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Traveling during a terror alert
By Newswire
Aug 6, 2013 - 10:32:32 PM

Nothing is scarier than traveling during a terror alert. However, sometimes we are obligated to travel despite our worries and fears. The unexpected funeral, the business trip, and the vacation that you sank half of your salary into aren't going to wait until the alert subsides.

Author Rita Anya Nara and her book The Anxious Traveler address precisely this issue.

Diagnosed with anxiety disorders, Nara made it her mission to become the world traveler she always wanted to be. Now, with nearly 40 countries and all seven continents checked off of her list, she is offering insight on how to manage fear during the current terror alert.

In here book Nara discusses such issues as:

  • Transforming anxiety into vigilance
  • Understanding where and when you're at risk
  • Acknowledging the choices that you have
  • Traveling "Small"
  • Keeping yourself from overanalyzing the situation.
  • Staying in tune with your fellow travelers

Rita Anya Nara suffered from panic disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and social anxiety disorder when she started traveling and wrote her book, The Anxious Traveler, from her own experiences. She hopes to inspire those too afraid to travel to manage their fear while having an incredible life experience. Nara is an avid photographer, loves to hike, and is studying to be a professional travel companion. She resides in northern California when she's not traveling.

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