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America at Large

Back Peddling in Fighting Indecency and Pushing Against the Border on Illegal Immigration
By Ricky Allen
Feb 18, 2005 - 1:14:00 PM

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Oh, so let me get this straight: Since the whole Janet "wardrobe malfunction" deal, Americans are now caring about what is called "Too much for TV?

Don't get me wrong, it was a bad move on Janet's part. But what about the music videos that have been shown the past umpteen years? Desperate Housewives for crying out loud? Oh, let me guess, that was just good TV

American needs to draw the line in the sand and stand behind it. Here's our chance:

This week the House has given overwhelming approval to a bill to increase the maximum fine for broadcast indecency. The bill passed 389-38 on Wednesday would increase the maximum fine from $32,500 to $500,000 for a company and from $11,000 to $500,000 for an individual entertainer.

Finally, I'll see some decent music videos and TV Shows that aren't "Desperate" for ratings they'll plague the airwaves with tasteless sex that looks more foolish than erotic.

We're backpeddling over a lot of issues here that we've let get too far ahead. The use of free speech has evolved into its own monster, while the innocence of our country has evolved into no innocence at all-- We're just wide open to everything.

We ate the apple ... again.

I think the money entertainers will have to pay will make them clean their act up, and give us back quality television that we all can remember. Not anything "square" but quality.

And as far as the boob view at the Super Bowl ... blown out of proportion ... who was saying anything when Madonna kissed Britney Spears? If we're going to protect our innocence, let's start with Everything. Those two issues all go into the same category with a folder name ... "Son,(or daughter), I'll explain that to you when you get a little older"

But until we get back, might as well explain to our young folks everything now, shoot, they're gonna see it anyway.

This is the price we pay for letting things go way too far sometimes ... the elusive backpeddle. Now the fight begins. Let's win this round.


"JWC" Writes:

Is it really true that we americans won't do these jobs? Or that we americans are happy to hire non-complaining workers below legal wages?

My reply: It's not that we won't do certain jobs, but we won't swallow the pride to do them. Some people would starve than to flip burgers or do labor. And yeah, what company wouldn't try to cut wages on a person they feel they can get over? That's the mark of having an education. We need to train our upcoming work force to be smart, and know how to hold a job, beyond just knowing how to get one and get taken advantage of.

Who that send that economy{money} back home? Than they learn our trade hirer there brothers and put us out of work by under cutting our workable wage-- need to pay our bills we can not compeat with the Ilegals

My reply: WHOA RIGHT THERE. Yes we can compete. This is our country, our systems, and we have the great social security number to prove it. It's that attitude that has so many of us in the unemployment line while illegal immigrants are driving around our streets in Expeditions. Shame on you to have that attitude, you can do it.

Any more than our industry can conpeat with china.

My reply: Our industries are having trouble competing with China because WE ARE IN CHINA . Come on, look at a toy, a computer, a radio..American names, made in China. That's our bust.

And true be know the wto is behind it all as they where in ourope and we to shall fall unless we stop refussing to see.

My reply: It's not a refusal to see, it's a refusal to accept the fact that the illegal Tsunami has hit our coasts and our borders, and it's getting a bigger voice. But just like the School Bully that takes a kid's money everyday, when do you stand up and say, Enough is Enough?

Thanks JWC for your input, I did appreciate it.

I am not bitter  Are you interested? Email me your thoughts at and I will be sure to respond to them in my next column.

Editor's Note: Due to a server crash, most of our articles published between February 14 and February 18 were lost. We are recovering as many articles as we can, but the article numbering sequence will probably be off, as new articles will be assigned numbers once given to older articles now lost. If you have joined us from Google News or another search engine source, and this article does not appear to be what it was supposed to be, that would be the explanation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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