

So whether it is Jesus, John, Herod Antipas, Nicodemus, the Apostles to be, Lazarus or whoever this Word comes to - maybe even you - a response is required and cannot be denied.

It is a story of powerful proclamations; hidden conversations; heart-felt friendship; truth seeking and finally reward.

It is of a life lived for God and in God. A life in which God expends ALL that is necessary to prepare His cousin for a reward befitting the Lord's Forerunner.

Drop in on the many conversations that occurred. Behold the terror and devastation of the Prison that becomes his greatest victory. The confusion when God is silent or chooses not to reveal His depth of meaning. The opposition of those who think they serve God but don't. And the darkness of God's love for His servant, as He outworks His perfect will for him.

Behold the Life of a Saint: the Voice of God, John - the Preacher of God.

Professional assessment of the Manuscript's Strengths

The book title was a great choice. It carries strength, deep meaning and even imagery. Anyone familiar with the Bible will immediately envision Elijah, John or both figures in their minds. The title also conveys that this book is a call in the wilderness, which will evoke strong intrigue and curiosity.

The author creates very strong imagery for the Bible events that readers are likely never to have considered, such as casual family conversation between Jesus and John after they share a hearty hug. This creates a world for readers to dive into, making it all the more impacting since Jesus's life is not a fictional story.

The narrative very deftly covers stuffy subjects like religion and politics that the reader will contemplate without even realizing it. This is the biggest strength of the book. The narrative makes it all so natural that readers will not be able to anticipate and block out aspects of the salvation story that they are prejudiced about. This makes for 360 coverage of Jesus that is not easily achieved or found.

Trevor Payne, an Australian, is a longtime and dedicated believer in the Lord Jesus Christ who has spent his life in the study of the Scriptures, prayer, fasting and charitable works. He is an avid reader of all things spiritual and feels deeply that far too many Christians are caught up in the 'form of religion' instead of being 'transformed into the image of Christ.'

"In the Spirit of Elijah"
by Trevor Payne
Paperback: 134 pages
Publisher: Xulon Press
Published March 29, 2013
ISBN-10: 1625098081
ISBN-13: 978-1625098085
Prices: Kindle $9.30
Paperback $14.31

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