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Martha Stevens-David Review: "The Life and Legend of a Polio Victim" by Dr. Cliff Edward Williams
By Martha Stevens-David
Oct 28, 2015 - 7:43:14 AM

"The Life and Legend of a Polio Victim" by Dr. Cliff Edward Williams is a very short story page wise. Dr. Williams' story is set in Yazoo City, Mississippi in 1936 when he is born into a family that knew that the only way to survive in that time and place was to go to work at a young age and to work hard. And that is what he and his family did.

His family knew that the only way to achieve success was to stay in school and strive for an education that would serve them all their days and his mother was a fine example of that family rule.

Dr. Williams not only had to overcome the fact of being born a child of African descent but of being born in a "southern" state and all the "race and discrimination" that were so prevalent in that time and place. And he also had to deal with being a victim of Polio in that time and place.

Even with all these issues to deal with, this gentleman was a fighter and he never gave up. For a man of his mindset, he could only face an obstacle head on and go forward and upward from there.

Though his book is short with only seventy-eight pages, one can readily see from all Dr. Williams' awards, diplomas and credentials that this is a man who, when he sets his mind on achieving something, never gives up.

Would I recommend this book to others? YES! I most certainly would!

Martha Stevens-David

Dr. Cliff Edward Williams has a bachelor's degree from Mississippi Valley State University, a master's degree from the University of Cincinnati and a doctorate degree from the University of Houston. Prior to retiring from a career in business education, Dr. Williams was a professor of business at Mississippi Valley State University for 35 years, including 16 years as the department chairperson. He has published two other books, "The Ayers Case" and "Family Finance." Dr. Williams is married and has two children.

"The Life and Legend of a Polio Victim"
By Dr. Cliff Edward Williams
Xlibris Corp
Published 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4363-7363-0
88 pages
Hardcover $25
Softcover $16
E-book $10

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