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Agenda 21
International Radio Show Focuses on Sustainable Development
By Michelle Anderson
Mar 9, 2004 - 11:39:00 PM

Freedom 21 Santa Cruz launched a weekly two-hour radio show last Wednesday on a California radio station, KFER-FM, and on the internet on Radio Liberty. The show is slated to cover numerous topics which are pertinent to the advancement of freedom in the 21st century.

The first show was entitled "Environmentalism" and included an interview with Ken Anderson, the editor of the Magic City Morning Star, who spoke about the changes that are happening in the Katahdin region. This region, it turns out, is not the only one going through these changes.

Hosts Michael Shaw and Joan Peros spoke to Henry Lamb, renowned news commentator for Newsday and numerous other outlets. Mr. Lamb outlined his history with sustainable development and was followed by Tom DeWeese, from the American Policy Center.

Then began a parade of people who had startlingly similar stories to tell:

Kay McClanahan started the second hour by talking about her group's fight in South Carolina.

Diane Lacy talked about how the ranchers in the Davis Mountains in Texas stopped the National Park Service and then the Nature Conservancy from turning their area into a national park as part of the Wildlands Project.

Dan Mielke, in Wisconsin, got nervous when he started hearing about "buffer zones" in his area, and Take Back Wisconsin, the movement which is fighting sustainable development there.

Ann Roach spoke about how the National Park Service and other federal agencies has been trying to remove people from along the river in New River Valley, West Virginia. Her article, "Conservation Easements (How a property owner becomes a tenant)" is important reading for those who are interested in land rights.

Ken Anderson spoke about the situation here in Millinocket.

Lisa Rudnick, one of the directors of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz,wrapped up the two-hour show with a synopsis of what has been happening to that community for years now.

You can hear the entire show by going to, and can hear the show at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time every Wednesday night here.

This week they will be focusing on smart growth and private property. Next week it will be education and sustainable development.

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