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Alex Hammer
Criticisms of Our Campaign
By Alex Hammer
Aug 22, 2006 - 11:24:00 AM

Dialogue is good. In addition to support and praise, these are some of the most common criticisms we have also encountered as I run for Governor.

1) "Your ideas are too complex or difficult to understand". Perhaps my tendency to go into detail is a reaction, in part, to some proposed solutions offered by others I find too simplistic or not providing sufficient depth.

Sometimes people say that I use too many big words or at times may even seem that I am talking down to others. I apologize if that ever appears to be the case. I don't believe that solutions should be unnecessarily complex. Only detailed (and insightful) enough to get the job done.

I can talk in "sound bites" but I'd prefer us (as Mainers) to not be too easily satisfied in regard to the rigor that we employ in our quest for the best answers. And we should hold our politicians to account for their proposed views.

2) "You talk in circles" or "You agree with both sides". Much of the political discourse in our state, country and world is somewhat partisan. When I advocate balance, moderate positions and honorable solution-based consensus, to some that may appear wishy-washy or lame. I realize that.

I am far from a "people pleaser" in the negative senses of the words, and will advocate any position, across the political spectrum, that I am convinced will best benefit our state.

3) "You don't have enough experience". I believe that the essentials leading to success as Governor revolve around first understanding what is involved in reaching meaningful solutions and then having the skills to accomplish that.

It's really pretty simple.

I have a good background and maybe I haven't done enough in touting it. I am success-oriented, and have done well both in and out of Maine.

4) "You can be too confrontational". As above, I'm not a panderer, because I believe that glossing over our problems cannot solve them. If I believe something in Maine needs improvement, I will certainly address it. I do, however, also believe strongly in civility, mutual respect, good manners, and more generally in traditional Maine values - everything from hard work, to resourcefulness and thriftyness.

While I believe that sometimes in this state we have become conditioned to accepting mediocre performance, I believe generally that the most effective remedies detail solutions rather than simply identify problems. Our campaign in describing problems has been very heavily targeted on finding solutions.

5) "I love where you stand but don't want to waste my vote".

We're not a spoiler campaign. We're in the race to win and have outlined (in this paper) how that can be accomplished.

Voting is a personal thing and each voter will make their own determination in regard to who is the best candidate.


Sorry for shouting.

I like a slogan attributed to James Longley, Maine's (and the nation's) first elected Independent Governor. In effect it stated, "You never waste your vote when you vote for the best candidate".

I agree.

If you decide that you wish to vote for Alex Hammer for Governor, write-in on the ballot: Alex Hammer, Bangor and check the box next to your addition. The campaign's website is

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