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Alyce Maragus

The Cultural Center In the News Again?
By Alyce Maragus
Jan 3, 2008 - 10:36:36 PM

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It seems Lisa Pelkey/Hayes is trying her best to beat what should be a dead horse.

Following the fiasco with Guilds Hollowell, one would think even she would know enough to keep her mouth closed about the MAGIC supported Cultural Center.

My informants tell me she has recently posted an explanation of the advertised Cultural Center's $500.00 donation to the Christmas party.

Following are some of the comments she supposedly has made on "the other forum".

"I thought perhaps I could shed a little light on the difference between cash and in-kind donations."

"The Katahdin Cultural Center alone gave away nearly 700 Christmas books and DVDs."

"Based on a conservative value of $10/set we could safely say that the Center donated nearly $7,000 to the event."

Now I have to wonder just which DVDs she is referring to. Could they be the ones that sat in MAGIC's office and later at the Chamber of Commerce building? You know - the ones no one was buying, the ones they couldn't give away. And if so, when did the Cultural Center receive ownership of them?

"Lincoln News provided all the advertising for the event".

If this is so, when will Kevin Tenggren wake up to her guiles, inaccurate articles, and false promises of increased circulation and advertising? Maybe when he sees his figures go down - do you think? But then - this week's (1/03/08) edition of the Lincoln News only features two news articles on the Katahdin Region. Maybe he is seeing the forest thru' the trees.

"The cash donatins made it possible for us to meet our goal of providing nearly 30 craft tables".

I have to ask, did those cash donatins come from a charge to those crafters?  Sounds much like the 4th of July fiasco at Veteran's Park this past year.

Now I'm hearing Pelkey/Hayes may address our town council in an effort to justify the dilapidated Newberry's building as a viable home for the Cultural Center. Will the MAGIC contingency support this scam again?

And haven't we been down that road before? The council donated $30,000 of your tax dollars only to see NOTHING come of it. Pelkey/Hayes and Hollowell ran the trolley supposedly for a teen center in the basement of that very building - NOTHING came of it. Herbie Clark sponsored a bill in Augusta to try to get funding, NOTHING came if it. And then there is still Pelkey/Hayes' outstanding debt to our revolving loan fund - more tax dollars - but who's counting?

Oh yes! we should definately trust her with more money to beat that dead horse.

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Alyce Maragus
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