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Milt Gross Book Review: "Wolf in Timber" by John Connolly
By Milton M. Gross
Aug 16, 2015 - 8:07:36 AM

Wolf in Timber is a murder mystery with the plot of the mystery only partly understood by me, the reader. Milt Gross photo.
I found Wolf Book in Timber to be not as good at the end as at the beginning. It featured a private detective Charlie Parker, who becomes involved in a murder mystery at Prosperous, a small town in northern Maine.

The first part of the story was good, a mysterious tiny church in the woods on the outskirts of the town, a mysterious preacher at the church who doesn't preach because there are no services, an evil Police Chief Morland, and a host of Prosperous locals who took in the stealthy goings on that begin the mystery.

The other participants were Jude, a tramp in Portland who ends by being hanged by some bad guys and left in a cellar and his daughter, Annie, who s shot to death in Prosperous.

The plot thickens at the small church, brought stone by stone from Europe to Prosperous generations in the past by its congregation.

Murder, mystery, and mayhem took place in the first half of the story, creating the suspense which the rest of the book should have answered. But the remainder of the book became complicated, jumping between here and there and between characters. At the very end, Parker died -- maybe. It was unclear to me as I read. At the end, Parker is sitting by a pond, after being shot and nearly killed. I'm not actually sure if the "I" at the end is Parker or not. But as he sits by the pond, where he may have died, his final words were, "Just a little longer," I said. "Just__"

Maybe I'm just too old and numb to have followed the complicated plot, but I didn't. Parker is the lead character in a series of John Connolly novels, described in a cover page as a "thriller."

Published in 2014 by Atria Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York, it is one of six Parker mysteries. Connolly had 15 other mysteries and short stories published.

I would not recommend this novel, but I found mine at the library in case you want to check your library for a copy. I didn't notice a price in the book, but advertises $16 for the paperback, which is what I read,and $6.99 for the Kindle Edition.

I like a good mystery, but at some point the mystery has to be resolved to my (the reader's) understanding. That's where it lost me and part of the plot remains for me a mystery.

You may find it really good. I hope so.

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