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Is Israel boycotted? Israel's high tech growing in 2013!
By Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger
Jan 18, 2014 - 12:35:15 AM

Straight from the Jerusalem Boardroom #189, January 17, 2014

1. (Bloomberg, Gwen Ackerman and David Wainer, January 8, 2014): "Israel's technology industry is growing up and the stock market is benefitting. Investors and entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing initial public offerings (IPO) over buyouts, with eight Israeli companies raising $361MN in 2013, the most since 2007. While mergers and acquisitions still represent the highest proportion of transactions, with $6.3BN in 2013, Israeli companies opting for listings from London to NY are closing the gap.... Owners of Israeli companies no longer seek to sell their early-stage companies to get a speedy return on their money.... Israel's Enzymotec raised $71MN in September, and its shares have almost doubled since then. Israel's Eix.Com garnered $127MN from investors in November; Israel's largest IPO in the US in more than six years, and its stock is up 48%. Technology companies contribute about 80% of Israel's industrial exports.... Among the largest Israeli technology companies changing hands in 2013 were the purchase of Waze by Goggle for $966MN and Cisco's acquisition of Intucell for $475MN. Other companies have resisted buyers. Check Point grew by raising money from selling shares, multiplying in value since its 1996 NASDAQ IPO and is now worth $13BN."

2. In 2013, twenty Israeli companies were acquired, for over $4BN, by foreign companies, compared to $3.9BN in 2012, $5BN in 2011, $1.6BN -- 2010, $1.3BN -- 2009, $2.6BN -- 2008, $3.6BN -- 2007, $10.1BN -- 2006, $3.4BN -- 2005 and $0.7BN in 2004 (Globes Business Daily, Nov. 13, 2013).

3. In 2013, Israeli companies raised $1.565BN on Wall Street, compared to $627MN in 2012, $1BN -- 2011, $400MN -- 2010, $190MN -- 2009, $200MN -- 2008, $1.84BN -- 2007, $974MN -- 2006, $1.16BN -- 2005 and $1.25BN in 2004 (Globes, Nov. 13, 2013).

4. The NY-based International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) acquired Israel's Aromor for $88MN (Globes, Jan. 16). Canada's Dorel acquired Israel's Tiny Love for $50MN (Yedioth Achronoth, Jan. 12).

5. Israel's uTest's $43MN round of private placement was led by Goldman Sacks, joined by the Baltimore-based QuestMark Partners, Foster City, CA-based Scale Venture Partners, Waltham, MA-based Longworth Venture Partners, Boston-based Egan Managed Capital and Mesco, Ltd. (Globes, Jan. 15). Israel's Sensible Medical's $20MN round of private placement was led by Boston Scientific, joined by China's Long Tec Medical Technology and Wayne, PA-based SCP Vitalife (Globes, Nov. 12). Israel's Yotpo's $11MN round of private placement was led by Bloomberg Capital

6. The London Financial Times' John Reed (Jan. 3, 2014): "Israel is hedging its bets, realigning itself in the world.... A broad strategic push is underway, into the faster growing emerging markets [in China, India and Latin America], where Israel hopes that [unlike Europe] there will be more interest in its technology than the conflict over its borders. 'Israel cannot put all its eggs in one basket; we need to scatter them,' said Israel's Economy Minister, Naftali Bennett.... [The Chinese] want to talk about three things: Israeli technology, technology and technology.... Bennett is closing Israeli trade missions in Sweden and Finland and opening missions in China, India and Brazil.... He met with his Russian counterpart, beginning talks on a new free-trade agreement.... Israel's Foreign Ministry has welcomed delegations from Latin America and elsewhere, interested in the Jewish State as one of the leading innovation centers."

7. An exclusive angel conference - an Angel Accredited Investor trip to Israel - will take place at the Ritz Carlton Herzliya Beach, on February 5-6, 2014, organized by the NYC-based Sunrise Securities Corp. ( and coordinated via Zion Tech ( Microsoft, Ernst & Young and Checkpoint Solutions have joined Zion Tech as strategic partners. A thorough due-diligence has qualified 10 Israeli start-ups to make presentations to angels, who would consider an investment of $25,000-$100,000 or more.

Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger
The Ettinger Report
"Second Thought: A US-Israel Initiative"
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