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America at Large

Which is the Better Valentines Day Gift? Chocolate or Roses?
By Ricky Allen
Feb 12, 2005 - 1:09:00 PM

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With Valentines Day right around the corner, I thought it would be nice to take a break from the hoopla of everyday politics and ask the question, Roses ... or Chocolates? Or both?

My pick has always been chocolates, mostly because I have a big sweet tooth I guess. However, I've also tried to add a few roses to the gift.

But recently, I've received mixed reviews about the traditional Valentines Day gift, with comments like,"Roses mean I'm sorry," and "Chocolates mean I love you."

Really? You mean I've been doing this all wrong for the past years of my life as a gentleman? Apparently so.

I ran into a Pennsylvania Native by the name of Mary, and she said that,"roses are a symbol of love and the chocolate (if you get the right kind) is also a symbol (kind of) of love also. They are just romantic."

For a moment, let's look behind the meaning of these two gifts: From my research I have compiled the following bits of information about the meanings behind roses: Red has always been the color of love, beauty, elegance. It tells that special person "I love you." This rose is most powerful not given in a group. One red rose can be so strong of a message. The White rose has been the sign of purity, innocence, the beginning of love. Pink roses are generally used to show appreciation It's the silent "Thank You" Rose. And then of course, there is the yellow rose, which is usually given in signs of joy, gladness, and delight.

Finally there is the black rose, which is used in times of death.

As far as giving chocolates for Valentines Day, guys ... we're all drug dealers.

On Valentine's Day we traditionally offer chocolates to our intended valentine. Why?

The assumption has been that chocolate contains the 'love drug' phenyethyamine (PEA) in sufficient amounts to inflame and excite the intended lover. According to some research I've been doing, the brain normally produces this chemical when you are in love, and when you are in the presence of your beloved.

PEA intoxicates you. It feels great to be in this state. The Aztecs used chocolate as an aphrodisiac. When we present chocolates we are saying, "These chocolates are a love philter intended to excite you in my presence so that you will fall in love with me as I have already fallen for you."

In other words, "I want to legally drug you and make you feel good all over, the right way, in a loving way."

Either way, whatever you get for your valentine, it should be given out of love. Don't take my word for it, these are just a few things I've compiled. However, if your significant other takes these symbols seriously, good luck on your choices for Valentines Day.

So what do you think about this? email me at with your thoughts. I'll reply to them in my next column.

From the E-Mail Bin:

Last but not least, I'm going to read off some thoughts I have received from my column in regards to Illegal immigration being partially our fault. I thank everyone for their input.

From Marty  Lich, she wrote:

Item # 1 - “Maybe it was 9/11 that woke everyone up and made them realize it was wrong then, and wrong now. Gosh, look what it took to recognize a problem.”

*** Yes, it is what woke up the REST of America, but not what woke up the western states. We yelled (California’s Prop 187) we pleaded (Gray Davis Downfall), and no one listened. Then, that is. They are listening now.
My reply: Very true, they are listening...
Item # 2 - “That border has been there for years, and the only thing the media ever covered on it was how the aliens could hop the fence, go to Wal-Mart, and go back across the border.”

*** Yes, and my oh my, how that has changed now! (Arizona’s prop, 200)
Last item, # 3 - “Well I say it's too late to reverse a matter, and we should try to legalize some of these people and have them contribute to our economy through taxes and revenue. If you're gonna be here, you might as well suffer with the rest of us; welcome to the family.”

*** You need to realize that “they” do not suffer, that is the problem. They cost American taxpayers 26 billion dollars a year in our American tax money for public aid, after subtracting THEIR tax contributions.

My reply: My point exactly. We need to put illegal aliens in positions that they realize that sometimes, the grass isn't greener on the other side.  Marty, please read my part a little closer and see that's what I'm sayin too.

That will NOT change as the cheating big companies, such as Wal-Mart, (Three busts in 5 years) will not change their ‘stripes’. Cheat and be cheap, that is their motto. My motto is: Stop the public welfare money and make them financially uncomfortable, and they will ‘self-deport’. Just as they are doing now in AZ and as they did recently in Riverside, CA. Until the government put a stop to addressing the crime of illegal immigration, that is.

My reply: Exactly.

And finally, to respond to this - “And for those who still want to rant about illegal immigration, just look in the mirror, America; because some of this is no one's fault but our own It is ‘our’ fault, in the use of the word ‘our’ translating to Our Government. But not citizens.”

“As a former SoCal person, I am going to say to you - watch out. It is on its way to your states and when it comes, it will be a horrible shock to you. Its repercussions, rather like a Tsunami wave, will be felt from your schools, to your hospitals, and to your cities themselves. No one quite believed that ten years ago in Colorado, but they do now.”

My reply: Hello Marty? I think if I haven't seen the influx already, I wouldn't have written the column ... just a thought.

So, buyer beware is all. And yes, those nannies and those housekeepers are eagerly gobbled up for cheap wages by the elite few in America. Unfortunately they come with a hefty price tag for the rest of Middle-class Americans.

My reply: That is unfortunate, but that's politics, right along with the sex, lies and videotape. And I thank you for your responses.

Sandy Miller from Arizona writes:

"Most pro-illegal immigration propaganda is shopworn and recycled; Mr. Ricky Allen's letter is no exception. He uses the "collective guilt" scam that was so effectively used by German Nazis after World War II to stifle calls for prosecution and punishment of high Nazi officials for their war crimes.  By conning the German population into accepting guilt for the Holocaust, many German Nazis were able to blend back into society and live the rest of their days unaccountable for their crimes.

That's exactly what Ricky Allen attempts to foist on Americans. Find some other sucker.

Mr. Allen sounds as if he benefits from cheap illegal labor; if so, let him pay the FULL cost  Don't expect others (including myself) to subsidize your cushy lifestyle.

I don't own a company hiring illegals. I raised our children without an illegal nanny, cook our meals and clean our house without an illegal housekeeper/cook. My husband mows our lawn. We rarely eat in restaurants any more because of the danger of disease-carrier illegal kitchen staff. Of course we eat produce; we have no control over the farmer's labor force. Does Mr. Allen expect us to risk contracting beri-beri, scurvy or pellagra? Time for a reality check, Mr. Allen.

I do appreciate the material Mr. Allen has provided for my series of columns. I emphasize that most of what comes from Washington on the issue is emotional rather than factual, and list examples with rebuttals. Mr. Allen has unknowingly provided material for remaining columns.

No Sale, Mr. Ricky "Joseph Goebbels" Allen. The Nazis lost World War II; get some new propaganda material for your pro-illegal immigration agenda.  Only losers plagiarizing the propaganda from other losers."

My reply: Well Ms. Miller, First of all I'm flattered that I've become your inspiration to write your next couple of columns. Your opinions were very colorful and gave me a real good laugh for the week. However, to go to those extremes? Second, I loved your strategy of plugging your own columns in your letter to me, but I won't be the circulation manager of your work. Good try, but that's a no-go here. You got to love the power of the delete button. Everything else you wrote was appreciated, for I do not hide from no one's opinion. I thank you for your input.

Now I also saw other replies to that article which were already posted on the site, so I encourage everyone to go ahead and read those and send me your thoughts if you like. No need beating a dead horse.

I am not bitter, are you interested? email me at with your thoughts and I'll be sure to post and reply to them in my next column.

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