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America at Large

The Other Side Of Illegal Immigration - The Part That's Our Fault
By Ricky Allen
Feb 5, 2005 - 11:43:00 PM

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With the President's thoughts on a way to make the millions of illegal immigrants legal workers in our economy, now everyone wants to give their two cents.

I like the fact of how we talk about the border and better security of our borders, and even how we threw in the good 'ole "Terrorism" Card to go with it. Yes, speculation that terrorists could use the border to get in is true, but come on America, we all know that border has been wide open for traffic for years, and why? WE USED IT.

Being a man grown from the South, living around places where we give you directions by where churches are located, I've seen our use of the ever popular "border crossing".

I've seen the Mexicans come in the summer and leave in the fall, and usually, no one knew how they got there, and when they left.

It's the work force - we got too primpy for a few years you know.

Back when people would pick the tobacco, and cotton, and do the textile work that built this country, and not to mention the other jobs that now we consider "too low" for us, well, those jobs are still here, but without workers.

That's why when I hear people say there are no good jobs and that's why they're not working ... hey, if you really needed money, there's a job; may not pay what you want, but there is work out there, just swallow some pride.

Oh yeah, and we cannot forget our house maids that our political figures and those w/ money always seem to forget when it's green card time.

So now, here's our President coming with a somewhat interesting solution to an eight million strong problem, and now everybody wants to have a say.

Maybe it was 9/11 that woke everyone up and made them realize it was wrong then, and wrong now. Gosh, look what it took to recognize a problem.

That border has been there for years, and the only thing the media ever covered on it was how the aliens could hop the fence, goto Wal-Mart, and go back across the border.

Well I say it's too late to reverse a matter, and we should try to legalize some of these people and have them contribute to our economy through taxes and revenue. If you're gonna be here, you might as well suffer with the rest of us; welcome to the family.

And for those who still want to rant about illegal immigration, just look in the mirror, America; because some of this is no one's fault but our own.

I am not bitter, are you interested?

Email me at with your thoughts and I'll be sure to respond to them in my next column. My door is always open to feedback.

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