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Agenda 21
The Hidden Agenda in Millinocket
By Marion Campbell
Oct 18, 2004 - 10:47:00 PM

Area people are beginning to hear about a U.N. program called Agenda 21, and wonder about its implementation in this region. The philosophy behind this program began with a German philosopher, George W. Hegel, who opposed the Judeo-Christian world-view of obedience to God and His laws, and that truth is absolute, and cannot be manipulated.

Hegel came up with the theory that “my truth is as good as God’s truth, so He cannot tell me how to behave.”  This challenge to God’s authority gave birth to the ultra-liberal belief that all things are relative, even truth. Followers of the Hegelian theory then felt free to declare that “God is dead!” Belief in God was abandoned, and man felt free to do as he pleased, resulting in the social and moral chaos we experience today.

Karl Marx used this philosophy to create the concept of communism. His Communist Manifesto aimed to change the world into one that was dominated by unelected elite who controlled everything, including the majority of the population who were treated as peasants.

A world that is not God-centered is called Humanistic, which is a manipulative and mind-controlling domination of all humanity by a few. Humanism has evolved into the United Nations New World Order, or Global Governance, which manifests itself in Agenda 21.

Environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservancy and The Wilderness Society are U.N. agents working to implement the Wildlands Project section of Agenda 21 in this region. Agenda 21 is, therefore, an attempt to introduce global communism.

Why, therefore, is Bruce McLean of MAGIC, promoting his and Magic’s connection to these environmentalists by trying to persuade area people to accept them into their lives, even considering the fact that these same groups created a trail of havoc from Alaska to the Northwestern states and across America to Maine? They left behind them hundreds of thousands of unemployed resource workers and devastated communities in the farming, fishing and forestry industries. How great is that?

Mr. McLean obviously admires the president of MAGIC and says that all future presidents of MAGIC should be on the board of TNC. He talks about the man who was the key player in the destruction of Great Northern Paper. This is the man who sold the GNP “Humpty Dumpty” off in parts so it could never be put back together again. This is the man who brought Lambert Bedard to town and sold to him the BNP/Bowater retirees’ benefits, which hurt a great many people financially when the bankruptcy came.

Mr. McLean says that the president’s connection to TNC is a great thing. Great for whom?

These are the facts about MAGIC. It has dealt in secrecy with an environmental extremist group and has abused the tax base of an economically depressed town. It has built a bridge between a contrived four-man voting majority on the town council and the board of MAGIC, so that all control over the future of this town lies in the hands of an unelected minority. Local people are now aware that there has never been any “magic” in MAGIC for the hard-working people of this area, and few of them can say, “Thank you, MAGIC, for bringing me a new job,” for this is the great lie MAGIC has hidden its real agenda behind for a long, long time.

Reasonable citizens in Millinocket now get it. They are nio longer fooled by what you say, and will judge you by what you have not done for them by voting “no” on the appropriations line in the Millinocket budget.

They know that it is not Alyce Maragus who holds this town hostage, but the “new age” elites who have taken it over for their own self-serving personal gain.

MAGIC is not the creator of new, good paying jobs, and they are not an organization that has ever really cared about the local unemployed. MAGIC does not deserve the support of any Millinocket citizen, and that is God’s absolute truth!

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