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Milt Gross Book Review: "Hellfire Canyon" by Max McCoy
By Milt Gross
Nov 8, 2015 - 12:22:47 AM

Hellfire Canyon is a good old western, the kind we saw as kids on afternoon TV. That afternoon TV for me was in a neighbor's house and kind of ended when the lady of the house arrived home each day from her job with the phone company. But before she arrived home, those afternoon westerns were great, although we watched mostly Roy, Gene, and a few other notables. I don't recall ever seeing Hellfire Canyon. Milt Gross photo.
Hellfire Canyon is pretty much a good old western.

"Max McCoy has a gift for capturing the Old West in all its colorful and outrageous glory," I learned from a website about Max McCoy,

The action takes place at a ranch, in a canyon, or steep mountainsides, and other spots open on the open range. Of course, there's a hero, a heroine, neither of whose names I can recall since its been awhile since I read this one. Lots of bad guys, some more good guys, climbing through rocks to the high place that provided a hide out for Hero and Heroine.

This Max McCoy, book was published by Thorndike Press, Thorndike, ME in 2007 by arrangement with Pinnacle Books, imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp. My copy was a large print hardback with no price. lists this version at $4.79 for the Kindle Edition and one cent for used or new paperbacks. Another ad lists the paperback price at $39.80.

McCoy also wrote more than one Indiana Jones thriller, The Moon Pool by McCoy and Reed McColm, Billy the Kid Beyond the Grave, Jesse, A Novel of Outlaw Jesse James, Damnation Road, Quantrill, The Even More Continuing Adventures of Max Bullet: The Chinese Food Delivery Man Sometimes (but not always) Knocks, and in case you like days farther back than the 1960s western, Indiana Jones and the Dinosaurs, and more.

So, if you're feeling a bit hungry for the old western appetite, grab one of McCoy's books. Hellfire Canyon would be a great choice if you like the old fashioned western with all its drama and shootings.

I took my copy back to the Searsport Library, which is easy to find and use if you live in Searsport. If not, try your own town library or a copy.

It's well worth the price, even in today's (not the Old West's) dollars.

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