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M.W. Johnson Review: "World War 3 Coming Soon!" by Meyer Stahl
By M. Wallace Johnson
Apr 27, 2014 - 12:17:26 AM

"World War 3 Coming Soon" by Meyer Stahl is a book which presents a specific Eschatological ('end-times') theological viewpoint about the second coming of Christ. When I received the book as a PDF file I was not overly thrilled to discover that it was about end-times theology. I have not touched the book of Revelations in some twenty years. My personal belief is that whilst most people claim to be simply trying to understand 'end-time' events, most are either self-righteously trying to ensure their own salvation or else trying to demonstrate their superior knowledge of Scripture and thus justify their religious denomination.

Personally I think that in trying to pick the winner of the 5th at the local race track you have greater odds of success than trying to get your 'end-times' theology correct (from God's perspective). It's all a gamble. In the 5th you are gambling with cash to win more cash and all you can lose is your cash. When it comes to gambling on the right theology however, people are gambling with their faith. And that is precisely why I found this particular book to be utterly enjoyable. Whilst I may not agree with everything that the author said and predicted, on two extremely important points he was exactly on the mark.

His first point was that Scripture points out that in the end times Satan will 'deceive' many people, and if you are one of the deceived, you will not know it, because that is the nature of deception. In my own words I would add that both they who have the absolute truth and they who are deceived will never deny that in which they believe. This first point is such a power-packed point - one which most Christians are too arrogant to face and deal with. If you are deceived you will not know it. "But brother, I am not deceived! I have the truth! I have the Spirit of God!" LET'S REPEAT: "If you are deceived you will not know it!"

This point leads to the second point Mr. Stahl made, which is that if your faith is wrapped up in your theological viewpoint, then when the future arrives and unfolds, how will your faith hold up when you discover that things aren't going the way you believed. LET'S REPEAT: "If you are deceived you will not know it!"

Mr. Stahl believes that everyone will go through the tribulation. As a theological viewpoint I personally believe it is the most sound, because no matter what happens you won't be disappointed. But Mr. Stahl does ask readers to consider what will happen to their faith if they do discover that the rapture did not occur and that they are now suffering famine and pestilence along with everyone else. Will they lose faith in Christ? LET'S REPEAT: "If you are deceived you will not know it!"

These two points are powerful. They are really the crux of the book. It matters not whether the rest of Mr. Stahl's theology is correct but these two points do need to be understood by all Christians. As for the rest of the book, I commend the author on his writing style, his obvious intelligence, and his obvious knowledge of both Scripture and other writings (such as newspapers and profane books) from which he amply quotes. I found some of his presentations/predictions totally original, which is to say that I had never come across them before, and given the supporting evidence, worth considering.

I found the book not just enjoyable, but compelling. It had been left unread for quite some time before I sat down last Sunday night with the intention of struggling through the first chapter whilst waiting for guests to arrive. This book was such an easy read however, that I finished it just as the visitors arrived. It was such a pleasure to read compared to the 'oh so many' dull, dreary, mind numbing or worse, emotive, empty appeals to intellectual and spiritual arrogance that I have come across in my life.

I would recommend this book to both believers and non-believers. It is about time someone pointed out the folly of the myriad of Christian Eschatological Theologies. LET'S REPEAT: "If you are deceived you will not know it!"

It is faith in Christ - not theology - which saves!

M. Wallace Johnson

Meyer Stahl resides in Las Cruces, New Mexico as the Pastor of The Southern New Mexico Church of God. He has continually studied the Bible for more than 43 years and completed his studies of the Bible correspondence courses at Ambassador College and The Spokesman's Club. He hosts a radio broadcast on KOBE Radio and a television show on Comcast TV where he explains the Bible, both programs are called "What is Truth?"

"If someone is sincerely looking for the truth according to the Bible and they have a open mind, they would want to know both the bad news and the good news," Stahl said. "This book explains that there is hope beyond the bad news and a fantastic future for mankind."

"World War III Coming Soon!"
By: Meyer Stahl
ISBN: 978-1-4908-0680-8
Retail price: $9.95
Available in paperback and e-book

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