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Martha Stevens-David Book Review: "Road to Freedom" by Alfred Lenarciak
By Martha Stevens-David
Mar 13, 2015 - 10:57:49 PM

There is nothing like a story being told by the person who experienced life as it was for those poor souls who were born under the rule of Communism. This story, as remembered by a young man whose very life hung by a thread, as he tried to escape to a land that meant "freedom" to him. This book details the dangers, abuse and prosecution of their own people by the Communist leaders of Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Germany after the post-war days of the 1940s. This young man had a dream and that dream was to one day be free and through sheer determination and will power, he finally achieved that dream when he made his way to freedom and Canada.

I found this story to be captivating and believable and so sad for all those left behind. Would I recommend this story to others? YES!!!

Martha Stevens-David.
Martha Stevens-David Column Magic City

Alfred Lenarciak was born in Poland and immigrated to Montreal, Canada in 1975. Retiring at the age of 60, Lenarciak dedicates his time to publishing stories based off his life experiences, which he has written over the last several years. Lenarciak spends time investing, developing, writing and philanthropy. He currently resides in Nassau, Bahamas with his wife, Barbara.

"Road to Freedom"
by Alfred Lenarciak
ISBN: 978-1-49695-555-5
128 Pages
Softcover <$13
E-book $5

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