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America at Large

A Marching Confusion
By Ricky Allen
Apr 28, 2006 - 5:10:00 PM

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As immigrants across the nation prepare for what is being called the "Great American Boycott of 2006", the real question is, do they know what they're marching for?

It's important to remember that the issue here is ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS - NOT IMMIGRANT'S RIGHTS. If you are illegal, and I know I've said this over and over again, but you're in the wrong, not America.

And remember people, illegal immigrants can be anyone not legally in the United States. Don't pin this just on the Hispanic community. Kill the stereotypes.

One of the major things I tried to get through to people in my last column is that you can't justify the illegal immigration issue. True, while America's pride and prejudices has been most of the gas behind this flaming issue, wrong is wrong. Shame on every immigrant that goes out there to that rally on Monday because all that you're telling America is, "Look, I know that coming to this country as an illegal alien was wrong, but what's done is done."

Is that the message you want to portray? Is that the message you're sending to your kids, the ones that will have to suffer with the fact that they have parents or guardians that can't read the menu for not knowing English? That cannot file taxes without a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER? Working for the American Dream is nice, and it's what this country is all about, but, there are people out there that want the same chances that are taking the RIGHT steps to do it. For immigrants to simply cross the border, grab a job, and demand equal respect to those who are doing it right is plain confusion.

I agree, to even think you can ship every illegal alien back is stupid, but at the same time, if immigrants want to show their stake in the American dream, then instead of boycotting and hurting the country's economy, go and get legal. Visit your nearest government facilities and find out what can be done for you. A house divided will not stand and I'm sure every American would love to have you here--on the legal terms. And for those Americans who sneak illegals across the border to do jobs your countrymen won't do--Come on, let's not add to the problem. Educate them, show them how they can be Americans and come to work normally like everyone else. Make their dollar count not just in backbreaking work, but in strong minds as well. You know better.

And let's not compare this to the Civil Rights movement. You had a choice in jumping the border, while many African-Americans were shipped over here against their will. Remember that when you debate this with a black person.

From the EMail Bin:

Wow we had a lot of good viewpoints come in over the week, so we'll start with three I thought were interesting:

'Anda' writes:

"I am one of the many Hispanics but American First against Illegal immigration And it infuriates me to hear these people say Hispanics are on the Illegal side of the issue. Itís an easy concept it's illegal. My family came here legally from Mexico Three generations ago. I'm an American 1st Not a Mexican flag waving national of another country that came to the U.S. illegally or some U.S. born kid confused as to what laws to respect and what Country he or she holds true allegiance to. We should be honest with ourselves. If we want to "return" California, etc. to Mexico, lets vote to do it. Otherwise, we should act like any other country and defend our borders, our customs and values, and our laws. "God Bless America"

My reply: Good for you, I can see you have your priorities in place.

'Sirindhy' writes:

Hi, Mr.Ricky Allen, I read your column about illegal immigration in U.S. I thought it makes sense to me, because I am an immigrant too.I waited 6 years to come to this country with my parents & we submitted all the documents they need, doctor reports and whatever they asked us in the American cosulaconsulatee in Madras, India. Thanks for clarifying that it's a security thing but not a racial thing. How ever, I support your opinion.

My reply: Thanks for your response. Here's a good example of how you do it. Everyone who is illegal that has an internInternetction should read this. This is how you do it. Good job to you and your family. And remember readers, I'm speaking of illegal aliens, not immigrant rights. It's very important everyone remembers that.

Antonio Barcello writes:

I red your article and I want to try to give you a counter argument. I have posted this in different forums yet almost always am ignored... I Hope you could reply to it. First of all Iím Hispanic so my views might be biased (you know where this is going...)

My reply: No problem, go ahead.

Yet Iím Puerto Rican so this new laws wonít affect me. First of all the whole notion that illegal immigrants are worsening the Livelihoods of the lower class are mostly a load of bull! The truth is that illegal immigrants are used as scape-goats; the main reason of the Lowering of standards is because the government doesnít give a bleep about poor People and instead of helping them, they give tax cuts to the rich.

My reply: Hold on there Mr.B, this column is not about tax cuts and what middle class is doing what. The notion that they're worsening the livelihoods of the lower class is speculation you've obviously heard else where, but not at "America At Large". Let's try to stay on topic.

Second of all, people say that they are taking away our jobs. And I Wonder... Is there so much demand for selling fruit on the street? Or picking the food from the fields? How about cleaning a house? Cutting grass? Maybe there are some people who are willing to do it, but is it enough to cover the demand if the illegal immigrants are kicked out? And do you think ordinary Americans are willing to do all this hard work for minimal wage? Honestly you would have to increase the minimal wage...something the Government is not willing to do.

My reply: This is something I touched on last year when this issue began to take form. Be sure to look back at some of my columns. I agree with you here.

Thirdly: about the whole illegal immigrants are leeching off Americans, I disagree... even if the illegal immigrants donít pay taxes; you have to remember that we have a capitalist government where most of its interest and income is centered around big business, and the fact is that businesses need a cheap labor force to keep up its economy. Think about it... countries like India and China can beat us in production because they donít have Minimum wage...

My reply: Sorry, someone that doesn't pay their taxes like every other AMERICAN is leeching. You're not helping the economy, and you're pocketing money that otherwise would be taken out of my check. You want to be an American? Share the pain with us...taxes is part of that.

I'm not bitter, are you interested? Send me an email at with your name and state or country you live so we can see where the responses are coming from. Good or bad, I've heard it all.

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