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America at Large

The Patriot of Maine
By Ricky Allen
Jun 24, 2005 - 10:57:00 AM

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You read about him a few weeks back from his piece, "Illegal immigrants and American Patriots", and now I have the one-on-one with 24-year-old Matty McDonald, the young Patriot from Maine.

Born and raised in Maine, McDonald went to college in Oklahoma where he got a degree in Theology. Last year he got involved in politics in Maine where he worked on the Bush/Cheney 04, Hamel for Congress, and Davis for Senate campaigns. About four months ago he became the Director the Hancock County Republicans where he oversees one of the, if not, the most conservative Republican groups in the State of Maine.

Working in politics, he said, helped him get a feel of the pulse of the people in my area.

And one of the issues on the agenda - Illegal Aliens and what the taxpayers are paying to have them in the country.

He said, after hearing those issues come up in conversation many times over the last six to eight weeks or so, he writes the article, "Illegal immigrants and American Patriots" on and said the response he got from all over the nation has just overwhelmed him. Well, I got a chance to send Matt some thoughts of mine, and here is what he had to say. Responses are marked with an asterisk (*):

Do you think that we as a country waited a little too long to tackle this issue the way we are now? We've all known for years that illegal immigration has been a problem.

* I don't think we have waited too long, but I don't believe we have too much more time to deal with it. I really believe we are on the end of time line of when we can deal with this issue before it goes beyond our hands and that is the reason people have to work hard to make sure people understand how great of an issue this really is.

Do you think that the rising terrorist activity in the world has given us a new, refreshed look at the problem of illegal immigration?

* Unfortunatly, yes, I wish it didn't have to take 3,000 Americans being murdered to force those in government and us citizens to realize how great the problem of illegal immigration really is, but that is what happened. So now we have to look at border patrol and illegal immigrants through the eyes of 9-11.

What do you think about the performance of border patrols and the roles that the minutemen have played in assisting border security?

* First of all, I am grateful to those whose job it is to guard our borders; many of them put their life in danger every day. I think, though, it is time that we increase the border patrol to levels that America has never seen before. I have great respect for the Minuteman Project and those who gave of their time, talents and resource to volunteer in the protection of our borders. I believe there can be a balance between the government guarding the borders and citizens when serious times call for it, and I believe we are certainly in serious times.

I challenged readers a few months ago in a column that addressed the problems that Americans have imposed upon themselves when it comes to this problem. As a youngster growing up in Virginia you saw the Mexicans come in the spring and leave in the summer and you just knew they didn't have visas or anything and that many farmers took advantage of the (what do they call it now? Cheap labor?) And even some of our politicians, not specifically in Virginia, have been questioned on the foreign help they have had in their homes. Has it really come down to how much service you can get for the cheapest price being stronger than our sense of national security?

* I can certainly relate to your experience of illegals coming into your state to work. In the State of Maine, many undocumented workers come into our state every season. They pick blueberries and cranberries down in the eastern part of the State, they work on fish farms in the coastal region, and they work either as lumberjacks or tree planters in the northern part of the state.

In conclusion, McDonald also wants to start his own "Patriot Project," an idea he hopes to turn into a reality by the end of summer. "I see the purpose of this project as creating a sense of awareness to what a great problem this illegal immigration is to our nation and what it is costing the taxpayers to keep them in our nation. Also I would like to use the project to educate people on how they can keep the government accountable for its lack of efforts when it comes to the issue of border control and National security," he said.

I thank Matt for his time on this issue, because it is a growing issue, and it shows that you don't have to live close to the border to be a part of the fight against illegal immigration. Do I condemn their efforts? No, as long as it's done in the right way. The last thing we need are unorganized efforts that don't help the cause.

I speak for an America that is looking for answers, not one that asks questions and waits for the "response."

These are our Patriots, the ones that step out front to take on the banner of freedom and justice. Vigilantes ... can't call it, but whatever you call it, I'm sure they've shaken up a country that is slowly turning into a melting pot of unaccounted for mixtures. We, as Americans, welcome everyone, but be sure to knock on the door before you walk in.

I tried to contact the Minutemen down South and have so far received no response. Oh well, maybe we'll talk to them in another column.

I am not bitter? Are you interested? Send me your emails at Good or bad I'll publish it at the end of my column. Leave your name and where you're from because it's always good to see the vast thoughts from around the country.

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