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Alyce Maragus

Two Sides To Every Coin
By Alyce Maragus
Apr 5, 2008 - 8:54:32 PM

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This is a letter I have written to the editor of the Lincoln Press in response to Wayne Curlew's letter, dated 4/3/08.  Let's see if they print it!

All I can say is that it was not very positive for Millinocket. Negativity?


RE: Wayne Curlew's letter to the editor dated 4/3/08 and entitled "It doesn't make cents".

Altho' some of Mr. Curlew's suggestions to dress up our downtown area certainly have merit, does he have any idea as to where this money will come from?

Most of the article centered on the JJ Newberry's building. Maybe this is because both he and his wife were highly involved in the "cultural center" project which proved to be only a scam to take over our town museum and was led by Guilds Hollowell. Mr. Curlew does not mention the fact that the building sat idle for many years by its previous owner and was allowed to deteriorate.

Enter Mr. Hollowell who reneged on a $125,000.00 loan from Bangor Savings Bank before taking off to South Carolina. In addition $30,000.00 (tax payers money) that was appropriated by our council for the purpose of assisting in that project, was never accounted for. But, Oh well! after all, it's only money.

Curlew further states he knows for a fact that a private bidder was ready to purchase the property and install a new roof and facade. Where was this mysterious bidder when the town asked for interested parties to come forward? And was this mysterious bidder also going to repair the hole in the rear of the building; or the two holes in the floor leading to the basement; or correct the water leakage in the basement; or install new windows which are now covered with art work painted on plywood panels?

And if Mr. Curlew is so concerned with money issues maybe he should consider the money our town has paid out to our supposed ecomomic development group which rather than bringing business to the town has instead undermined any effort to attract business to the area and has indeed put our taxpayers in even further debt.

Mr. Curlew mentions his attendance at a council meeting but fails to mention that the only time he attends is when it is of special interest to him or his wife, while others attend quite faithfully. Much has been printed about the negativity of a "small group of people", however I find Mr. Curlew's letter to be far more negative.

Since Mr Curlew, and his wife are fairly recent residents of our area and since he in particular seems unhappy with our town, I would suggest that both he and his wife move back to Portland where they might find what they are looking for, instead of trying to tell us how to run "our" town.

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Alyce Maragus
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