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Alyce Maragus

An Update on the "Powers That Wish to Rule"
By Alyce Maragus
Feb 27, 2008 - 5:22:50 PM

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Well folks, just so you know, the MAGIC bloc is still at it, in full force.

Gail Fanjoy (she of "85% of the people support MAGIC" even though two referendums have said differently) the current president of MAGIC has filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission on behalf of MAGIC.

Oh no! I've got that all wrong.  It wasn't for a MAGIC radio station, but rather for Dennis Dunbar who just happened to need a non-profit agency to apply.  Apparently Ms. Fanjoy took this action even though some of MAGIC's board members were unaware of the fact their names appear on the application.


Instead of fostering new businesses, MAGIC has decided to compete with our long time radio station WSYY.  Mr Talbott, the current owner, has been placed in a position whereby he must now defend an on-going business which his family has owned and operated, in this area, for 20 plus years.

 Good going MAGIC!  Now that's it is becoming more and more obvious you aren't going to bring any JOBS to the Katahin Region, I guess it's time to work on destroying the few that are here.


We also have Jim Mingo, he of that whole "strip" bar fiasco with a prior town manager.  Seems he is questioning the profitability of our airport now that it is back in the hands of Millinocket.  Of course he made no mention of the fact that any previous profits went to Tony Cesare and not to the town even though it was the town's airport.


Since Millinocket has only recently regained control of the airport, in August of 2007, Mr. Mingo might consider giving the town some leeway in its effort to turn this into a profitable venture.  To date the airport has hosted two "fly-ins" which I am sure have benefitted our over-all economy in addition to generating airport revenue.


And then there is Lisa Pelkey/Hayes (she of the honeys, dearies and sweeties).  I understand she is upset with the establishment of the Millinocket Historial Society and also with the loss of the Newberry's building since both are interfering with her plans for a Cultural Center.

Well, honey, sweetie and dearie, you had your shot and muffed it.  Instead of anything positive coming from your plan, in over three years, you and Guilds Hollowell left behind a gutted and further deteriorated building; a $30,000.00 expense to the Millinocket tax-payers ; a $125,000.00 defaulted loan to Bangor Savings Bank and a personal unpaid loan to the town's CBDG fund of almost $5,000.00.


It's time to give it a rest and let others step up to the plate and try to accomplish what you failed to do.


The people I have mentioned here - Gail Fanjoy, Jim Mingo, Tony Cesare and Lisa Pelkey/Hayes have all had a chance to help both the Millinocket and Katahdin areas.  They have failed miserably in their efforts and instead have been in lock-step with Matt Polstein.

Let's not forget Polstein is the one who wants a radio tower for his propaganda machine and for a cell tower for his hoped for clientele.  It is Polstein who wants control of our airport to further his resort plans and it is Polstein who is advocating that the CBDG loan to Lisa Pelkey/Hayes be forgiven.


Now that our town is on a more positive track it's time for us to take a stand and return Millinocket to its rightful owners.  The "locals" - remember them?  The MAGIC crowd sure doesn't.

Again people, DON'T BE FOOLED!

By now, I'd wager that Ms. Fanjoy regrets ever having uttered that phrase as it has only come back to bite her - BIG TIME!

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Alyce Maragus
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