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America at Large

Ilegal immigration is ILLEGAL - THAT'S JUST IT
By Ricky Allen
Apr 13, 2006 - 8:50:00 PM

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No matter how many marches go on, living in a country illegally is wrong.

As I write this, thousands are marching for immgrant rights and yet, we forget the whole hoopla around this was not about IMMIGRANTS ... THIS IS ABOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Immigrants' rights are only affected IF you're here illegally ... and one plus one will always equal to two.

I really don't care how long they've been here, how they've contributed, or how they have sought to live the American Dream. The point is that you're here illegally. How are you paying taxes-How are you contributing to the economy other than taking jobs that Americans are too proud to take-(where most of this problem is derived from.I've written about that long before this uprising)

You can't wrap illegal immigration up behind the Civil Rights Movement, you can't say it's your God given right because Immigrants from long ago when this country was young weren't jumping borders. However, don't get me wrong. I feel for each and every one of them, but they need to realize that they, just like everyone else who seeks the American Dream, needs to to it the right way. You can't just pop up in a country and say I want to be here. There are procedures that need to be followed. My goodness, has anyone heard about National Security? You would have had you come here legally!

I have been some countries that will have you thrown into jail without a second thought. What makes it so right here?

This column is going to be pretty short because I want explanantions. I want reasons. America, hit me on my email and I challenge you to convince me how I can jump a border of a country, get a job, raise a family and yet do it all in the fear of one day being deported because I'M ILLEGAL. How do I justify myself?

Again, this column is not about immigration in the U.S., this is about stopping Illegal aliens who abuse our borders. I'm all for anyone wanted to join the greatest country in the world.

However, while there are some who are looking to support their families, there are millions more smuggling drugs, or those who want to hurt our citizens. And this isn't a race thing, this is a security thing. Don't get it confused.

I'm not bitter, are you interested? Email me at with your thoughts. Good or bad, I've heard it all.

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America at Large
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Ilegal immigration is ILLEGAL - THAT'S JUST IT
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