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America at Large

Young Americans, Young Wishes, Older Americans, Wishes in the Works
By Ricky Allen
Dec 26, 2005 - 12:59:00 PM

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You can find out a lot about the future of this country by listening to children.

I had the privilege to go through some Christmas letters for publication, and I have to say, the dreams these kids have have not changed since I was in school. I'm sure they haven't changed since you were there either. I didn't edit these, so that you can see our children in rare form.

Here are a few:

I have been good I want a robot.
Love, Neomi
I have been good. I want a snow board for Christmas.
Love, DaShaun
I have been good. I Want a guitar.
Love, TyTeia
I have been good. I Want a cat for Christmas.
Love, TyKenia
I have been good. I want a game cube Christmas.
Love, Kyle
I have been good. I want a Zathura game.
Love Joe
I have been good. I want a play set.
Love, Hunter
I have been good. I want a rocking horse.
Love, Chanry
a I hae goob for Want haven Christns. reltUhS hae
Loe, cierra
I have been good. I want a dinosaur castle.
Love, Stocks
I have been good. I want a snowboard.
Love, Mason
I have been good. I want a Mexican robot.
Love Katie
I have been good. I want a motor cycle for ChriStmas.
Love, JaYondre
I have been good I want a robot.

See what I'm saying?

The innocence is still there, no matter how many computers and intelligent design debates this country has. These kids are just being kids.

We, as older Americans, have forgotten to dream, forgotten about what made this country - not CAFTA or NAFTA, but the good old American dream.

For America, we've seen a lot this year, from illegal immigration, to realizing that we are not alone - we're being taped by the government and they call it protection. To a point, I can sympathize, but on other channels, what happened to privacy? What happened to my rights? Is America that trigger happy on terrorism?

I think the greatest American gift that could be given to our country is this - relaxation. This is something we have not had in a long time. We need to realize that as a country, the new world is ours, not the world's. When we say, "It's a new world" that's in our opinion. Terrorism has been going on for centuries. This is nothing new to the world.

Americans need to realize that unless more funding is put on our borders, we'll always have an illegal immigration problem. We have to "force out" these aliens, stop the money trail that keeps them supported in our country. Make them do the right thing - become Americans if they just have to be here, and face our challenges. We'll see how far they run to the border then.

Americans need to also realize that our complacency to do those jobs that aren't considered "Jobs I can be proud of" are filled, companies will continue looking to the east and west for employment. Oh yes, we have those jobs.

Here's a test: When you hear someone in your community say," Gosh, there aren't no jobs around here," you say this: "What about fast food? Cause they're always hiring somewhere." I usually get the complaint about how much they pay per hour. But hey, if you're already unemployed, can a begger be a chooser too?

Americans need to realize that we are not Gods of the universe and weather-related tragedies are going to hit. That's when we need to come together, beyond waiting for FEMA, the state governments, etc. That's when America is America, when WE solve the problems that come forth.

Americans need to finally lay down the flag of prejudice and pick up the banner of freedom for all. We shouldn't be worried about those issues in this day in time when there are people out there that hate AMERICANS - not whites, nor blacks, or any other race.

Finally, we need to stop putting Hollywood Actors in the political front. They can shout what they want about the war, but in the end, they wouldn't pick up a rifle and stand the watch. I have, and it takes work, dedication to God and Country. If I have any hollywood stars reading this(riiiiiiggghhhttttt) I challenge you - Do more than just talk about it, be about it.

In conclusion, I hope that everyone had a good Christmas, and wish you the best for a Happy New Year. I'll be on assignment the entire weekend, covering New Year's events and stuff, so until then remember to stay safe.

Ricky Allen is the author of Richard Kaylen: Murder Online, at

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America at Large
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