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America at Large

Failure to Launch
By Ricky Allen
Mar 21, 2006 - 8:28:00 PM

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When the leader of the free world's approval rating is lower than Kobe Bryant's shooting average, Houston, we have a problem.

According to a Newsweek Magazine Poll, President George W. Bush's approval rating stands at 36 percent.

That's ridiculous.

The overall approval rating matches his standing in November, a record low for his presidency, and compares with 40 percent at the end of September, 2005, the magazine reported. Less than half, 44 percent of those polled, approved of how he's handling homeland security and terrorism issues compared with 57 percent a year ago.

And with suspecting questions about phone taps, empty trailers in the mainland that were SUPPOSED TO BE FOR HURRICANE VICTIMS, and the recent developments in Iraq, which is on the brinks (if not already) of a civil war, the question really comes to mind if America has stretched itself too thin on a trigger happy finger.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the country has been set back to colonial periods, hunting terrorism down like witches in the woods of the world, detaining "persons of interests," only to discover in later years we were doing no worse to them.

The prison abuse has not only knocked America's song off tone in the past two three years, but we can't get the tune back. Countries are beginning to see that not only can we NOT take care of our own people, but obviously, we can't practice what we preach.

We forgot-The world IS watching us.

The hurricane season last year, as tragic as it was, also showed what would happen if we were faced with a tragedy out of our control and our response: No control at all, only to see empty trailers in the mainland sitting on bricks due to some invisible red tape. The response to the hurricanes was an embarrassment not only to the U.S., but to those who depend on American Gov't the most--US.

Where does that leave us? You tell me, as we both watch our President yet again push the label against Iran, attempt to fix the issues in Iraq, Afghanistan, and at the same time help Hurricane victims and an economy that obviously runs on oil.

It's not the fact that no one believes in the President anymore: It's a slow crawl to a reality of spin in world events(See Operation Swarm) that without a shadow of a doubt shows our President reaching for whatever he can get to deter the attention off of him.

I think in Pro Wrestling, they call it a 'desperation move'.

With many talking censurship and impeachment, the President now has yet another issue to deal with--A House divided.

And I'm not going to even talk about the U.S. Ports deal--that's like putting Vinnie Testcard on the field with fourth and inches in the Super Bowl and saying, "Win this one for the Gipper".

I think when the polls came out, America showed its frustration with the administration that continues to make very odd choices and determinations and now we ALL tired of it, both Republicans and Democrats...and with it being an election year, we'll see how many Republicans take pics and shake hands with our fearless leader.

The administration, in Bush's second term, thought they had taken off with the war on terror, but did not see the fallout coming. Americans are looking for some kind of answer on domestic items, and we're all hoping for relief.

America needs to get back to taken care of its house, starting with making sure our screen door (borders) are fixed, Hurricane victims are tended to, and strengthening our economy. What's going on now is simply an embarrassment of U.S. resources. We're so quick to help other countries, and yet we have children starving right here, people homeless right here,. The American Way? You've got to be kidding me.

This second term hasn't even left the runway, let alone taken off.

I'm not bitter, are you interested?

Email me at with your comments and I'll be sure to respond. Good or bad I've heard it all. Please leave your name and where your from also so that we can see where the responses are coming from.

From the Email Bin:

We had some good comments from the piece "My Dream Goes Past 28 Days." Here are a few:

* A real quick note to Princess Grandison, a Senior at Firestone High school in Akron,Ohio who wanted some help with understanding racism in America, I hope everything went well for your project and I was glad to help in any way I could. I hope you got an A.

R.P.BenDedek of Hubei Radio &TV University Wuhan.
Hubei GuangBo DianShi DaXue (LuXiang) writes:

Well, for starters, I liked the article.

The words are as apt for one person or group of people as any other, of any nationality, race, colour, religion, or political persuasion.

I assume that you are Black American, African American or whatever term is your personal choice. (Forgive my ignorance, this is the first article you have written that I have read).

I was thinking that at least you get 28 days. The Christians get only 12? days to Christmas and then the Spirit disappears.

I come from a racially and religiously mixed family that are proud to be Australian (although 2 are Chinese Nationals and one is Philippine national) and we stick up for each other and our national culture.

From a personal perspective - as a white man - I would like to say that being white does not mean that I am not a victim of racism, and additionally, that when your family is mixed, racism against your family causes pain. From relatives interned during the war, to resentment toward Muslims, to racist remarks against the indigenous members of my family (2 sets of nieces and nephews + my cousins), to the racism directed toward me in China. Racism will never die, and just because it exists, does not mean that we must adopt a 'victim' mentality. It also does not mean that 'white folks' (or others who have not suffered) must walk their lives filled with other peoples guilt. It's a difficult topic.

Congratulations for writing such a brilliant positive exhortation!

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