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Alyce Maragus

Just Another Case of Hypocrisy In Action
Nov 11, 2007 - 7:43:57 PM

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A while back I wrote an article entitled "The Pot Calling the Kettle Black." It sure didn't take "them" long to criticize the current council for the very same things they themselves have been doing over the past four or five years.

The recent article (BDN 11/08/07) regarding the town's purchase of a building to house our museum contained several quotes I found to be demonstrative of "hypocrisy in action".

Gail Fanjoy (you know, the one who lost her bid to regain a council seat) had this to say. "To do it with that speed and haste under that kind of cloak just isn't sane." Oh, really? If you've been watching our prior council meetings, you will recall that she and Matt Polstein did this many times on projects "they" supported. Such as the Allagash Valve and Control loan/grant; the $80,000 for MAGIC, even with a court case pending; $50,000 for an elevator in a building we did not own; the appointment of Dean Beaupain as our town attorney; your right to speak at council meetings ... I could go on and on.

Another quote from the Bangor Daily article: "I don't know what they (project supporters) said that could have convinced four councilors and the town manager that this was something that was a good use of taxpayers' dollars that had to be done right away."

Did they (Polstein and Fanjoy) think the $30,000 "no strings attached" that they voted to give to Guilds Hollowell was a good use of taxpayers' money? If so, whatever happened to that money? And now Hollowell is down in South Carolina applauding himself for having established a community-owned electric generation facility supposedly operational in 2006. There you have both hypocrisy and outright lies.

Fanjoy went on to say, "it's a hard thing to say that you might have been wrong. He (Gonya) is at least putting it back on the table for more discussion."

Although a gracious comment on her part, it's too bad she never took her own advice and admitted she may have been wrong on occasion. But then, we all know - Gail is never wrong! In her own eyes, anyhow.

Moving on, we have a quote from Bruce McLean: "This type of thing raises questions about who else was benefiting from the decision and those types of concerns have no place on the Town Council."

And yet there seems to have been no concerns whatsoever as to who was benefiting when the prior sitting council approved MAGIC's funding, all while Polstein, Fanjoy and Danforth were MAGIC board members?

And as always, let's add Lisa Pelkey/Hayes into the mix; another candidate for council who lost the election vote by a wide margin. "I would be extremely disappointed to find out that this is dirty politics that happened just before the election. I questioned (the council action) all along (Gee. here I thought this was a spur of the moment decision) because it was rushed through right before the election."

Wasn't that exactly what a previous council did when they voted to re-finance her own loan with the town, rushing it through during the last meeting of a council dominated by MAGIC's board members.

And what about the articles that came out at the last minute when Polstein and McLean were running. Let's see, there were the prejudicial/hate mail supposedly sent to Polstein's wife; but which took one and a half years to be brought forward, and then shortly before an election in which Polstein was playing the victim card. Then Pelkey/Hayes held back the local paper's edition just to show a few supposedly vandalized signs of her favored candidates, but which were so easily repaired. Ho hum!

No mention of dirty politics on any of these subjects but yet we are supposed to believe she is "extremely disappointed? I think not!

Quite conveniently, KAT-TV (who was filming?) experienced technical difficulties airing this particular council meeting, therefore not allowing the non-attending public to see Matt Polstein's hissy fit or to hear the plan put forth by the museum people.

Don't let the opposition use smoke and mirrors to rob you of "your" heritage and "your" museum.

Please come out and support the council's original decision to assist the museum establish a home of its own before it falls into the wrong hands.

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Alyce Maragus
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