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Milt Gross Book Review: "The Special Prisoner" by Jim Lehrer
By Milton M. Gross
Aug 2, 2015 - 7:12:07 AM

The Special Prisoner by Jim Lehrer is a well written novel by a veteran news broadcaster. Milt Gross photo.
This is an excellent book. The Special Prisoner is a novel, written by a career news journalist on public TV whose long-time job was telling the truth.

John Quincy Watson, the lead characters, took part in bombing Japan during World War II. He was captured, when his plane went down, tortured and learned to hate his main torturer. Years later, as a bishop, Watson comes across the torturer by accident in an airport, follows the man to a hotel, and subsequently kills him.

The plot is the dilemma, how does a long-time bishop kill anyone, even the man who had tortured him years earlier. Watson dies in prison. The final lines of the story are great, "The second guard picked up Watson's left arm and felt the wrist for a pulse. In a few seconds, he put the wrist back down. 'Yeah. The old son of a bitch is dead.'

"The other guard ran down the corridor to spread the news.

"The guard who remained looked hard at Watson's smile and then at the rest of his face and on down his front to his feet. He turned the body to one side and then to another, searching for blood or some sign of violence.

"There wasn't a mark on him."

A fast-action, well written story that I found excellent.

The book cover prices this paperback 2000 Random House, Inc., New York publication at $23.95. prices it at $47.50 for the hardcover edition, $9.99 for the Kindle edition, and $6.01 for the paperback.

Even though it is 15 years old, it is an excellent novel full of drama and mystery.

I recommend you find yourself a copy.

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