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M.W. Johnson Book Review: "Jewels found along the path of life" by Michael Francis England
By M. W. Johnson
May 6, 2015 - 8:37:07 PM

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"Jewels found along the path of life" by Michael Francis England which is published by Westbow press is described as the remarkable story of one man's journey that began when he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, was born again spiritually, and began a new walk in faith. It illustrates what it is like to get to know God personally, serve Him, and be used by Him, as it lists many of the encounters with God he experienced over the first twenty-five years of his saved life.

I personally found the book to be a very good, honest, straightforward and plainly written story or testimony of this man's experiences. The first half of the book walks us through his life up until his missionary experiences overseas. He mentions but glosses over his sinful pre-salvation life; a factor which I found refreshing since I have no interest in listening to people practically reminiscing about the good bad old days.

The author is quite forthcoming talking about the low points in his walk with Christ but does not dwell on them but rather uses them to demonstrate the Grace of God and answers to prayers. When it comes to the miraculous aspects of his walk with Jesus, the book has more of these from about the halfway point, by which time he has traveled to India and Pakistan as a missionary. The book does contain some humor, some miraculous events, a lot of answers to prayers and a lot of witnessing.

The stories and anecdotes plainly told allow the reader to directly connect with the author's experiences and for that reason this book would be ideal reading for both the unconverted and the new convert alike. For the older souls it brings back to remembrance the many different fears and burdens during the initial walk with Christ and for me personally, brought back many fond memories of people, churches and circumstances about which I had not thought of for many years.

One interesting story the author tells is of the first miracle he experienced after being saved. He had been involved in illegal activities with a very dangerous person to whom he owed money. He went to the man's house but when the man went to attack him, an unseen force caused the man to fall back into his seat. After several repeated incidents, the author fled. Not long after the man drove down the author's street and fired a gun at his car but didn't realize that he had missed it. He didn't bother the author again and six months later committed suicide in his car -- with an open bible.

I wont spoil the story by providing details but I particularly like the humorous story about the Korean Christian man who shirked his household duties in order for the other housemates to receive more blessings from God. I also particularly loved the story about how in the early 90's the author bought his first computer and uploaded a bible study program into it. After asking God to bless it, he found himself looking at a concordance program into which one inserts a number to locate a particular word. Inserting a random number, the word that came up turned out to be a statistical wonder and obviously a blessing from the Lord.

The author was saved at age 34, and although medically unfit to be conscripted into the Vietnam War, was seen fit to be called into God's service.

This is a good book to read and I feel sure the stories it contains will prove to be a blessing to many people.

M. Wallace Johnson

Michael Francis England is an evangelist who has shared the gospel worldwide, and spent two years as a missionary in India and Pakistan. He has a master of arts in religion, majoring in evangelism and church planting from Liberty University. He resides with his wife, Dominique, in New York City.

"Jewels found along the path of life"
by Michael Francis England
Westbow Press
Published 5/27/2014
168 Pages
Hardcover $31
Softcover $14
E-Book $4

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