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Martha Stevens-David Review: "Calico Jam" by Joanne Greene
By Martha Stevens-David
Oct 14, 2015 - 8:41:30 PM

This book "Calico Jam" by Joanne Greene was a difficult read in that the story is about a young child, Joanna, who is physically and emotionally abandoned by her mother and none of her family members are willing to help the girl understand why this has happened.

As the story progresses, her interaction within the family becomes a little less restricted and she begins to feel that perhaps things are going to change. As Joanna grows older, she holds on to the hope that someday, her mother is going to recognize who she is and what her personal abandonment has done to the child.

This story keeps the reader guessing and I was sincerely impressed with the writer's command of the English language.

This story is not a "feel good" book but it does illustrate how families react to different challenges be they divorce, illegitimate children or human beings just trying to make it in a difficult society and world.

Would I recommend this story to others? YES!

Martha Stevens-David

Joanne Greene has been a writer most of her life. "Calico Jam" is her first published book. Greene is currently retired, living in New Jersey. In 'Calico Jam' she blends together true stories with fictionalized details set against the backdrop of the Great Depression and World War II. Emphasizing compassion, tolerance, endurance and forgiveness, Greene covers how a young girl handles love, loss and uncontrollable situations.

"Calico Jam"
By Joanne Greene
Xlibris Publishing
Published 3/8/2005
ISBN: 978-1-41347-607-1
175 pages
Softcover $21
Hardcover $31

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