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Alyce Maragus

Stranger Than Fiction - Squirting Lemons
By Alyce Maragus
Nov 20, 2007 - 12:30:13 AM

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So very much is happening in the Katahdin Region.  Some of it good, but there still remains a coalition out there trying to destroy our community.

Isn't it strange that the very people who advocate cooperation and working together and who profess to want to stop the "in-fighting are the very same people who continue to perpetuate the dissention?

Cases in point:

Here we have a radio station that has been in our area for many years, so of course MAGIC has to make an attempt at getting its own station to spew out its propaganda and further its attempt to monopolize the media.

At Candidates Night, Gail Fanjoy, President of MAGIC, made an analogy about Millinocket receiving lemons and squirting them in each other's eyes. She thought it was time to make lemonade.

Stop and consider. Isn't squirting lemons exactly what MAGIC is trying to do to the local radio station by proposing to establish its own "educational" radio station?

And where would this station be generated from? Why of course from Matt Polstein's Hammond Ridge.  Making lemonade? I hardly think so!

Then there is the Millinocket Citizens Action Committee (MCAC), which is comprised of a committee trying to GIVE to the area. The committee decided to follow some advice they were given, that they work with the Chamber of Commerce. Yet all they have met with is more lemon squirting.

Perhaps one of the most enthusiastic non-supporters of MCAC has been Lisa Pelkey/Hayes. Anyone know who appointed her president of the Chamber? If not the president, who has given her the authority to make trouble?

President, step up and be accounted for.

MCAC was formed with the intent to bring something back to our community that, over time, has been taken away or combined with our sister towns. They are not looking for hand-outs. Their only goal is to revitalize the Millinocket area.

Of course, Pelkey/Hayes can't tolerate any possible organization earning attention, or achieving any success, so her grand-stand plan is to undermine the committee by advertising her donation of funds, if any, from a chili and a sweets concession, to MCAC.

Let me make it PLAIN and CLEAR. MCAC is not looking for donations from any other organizations.  Their goal is to GIVE to the community. Pelkey/Hayes seems to think that simply because "she" wishes to ride on MCAC's coat-tails, her donation must be accepted. WRONG!

MCAC does not wish to be affiliated or indebted to any organization and has every right to refuse Pelkey/Hayes' donation. and MAGIC's co-horts could use some lessons as to how to make lemonade instead of squirting those lemons at others who don't agree with them.

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Alyce Maragus
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