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Bud Landry

Can America Win This War?
By Bud Landry
Nov 23, 2004 - 12:51:00 PM

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This article is not about who caused this war. It is in no way to lay blame. It will not point toward right or wrong. The purpose of this message is to discuss how I feel about the winability of this war.

We all have read reams of stories about the WMDs. All that aside, what can we do now? Right or wrong, we invaded a foreign country. These people do not want us there and many of them will fight to the death to expel us from their country. We choose to call them insurgents or thugs, but they see themselves as patriots and freedom fighters willing to die in great numbers to drive us out as we would fight to drive an invader out of our country.

I do not believe we can win this war. We are up against the same thing as we were up agalnst in Viet Nam. We are fighting a people who are determined. They are in their own back yard surrounded by their own people. We are confined to small enclaves which we can leave only in numbers and strength. As in Viet Nam we have the ability to win every pitched battle. They have the strength to hit us almost at will with rifles, suicide bombers and rifle propelled grenades and mortars. We have an eight thousand mile supply line while they are in their own back yard and they simply hit us and melt back into the population. Every time they kill one of us we must ship a replacement over that 8,000 mile supply line and it is the same with every tank, truck, humvee and every other piece of equipment we lose. Every time we kill one of them they are almost immediately replaced by their sons, fathers, uncles, or daughters; and these people hate us more because we killed one of their loved ones. We are creating more of these so called thugs and insurgents than we are killing.

We are trying to build up an Iraqi Army to assist us in our fight to conquer their own people. Up to fifty and sixty per cent of these people are insurgents by night and on the American payroll by day. We are training and arming them while we teach them our battle methods so they can be used against us by night. There have been cases where half of them have deserted and fought with the so called insurgency with the arms we supplied them.

At home we are a divided nation.  We are virtually split down the middle as to whether we should be there or not. Our young people are dying in Iraq and causing more people to question, "should we be there? We are now the largest debtor nation the world has ever known and we are going millions of dollars further into debt every day. Our industrial strength is deminishing steadily and being shipped to foreign countries along with it's jobs and tax revenue. How long this keep up?

I say we cannot win the war in Iraq. Most Americans do not care if Iraq is a democracy or a dictatorship. We believe this is up to the Iraqi people. These people have the same power to fight for their own freedom and way of government as they have the power to fight our attempts to install a democracy in their country. If these people have the power to fight and wear down the American Army, it is hard to believe they will stay under the thumb of a tin horn dictator if they not not wish to. Is it easier to be controlled by a government than it is to think for and depend on yourselves?

I, personally believe the elections should be held in Iraq as scheduled. We should accept the results what ever they are and leave with a little dignity still intact or we will leave eventually with our tail between our legs as we did in Vietnam.

Washington is incapable of learning. We The People shouldn't be.

-- Bud

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Bud Landry
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