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Alyce Maragus

Further Thoughts for MacLeod to Consider
By Alyce Maragus
Mar 11, 2008 - 10:18:49 AM

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Here are some additional opinions that have come out of selectmen's meetings in East Millinocket that I believe MacLeod and others should at least consider.

Here is a quote by MacLeod from a 1/10/08 Lincoln News article: "I believe the radio (NPR) is something that is going to be good for the area and I support it". "Let's get it up and running and then turn it over to a different entity like they did with KAT".

Just "how", and better yet, "why" does MacLeod think this is going to be a benefit to the area? If he truly believes that, instead of mouthing off, why not go a step further and explain just what benefits will be derived from destroying a long time business and replacing it with something dependent upon tax dollars.

Not only should he give an explanation as to the "how" and "why" we are going to benefit, it is my understanding MAGIC violated a few rules by even applying for this station for Dennis Dunbar since he himself could not apply under the current FCC guidelines. Perhaps MacLeod would like to explain this also?

Another issue is just who does MacLeod think the hoped for station, if approved, should be turned over to? The first one that comes to my mind is Matt Polstein, who wants a cell tower for the guests at his resort. Another freebie on the horizon?

Later in the February 29th issue of the Lincoln News, McLeod goes on to say "(he) wishes to get rid of the negativity in these towns". I believe, as I've stated before, that he should get rid of his rose colored glasses. Simply because the MAGIC media puts out supposed "positive" articles, that doesn"t make them fact. I suggest McLeod start looking for some actual "positive" results that MAGIC has produced. It is one thing to say it, and to read about it, but it is quite another thing to actually see any progress.

MacLeod is noted as having said that he knows of three people who have looked at the Ames building only to be turned off by the negativity of the town. And he added that for every successful business that is created, there are hundreds that fail, so the town has to expect a certain level of failure before it finds success.

Since MacLeod blatantly states that he knows of three businesses who were looking at the Ames building, perhaps he could let us know just who they were? But then I guess that's CONFIDENTIAL, especially since MAGIC lingers in the background, and whenever they don't have an answer to a question they claim that it is confidiential. MacLeod is certainly entitled to his "opinion" which is all that it really is, unless he comes forward with those names, but apparently he has no intention of doing so.
MacLeod should re-read his take on MAGIC's success. The town has to expect a certain level of failure? Really, MacLeod; and just what would constitute that level of failure? From my prospective, MAGIC has had zero success and that certain level of failure is now at rock bottom.

Since MacLeod has felt free to express his opinions, I too shall share mine. I question Mr. Silversmith's intentions concerning the Ames complex. I have heard that he has increased the rent of two businesses that are located there; he has lost Curves; and it seems he no longer employs Epstein's Commercial Real Estate to find renters. Could it be that he never intended to develop the complex but rather plans to use it as a tax write-off; or perhaps he is also part of the MAGIC agenda to prevent and to stand in the way of business development in Millinocket? And again MAGIC rears its ugly head by announcing McLean was instrumental in its sale and was working with Silversmith to find tenants!

Now my idea for the complex, if Silversmith were serious, would be to try to negotiate a 4-6 month "rent free" agreement with K-Mart. This would give K-Mart the opportunity to determine whether or not they could generate enough sales and profit. With a Sear's franchise in Lincoln and a K-Mart in Millinocket, it seems both would create some competition for Wal-Mart. But then again, I guess that's "negative" thinking on my part.

I have called MAGIC to task for boycotting WSYY, but since MacLeod's employer is a MAGIC supporter and the first to pull advertising from the station, maybe he is being so vocal because he is afraid of losing his job. If so, that is just another MAGIC tactic - FEAR! This is one that they have employed frequently.

Unfortunately, the majority of the East Millinocket selectmen have allowed Marie Vienneau and Mr. MacLeod to hold them hostage again and to add to East Millinocket's financial burden. The possibility of MAGIC finding a tenant (the worm they dangled) for your shell building within three months is simply a pipe dream. Common sense and logic would tell you that and would also tell you that without MAGIC, you people wouldn't even be in debt for the $153,000.

Mr. MacLeod, don't try to lay this damage, as you call it, on Mr. Talbott's (WSYY) doorstep. It has always been about MAGIC and YOU bought into it.


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Alyce Maragus
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