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Martha Stevens-David Review: "White Ashes" by John D. Moulton
By Martha Stevens-David
Jan 31, 2016 - 7:28:01 AM

This novel, "White Ashes", due to its page amount, captured my interest right from the start. From the very beginning of Chapter 1, until I read the final sentence in Chapter 49, this amazing story held my interest.

In my opinion, "White Ashes" has all the necessary ingredients that make a story great. It has romance, hatred, fear, lust, envy, happiness, distrust, suspicion, hope, etc. This suspense-filled story has all the power to keep the reader engaged until the very end and I, for one, hated to see "White Ashes" end.

For me, the writing in every chapter of this manuscript was "believable and insightful." Having read literally thousands of books since the age of eight, I feel that "White Ashes" is nothing short of a "masterpiece" in that the author, John D. Moulton, really was well-prepared when he sat to write this book.

And I sincerely feel that this ""timely, captivating" love story would make a wonderful movie! Kudos to Mr. Moulton, job well-done!

Martha Stevens-David

John D. Moulton's career involved a great deal of writing--mostly studious business reviews and creative marketing plans, but his observations of life and keen imagination also inspires writing of a more adventurous kind. Moulton recently released his new fiction book "White Ashes," that hones in on thrilling themes and an exciting plot for all ages. Though born and raised in Manchester, England, John has retired to writing and painting in Texas. For more information, visit

The author published an article on Jan 7, 2016 at Magic City for those who would be interested in reading it.

"White Ashes"
By John D. Moulton
iUniverse Publishers
Published August 14, 2015
ISBN: 9781491771518
738 pages
Softcover $35
Hardcover $45
E-book $4

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