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R.P. BenDedek Review: "The Legacy of Two Gemini Knights" by Geoff Logan
By R.P. BenDedek
Jul 20, 2014 - 3:17:09 AM

I have just finished reading the hardcopy version of "The Legacy of Two Gemini Knights" by Geoff Logan and I am so glad that it was the hardcopy and not the PDF version I usually request. I am currently in Australia on holidays and so I was able to cart this 'almost' 500 page book around with me. What a tale it was. I can't help but admire the mind that could weave this highly complex, technical and yet human tale.

Set in the 14th century of the Christian era and told by the main character's daughter, this story is a fine weaving of a 'fictional tale'1 within so many historical and religious themes. Topics covered for which background material was required included: the political differences between Scotland, England, France, Spain and the Vatican; the Crusades; the history of the Templar knights; the history of the Celts, Druids, Christians and Muslims and of course the religious history, legends, superstitions and eschatology of those religions.

The story changes tack so many times in the beginning that it takes some time to work out exactly what the main theme, direction and object is and this I quickly and definitively had determined by the time I got to around page 400.

The main character William McBride finds an opportunity to escape an unpromising future by entering the service of Templar Knights. It is a troubled journey that lands him in hot water and directs him toward the pursuit of a personal salvation of sorts. During this journey to redeem himself and find his destiny, he becomes involved in two different relationships with two different women.

Travelling far and wide and caught up in everything from Arthurian legends, the Crusades and the murder of a Pope, William McBride's journey is really one of deep spiritual self-discovery during a period of great turmoil in Europe's history.

While different readers will have an affinity with different aspects of the tale, I found the underlying spiritual aspect of what I will call 'personal salvation,' to have been the most intriguing. Whilst one could say that this story is about the battle between good and evil or darkness and light, I think that the author's purpose was to make that battle more personal by directing readers through the characters to look for the light in the darkness of their own souls.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was left feeling grateful that I had enough academic knowledge of the topics covered to really appreciate the brilliance of the author and the obvious dedication to research. This book was of necessity a mammoth task. The writing was good and there were no more than three or four 'typos' throughout the text. It was well done.

I heartily recommend "The Legacy of Two Gemini Knights" to anyone interested in historical tales or ancient Celtic legends and the like.

1 Geoff Logan began writing a non-fiction book about his ancestors from the 14th century, but as skeletons began to crawl out of the closet, it became clear that his relatives needed to have their story told in another way. From this revelation, the author's new novel, "The Legacy of Two Gemini Knights" was born. (Publicity Material)

R.P. BenDedek

Geoff Logan, a veteran university lecturer, has a master's degree in education from Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. He now serves as an independent education consultant. This is his first book.

"The Legacy of Two Gemini Knights"
By Geoff Logan
Paperback $27
ISBN 978-1491864050
Hardcover $36
ISBN 978-1491864043

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