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Alex Hammer

Practicality and Partisanship
By Alex Hammer
Aug 23, 2006 - 11:09:00 AM

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Part of leaderships is being effective. But what does that mean? In political terms, it involves dealing with partisanship.

We have so much stalemate in our society or solutions diluted as they're attempted to be passed and implemented. Yes, the conservative movement has made real strides in their objectives, as a recent example, but with the huge amounts of resistance that they also encounter, how much of one's agenda can one really implement when a significant portion of the population is motivated, in a kicking and screaming fashion, to oppose it? More significantly, when the pendulum starts to swing back from any partisan ideology (perhaps stemming from a backlash) how much of a partisan agenda will be undone by the next Administration or series of Administrations (especially if they resisted while the prior Administration was in power)? Just look at the current President's departure from the policy aims (and judicial appointments etc.) of his predecessor, Bill Clinton.

A capitalistic society requires debate and competition. It is a dynamic system, and I would never argue that these should be eliminated, only channeled. We (Maine) are competing with the entire world for our economic survival (just look at our loss of manufacturing jobs if you doubt that!) and when we work together versus our competition outside Maine we will thrive.

Isn't this rather simple at its core? Aren't we shooting ourselves in the foot (and I hope not the head) when our internal squabbles predominate and limit our overall achievement?

Being from Maine should mean something. Of course it already does. But as we work TOGETHER towards greater success then citizens become more engaged. It is exciting to succeed, and it is disempowering to feel polarized, marginalized and in conflict.

Wouldn't you agree?

If you wish to vote for Alex Hammer for Governor, write in Alex Hammer, Bangor on the November ballot, checking the box (or oval) next to your addition. The campaign's website is

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Alex Hammer
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