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America at Large
Crow Anyone?
By Ricky Allen
Nov 21, 2005 - 1:12:00 PM

If you've been keeping up with the news, then grab a plate.

It's quite clear that while our troops are over there without the proper equipment, getting shot up everyday, and trying to maintain a family at home all at the same time, our politicians have nothing better to do than to put fingers and make each other choke down some crow. I'm disgusted.

America At Large sees this as nothing more than a ploy for home plate come 2008, and it's a shame that our troops are being played.

Whether you like it or not, they're over there now. Let's support them. Let's encourage them to be strong, and lets pray that they come home safe.

We can't leave now. To leave now would only mean unfinished business, and another five-year tour down the road. Let's get our soldiers what they need to do this thing right the first time.

I'm shocked at how our politicians are acting, from calling names to the immature booing. This is a disgrace, and notice all when our President is overseas. What does this show? That they cut loose when the boss is gone? What exampled does this send to the American people? Does anyone out there, after that last set of footage they've been showing over and over again actually think that anyone knows what they're saying up there?

Looking for a sensible politician is like God telling Lot to find one righteous person in Sodom and Gomorrah.

I would say there's pie on everyone's face on the hill, but we all know they're all forcing a helping of crow down each other's throat. From the Democrats that are calling for a pullout WHEN THEY VOTED THE WAR ... and the Republicans WHO SWORE UP AND DOWN THERE WERE WMD OVER THERE ... who wants their order of crow first?

It's a little hot going down, adding a helping of several investigations of our politicians on the side, and a side order of CIA leaks. Now, let's wash that down with a cup of realness and maybe, just maybe, you might be able to keep that down ... better yet, make that two cups.

And you know, I'm not bitter, are you interested?

Email me at with your thoughts on the war, what you think we should do, and your thoughts on our leadership. Let's make the next column all about you-the reader. Leave your name and where you're from so we can all see where the responses are coming from.

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