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Pinterest Gift Tool helping Shoppers and Retailers
By Sam Sisakhti
Apr 16, 2014 - 12:05:46 AM

In early March, the social media platform Pinterest rolled out its Gifts Feed, which helps users to find gifts based on budget and it's hard to tell who's happier about this new feed: shoppers or merchants, after all, the gift feed consists of only Product Pins, which pull information from the product's site such as availability and price.

As founder of Independent Fashion e-commerce site UsTrendy (containing 19,000 vendors from over 100 countries), I think this is something online retailers need to take advantage of. Pinterest is already a very high-converting traffic source of many retailers, especially those targeting the female demographic.

The clicks coming to websites will be more informed on details of a product and therefore more valuable because with all the information already presented to the shopper, it's more likely they'll make a purchase.

Pinterest directly makes the shopping experience better benefitting both retailers and customers.

The gift tool also provides shoppers with a price filter, which leads to more curation sorting ability. Customers will find more products that appeal to them, which also adds value to the Pins/links. With so much content on Pinterest and pins on the homepage, it can be hard for retailers to get noticed but with the gift tool, they will have much more opportunity for visibility. Pinterest is gradually improving in value as a marketing tool for online retailers.

Sam Sisakhti

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