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R.P. BenDedek review: "Seeing the Life" by Sophie Dawson
By R.P. BenDedek
Dec 25, 2015 - 8:59:29 AM

I sometimes receive pdf copies of books when Publicists send publicity material for our book baskets. Recently I came across just such a pdf file and did a quick check at Magic City and found no record of book title and author. I therefore decided to read and review "Seeing the Life" by Sophie Dawson. Before uploading my review to Magic City today, I decided to search for the original publicity material again but found nothing. When I entered just the author's name however, I discovered that Estelle Parke had reviewed this book in June of 2014. I read that review and decided to go ahead and publish my review anyway. So here it is.

The story told is that of a Jewish couple who were related to the owner of the Inn at which Mary and Joseph stayed at the time of Jesus' birth. The book tells the story of their life and family. Behind that, almost as a sub plot, is their ongoing relationship with Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

It is a perfectly ordinary story about the engagement, marriage and lives of Dassa and Micah, and as time passes, of their children. Their story provides the vehicle for the author to put a more 'everyday face' on the life of Jesus, his ministry and of course his family.

I'm sure there are many people who, when reading the Bible, ask themselves why anyone believed that Mary was a virgin. Sophie Dawson provides the answer within this story. Have you ever wondered about the background story to Jesus' disappearance when he was 12 years old and how Mary and Joseph managed to find him? That too is covered in the story. Do you really think that Mary actually knew what Jesus was going to do when she asked the attendants at the wedding to follow his instructions? What was she thinking? What was her reaction when he turned water into wine? If you have ever wondered about such things, then you will love the way that the author deals with these issues. I burst out laughing when I read about the wedding at Cana! The storytelling was really inspired!

The writing style is simple, and except for the constant use of Hebrew names for God, and some of the Hebrew terms for various relatives, no one will have any trouble following the story. It would I think, be an interesting story even if it did not involve the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus.

R.P. BenDedek

Sophie Dawson is Midwestern born and bred and is the author of several novels, including the Cottonwood Series and Stone Creek Series. Her novel Healing Love has won three awards: AuthorStand 2012 Gold Medal, Indiebook 2012 Silver Medal, and Readers' Favorite 2013 Silver Medal. Her books have also been #1 Best Sellers in their genre on Amazon. She is a member of Christian Independent Authors and Association of Independent Authors. An award-winning quilter with eclectic interests, Dawson posts to several blogs, including Little Bits Blog on her website, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Iowa Wesleyan College. Read more on Author's Website

Seeing The Life"
by Sophie Dawson
Sophie Dawson Novels
Published May 22, 2014
314 pages
Kindle $3.50
Paperback $15

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